Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


That’s pretty much what happened.


My three best characters according to stats on overbuff, (you can go check, my account is J3ffXbox) are Soldier, zen, and Pharah. Out of these three who do you think I should main?


@TinyPickles318 I finally had my best comp clutch to date! (and of course it wasnt recorded)

1st Round (doomfist payload level) the enemies almost pushed it to the end but didnt.

2nd Round (i had transitioned to junkrat for cc) we were able to get it all the way in overtime to like 1 - 3 meters away… I sneak around on the back and as junkrat I spam thier backs on the payload, take out most of them… stay alive long enough to blast other enemies away and just as mcree killed my on the payload he jumped out of the way of my death bombs and at that split second of me falling and him jumping… we won.

(my entire team got wiped out and I was fighting the entire other team by myself at close rage and saved the game) got MVP text vote from the other team ^.^)


1000 IQ play. Nice job. That must’ve felt awesome. Also, @Kathryn_James, who do you think I should main out of soldier, zen, and Pharah, since they are my best characters? (You can go check my stats on overbuff GT J3ffXbox).


I would go with s76 to be honest. he is your best kda with those heroes, he is hit scan, heal and burst and the best point all around you wont get yelled at about your pick…

But Pharrah is fun, but for me its a little hard to always stay airborn.


I don’t think zen and Pharah are hated picks either though. Also, I like playing zen. It’s very satisfying hitting those head shots. Would you say it’s realistic that if I become a very good soldier, that I can then become a good McCree and then widow?


well see you have a nice set of three to work with… from dps, to healing defense to air defense. I would try and keep circling through those.

Kinda like how my go to’s are Moria, Brigitte, Junkrat, Dva and that way I can cover a lot of space. Although I am working on my dps.


Well I probably just found my first overwatch hacker. There was this Hanzo who headshotted me 4 times in a row. I understand some people are really good, but there is no way you can manage to headshot a moving target perfectly 4 times.

Well anyway I’m done with overwatch this game is just infuriating beyond belief. The matchmaking in this game is dumb beyond words. I literally tosses you into a game with gm level enemies and bronze level allies. I specifically remember an Ana on my team who couldn’t hit me with her gun and missed 3 times when I was standing still. I also specifically asked her to heal me 3 times, and she never responded. I’m playing with potatoes against teams who are actually experienced. Idk if I’m just being trolled, or if I suck as well, but this is annoying af.


I feel the same way. Over the last month I have severely cut my play time on the game. I was riding up almost to the 2100 mark in the gold ranks, but then OW decided to put me with leavers, toxic mess and overall people who don’t even belong in that rank. (like you described above) now I’m hovering in the 1800’s again…

So I have been loading up… instaloking a hero… play one game… shut it down.
The matchmaking is horrid.


The Game already got bad and unfun whit all the stupid changes, The Community of this Game is awful and extreme toxic , The Matchmaking of this Game is the worst i hv ever seen even in Evolve it was much better. But the worst thing are the Devs. i was on the OW Forum 2 day ago and i got a really toxic Person. He called me a Idiot and other bad words just because i hv say that Brigitte isnt OP and he just needs to learn to counter her i already have give him some tips who is good against her. So he got extreme toxic and i hv reported him what happend ? yes i got banned from the Forum 1 day later just because i reported a Toxic Person. I never have say anything bad on the Forum im not this kind of Person. Blizzard want to make the Community less Toxic but ban me because i hv report a Toxic Player ? wow good job Blizzard -.-

And yeah i really was thinking that i got fun in the Game again whit Brigitte because she was my most wanted lore Hero. It was very fun whit her but after 2 days i just get awful Teams like 5 Dps or alot instant lose where u only see ur Team dying and yeah the fun was gone.

I really was hyped about the Game when it got relesed but after a Year its already my most hated Game ever


Speaking of Brigitte, she seems to be invincible. I feel like my weapon shots don’t deal any damage to her at all. Her self heal with attack is also incredibly annoying.


