Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


It’s kinda funny cuz that person is still implying that it was your fault. Maybe he or she is a mercy main…


I’ve also met some asshats from overwatch. I was on the overwatch subreddit Discord for a while. One time, this guy was harassing me and these other people for being low ranked, so I more or less told him to lay off. Then the stupid ass Mod decided it was a good time to drop her fat ass into the conversation and suspended us both, even though he was insulting like 4 people.

Then this other time, a person came on to the Discord and mentioned he was a diamond widow main, and was asking for help. I obviously couldn’t do anything, because I am an ass widow, but these other guys got on and started fucking around. The original guy started saying he was just asking for help and was shocked the community was so bad. I was like bruh, this is the overwatch community your talking about. :joy:


This game can get kinda toxic, it’s why I take a lot of breaks from this game.


I hv heard that they will make a 6 vs 6 Elimination Comp Mode damn i didnt want to know how toxic this Mode would be :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds like that’s just going to be an arcade kind of gamemode to me. Doubt it’ll be any long term gamemode. I couldn’t take CTF seriously after playing a few games either, just play the main gamemode.


I remember all your Orisa playing and determination to prove she works…(all before she got popular to use) ^>^


Wasn’t Orisa loved the second she was released?


Well a few people liked her… I liked her but didn’t invest any time into her until our friend above just kept talking about her.

A lot of people thought she was Genreic and uninteresting as hero and thought she was only good to hold chokes.



That’s why I didn’t like her.

However after playing her I didn’t mind it much.


Well I just found out about this ass hat dreamkazper who is a fucking pedo. I can’t belive people hire creeps like this. This reminds me of another thing related to Boston. Aaron Hernandez. Pro NFL player. Turns out he was a murderer.


If you think every pro, famous, or sports player is 100% clean, then you need to lower your standards.

I do not agree that what he did was good, but the only way to prevent that in the future is to cut out communication a la social media.

At this point we’re all human and no one if perfect from making mistakes. I do believe that the girl should also be punished because she didn’t go instantly report the offense.

I don’t like the way guys act sometime, but I also don’t agree that women are 100% victims.


Why should I need to lower my standards? Such influential people should be able to get away with crimes just because they are famous? If they were smart enough, they would be using their fame to cause positive change, not do stupid stuff like this.

I really have to disagree there.

The guy was 21, and she was 14, manipulated, and was overexcited that a pro would talk to her. This caused her to do things that weren’t good, but it was not at all her fault. If it was any ordinary person, she might have just ignored him. Dreamkazper used his fame in a terrible fashion, which ultimately hurt several girls.


I never said they should get away with this, but in reality no one is perfect.

I won’t further discuss due to political beliefs.


Ok I can understand where you are coming from.


Man the retribution mode looks so cool.


It is by far the best pve mode in overwatch. Junkenstein is second, and uprising third.


Lol first archives loot box I open I get pajamei

Funnily enough I got 3 legendary skins in 4 loot boxes.


What a lucker.

I just bought some skins. I got the moira one.


I got jester junkrat, pajamei aaaaaaaaand I forget the 3rd one.


I like her tea gun.

I haven’t really gotten any legendaries, except glam for moira. I also am at the point where I still only get dupes because the game doesn’t want to give me any purples or legendaries. Drop rates are upset spaget.