Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


The reason I hated Mercy so much was because her playstyle basically focused on completely negating other people’s ability to affect the game in any way. As powerful as Moira and Brigitte may be, they don’t do that in the same way the old Mercy did.


I have not gotten anything less the ugly skin for lucio… I’ve gotten like 4 epics, but they were all freaking standerd epics grrrrrrr

sure I have almost 6k in coins to use, but I’m trying to save that for ann event.

I want panamei, Hanzo that’s it. well sombras… love her hair style.


Yeah, I only have complained that shes not in comp yet… kinda killed the enthusiasm this season for me.


Many loot boxes later and I haven’t gotten a single one of the new legendaries @_@

I just want to have the Soldier 24 skin at least >…<


Yeah, I would of liked Lucio, but his pants don’t change colors with his healing / speed music. so that was a let down.


I tihnk I’m going to uninstall the game as well since I stopped playing it since the year of the dog event.
I’m sticking to Evolve right now.


Lol on my alt I got balckwatch Genji in my second lootbox. I know it’s not new but still. In my first, I got a legendary Orisa skin.


Lol who in their right mind would pla comp.


Um… me? Because it’s a fun and competitive game mode?


Comp is fun? Lol.


So I made an alt acc for overwatch, and I’m deciding how I should troll. Should I play Genji only, Mercy only, Junkrat only, or tracer only? It’s a tough decision, each hero is equally trolly. Oh shit, I forgot hand soap.

No but actually seriously, should I main zen or soldier?


Funny. I played OW on PS4 yesterday. I got Mora’s Blackwatch in the loot box I got for completing the event mission


Do I think? Does a submarine swim?


Tracer, Genji, Brig, all got nerfed, and Lucio got buffed.

MAN it feels great. Sure, the Tracer nerfs weren’t what was expected, but it makes my life on Bastion a whole lot easier now.

Then Genji is finaly getting fixed:

Brig is getting a much needed shield-bash nerf:

Then Lucio is getting some QoL improvements, Hanzo’s rework is up, and it feels good.

Bastion is getting some much needed indirect love, which is awesome. IDK If I’ll come back, since Blizzard is still beating around the bush with balance and I don’t like this years Archives event.


Ok so zen.


You bought a second version of the game o.0


Naw on Xbox, there’s a feature called home xbox where all the accounts on the Xbox can share games and subs that the home account has. So I can play all my games on a different account for free.

@Kathryn_James I’m pretty sure you have an Xbox, right? You can do the same thing if ya want.


I am a PC player. I only have the switch now as a console. (sold off my tv about a year and half ago)


How would you play with the switch. I mean the screen is kinda small…


Well I basically use it in my car if I end up charging and waiting. So it’s great to pass the time. But the screen is small but the clarity is pretty strong.

I’d get OW in a heartbeat if it came to switch.