Well, I when I get to play her in mystery heroes, I really feel vulnerable as soon as they have a Pharah, Junkrat or Bastion, there might be other counters but even if she’s strong at close range she feel really difficult when you have to fight closer or reach the enemy or your team to heal them (because she can’t be effective otherwise). Her ult feel boring to use again, Blizzard is really lacking of imagination, it seems they really hate the possibility of burst heals that can protect from ultimates, there is only Zenyatta after the rework of Mercy and 2 other supports added. All of the other can buy you some seconds.


Idk, it just seems like she takes much less damage than normal characters do. I could land a whole body shot with hog’s scrap gun, and it would do about 30% of the damage to Brigitte.


if your team is having issues, have them go phar and junkrat… (and if you have them, they are not doing their job)

Brigitte has a rough time with splash damage too. While you don’t want to take her one on one, she will fall quickly with a team members help.

(although if she is on a team, she is NEEDED on the opposite team usually for the balance.) I can see something getting nerferd on her soon. She just dominates the game style in one direction.


This is completely normal if she had armor.


I understand your feelings.
I just remembered something, remember when some months ago we discussed about Mercy, I wonder what is your opinion on her now that time have passed, do you think she is in a better state than before her rework now? I’m not talking about balance. More gameplay wise.

And even if I ask to you, I wonder what is the opinion of the forum on Mercy right now?


I hv uninstalled this awful toxic Game yesterday again ( damn this was like my 7 time i really need to stop playing it ) i know the Event start today but i never was hyped about a Event since Uprising last Year. So yesterday I have pick Mei in Comp and even the Match didnt start i got like 6 hate Mails that i need to switch off Mei or they will report me for Trolling, So i didnt switch and everytime a Teammate was dying 2 guy has scream on Mic : " Thank you you stupid trash Mei SWITCH OFF !! " the funny thing they asked me if i can switch to Orisa but before Orisa was so popular ( because Pros has used her in Esports ) i got hated for playing her in comp wow So then 2 Matches later i hv lost a Comp Match again and 1 Guy on the Mic hs say " We only lose because we had a Girl on our Team " ( he has see it on my Profile that im a Girl i would never use a Mic on a Game like this ). Wow Blizzard are u happy about this Community ?

The Forum ( where i got banned because i has report a toxic person ) is a joke too u only see " NERF THIS " " NERF THIS " " Genji is dead now because he can get countered " Threads. And yeah most of the Brigitte / Moira Nerf Threads on the Forum are from Tracer, Genji or DPS Main because they hate that ta Support can kill them so easy.

( This is why i love the TRS Forum so much everybody is nice and the Devs has really try everything for the Community in Evolve i miss the Evolve Streams whit Chloe and Shane so much :frowning: )

Im so done whit this Game again and i think im done for ever now i hv delete everything on my Ps4 about Overwatch like my Videos or my 2 Smurf Acc i hv use to get better whit Mei and Doomfist

And its funny that One-Tricks can get banned bbut only Off-Meta One-Tricks, One-Tricks like Genji, Tracer or any other Meta Hero will never get banned.

For me Overwatch is the worst Game i hv ever played sadly. it was very fun on release but Blizzard really killed it whit all of this stupid changes aand favouritism for Esports. im so happy i hv stop playing this Game so i cnt waste my time for it and spend my time on my new fav. Game ( after Evolve ) Monster Hunter World. And yeah the release of Comp Mode has make this Game so toxic and QP is unplayable too because of the many DPS Mains. Goodbye Overwatch and Blizzard i cant still believe how a Game like this got the " Game of the Year " Award. The only thing i like about OW are the Characters ( except Genji ) and the awesome Cinematics but the Game is just bad, unfun and frustrating. Also this Game is full of Trolls, Racist, Sexist and in the OWL there was a Pedophile … Yep best Community ever 10/10


Most Mercy Mains want to see her buffed or reworked again but not because she is bad ( she cleary isnt just her rez isnt so broken like before ) just because Moira and Brigitte are way much popular as her now because they can defend themself against Flankers


Seems like we should change the name of this thread to “Overwatch Venting and Uninstall Thread”


Ok I’m back, and this is the support ticket that I woke up to:

So at least I’m not banned anymore.

I did get a little carried away with my last post so imma just delete that.

So not banned anymore, but also not happy that the ban had to come in the first place.