Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


I got 0 legendaries the last event and I farmed like a dozen or so lol… wanted the widowmaker one


Me too!! And that was the only new skin that I wanted!


Oooooh I remember the 3rd one now it was Torbs ironclad skin

I wanted the doomfist and hanzo skin


I agree. I hate whenever games have crappy MM. It’s the most annoying thing to be matched up against someone who is experienced but your teammates are noobs.


I got a rock


I don’t even think it’s just by chance any more. I feel like that they have something against bad players, in which they will also pair them up with bad players, and pitch them against really good players just to infuriate them.

Every single time, the enemies have around 3 silver borders, occasionally a gold border, and I always end up getting the level 10 guy.


Well retribution is a complete bust. There was always that guy who didn’t want to skip the video, and just wasted 5 minutes, and then the Moira’s never heal unless you spam heal. Near the end, there were hordes of enemies, and my team just sat there letting me take care of it. Overall, it’s a terrible experience if you have no mic.


I must have run through it about 50 times now and I haven’t once had that experience. Not sure what’s going on on your end.


Well you must be lucky. I feel like you have to do this mode with a friend, or else the end is just impossible. I haven’t won once, even on normal difficulty.


By “hordes of enemies at the end”, so you mean the unending forces that spawn in after the exit dropship arrives? Because those never end. You have to get in the dropship to end the mission and if you stay you’re just throwing.


I’m just trying to get a 4 star win. (Plus I kinda didn’t know that). My teammates probably thought I was a troll or something. I must’ve gotten so many reports. Hahaha. Still, I think this mode is very hard if you and the Moira are not communicating verbally. Moira is what keeps the team together in this mode.


Does any console player have tips for a person with potato aim? I’m trying to work on my aiming technique ie going for headshots every single time.

Sometimes this works, most times it doesn’t.

I think my my main practice method is just playing retribution and using either McCree or Genji to get as high a weapon accuracy and crit accuracy as I can. Rn the best I’ve done with Genji is ~50% weapon accuracy, and ~20% crit accuracy. For McCree, it’s somewhere around ~45% weapon accuracy and ~35% crit accuracy.

But does anyone have some recommendations on what else I can do? Like lower/raise sensitivity, what mode to practice in, etc.


Woke Up, getting ready for work… played 1 game and I think it ended well enough…


Has anyone beat retribution on expert difficulty? I’m still trying to beat it. It’s quite difficult. The enforcers can nearly one shot you if it is a full body hit.


I beat it, but only with 3 friends. I tried to beat it with randoms for hours, but I couldn’t manage it.


Ikr, it’s really difficult if your DPS aren’t good as well. I was playing hard difficulty on my alt account today, and I was Moira and had top kills for the better half of the game. We lost cuz our Genji ditched us for no reason.


Considering giving this game another go. Its been a while and Mercy is no longer aids. Craving getting back on my Nepalese, robot monk and my Egyptian cyclops. Especially since I have a PC now.


I beat the game on legendary. The secret is to wait, wait a lot. let the enemy spawn and run into you and pick em off one by one…

Just because that exit door blows open, doesn’t mean you have rush out… hang in the door area and let them filter in…

Assassin : Melee for instant release


Watches you login… you go against new aids. igi… (Brigitte) and Moria, watches you uninstall.


I’ve heard of Bridgitte, and I’m not excited, but I’m a Support main, so if people use Moira vs me, I’ll just play Moira too. Still, haven’t heard anyone complain as much as with Mercy