Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


New Payload map on PTR


Having fun in text, but you know what… That Deadlykitten I see all over the place from all game modes to hearthstone…

its like the game is making us see each other.


I have an idea for a buff for soldier 76. It could possibly be a buff, or just a change. Anyway, since his gun is technologically advanced, it could possibly “switch modes”. It could turn from a close-mid range full auto rifle, to a long range burst rifle. Dunno how it would work on pc, but on console, it would just be the switch weapon button.

Of course, his ult would be full auto no matter which mode the gun was in before.


So basically tapping the trigger button over and over


Well it wouldn’t be that rea…ok basically that. Except the full auto mode won’t have the initial 100% accuracy like normal. Also, the burst mode would fire a 5 round burst, and there is also a bit of bloom.


I agree, I don’t like timing my shots either.


odd, the Comp has me (since I flex) ending up on s76 quite a lot now. (well a few games).

So I have inadvertently learned hitscan. hmm… time to leave support?


I played around with Brigitte today. I have to say, she is even stronger than what i first gave her credit for. I am not a veteran ow player at all, so take my opinions with a grain of salt. However, this is my take on Brigitte.

  1. She has better sustain than I realized. She can last so long in a 1v1, it is actually amazing.

  2. While normally, the kind of healing she outputs would be underwhelming at best, in a team fight, the constant healing source, would probably give mercy a run for her money. Of course, she will not be a solo healer, but in certain situations, if it is a very tanky build, I see the possibility.

  3. Her abilities have such short cool downs, especially her CC abilities. The shield bash stun is extremely convenient, as well as the whip shot. Both of which can give her some breathing room in a fight. I know this is common knowledge, but she can destroy dive heroes with support from her team.

Overall, I think if more pros play her, it could spell the end of dive meta. This will probably be even bigger after the nerfs go live.


Alright, who of you did this 403585709019234304


Where did you find it.



That’s amazing :’>
Now just gotta wait for Halloween event and hope Moira gets a half monster skin or something >.<


Yeah I remember now. Some guy said that there was a reference to Kala, and he added it.


I very distinctly remember someone saying that they added that to the wiki but I can’t remember who it was.



Right here



This is my Youtube channel Header 1… I pulled the images from the recordings I do… but ultimately I like it ^.^

now though It is currently this (although it’s incomplete atm)


The first one, your channel name is kind of hard to see.


It was made to be subtle like that. It was for more atmosphere in that one. But I want something bright and cheery and well I’m going to be playing a lot of igi most likely this next season in overwatch.


Did any1 has heard about that insane Symmetra Rework ? O.O Her Teleport will be a ability now and u can throw D.Vas Bomb, Rip-Tire, Torbjoern Turrets ( ? ) and any other things through it. Her Ultimate will be a 5000hp infinite Size Barrier and her turrets will work the same but she can use them as a Projectile now to place them. ( sry for my bad English but i think u know what i mean ^^ )

There are some crazy Changes for her primare and alt fire too but i hv forget it.

After D.Vas and Mercy rework and Blizzards awful Balancing ( it took them 2 Years to fix Genjis deflect Hitbox but only some weeks to fix Brigitte Shield Bash Hitbox wow ) im not sure if this goes right. Sure Symmetra has need some help ( so that Symmetra Mains didnt get banned so often ) but i really dont know if this is way to much.

And yeah if any1 ask if i hv reinstalled the Game no i still didnt havent ( i already has miss all of the new Orisa stuff from the Event ) and i really dont know if i would ever reinstall it im still done whit that toxic Game. But sometimes my Head is thinking about to reinstall it ( i hate my head for this ) because i love Brigitte Design and Gameplay and i really like the design of the new Map on the PTR :stuck_out_tongue: umm… i dont know i think i wiill wait for the Anniversay Event because of Brigitte Dance Emote. But i dont if i would reinstall it again i already stuck at playing Monster Hunter, Battlefront 2 and God of War :slight_smile:


I love IT! the insane surprise attacks are coming.

(primary fire) gigantic non locking beam that scales up 2 times as fast basically