Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


@Kathryn_James. What you do think was your best clutch play?



Does anyone know how to do the soldier rocket jump correctly?


aim at ground jump, near peak of jump blast fire (no running)


Overwatch has had QUITE a bit of hacking going on lately in the games I have been playing… So I found free resources right away for people wanting to use ‘stealth mode’ and an unbelievable amount of work around solutions to avoid being caught. wth. just wth… this is disgusting.

just read it… gross. I cant stand cheaters and it makes me sick that I could so easily find them if I wanted them.

What happened is this hanzo had a very unusual sway to his aim and watching them take out person on person… well this was like 5th match in the last week a hanzo has been some sort of autoaiming. it just ruins the games.


That’s absolute bs. I don’t get the point of hacking. Why not just try to improve yourself naturally? I mean it is much more rewarding to become a great player over time than just be a hacker and be “good”. And, Blizzard hasn’t even noticed this kind of stuff?


Thank you. Do you know about how high this will get you?


oh geez no clue, I wouldn’t use these type of things. One person, who wanted to sell me boosting my account (they saw my comment complaining about team comp) and they had the assumption that because I always blamed the comp that I am being held back. I responded to them saying, Sorry, I don’t see the point in boosting I want to do it on my own…

they were baffled. quite funny really.


Yeah. I especially don’t like those things where people let you “buy a product” aka they take your account and pretty much finish everything for you. It’s a complete waste of money. You bought the game. Why not finish it yourself?



This guy is telling you how to catch hackers when they are telling you how to get hacks, and then goes on to insult hackers.


I had someone turn on hacks against me cause I killed one person slightly sketchily.



skipped the kill cam for the last video since it was over ridden by the end of round video which didn’t include my death


that’s rainbow six siege
in an overwatch thread
I know it’s technically relevant but still


People were talking bout hacks and that happened like a couple days ago and the r6s thread is dead but I wanted to vent a little.


Hi it has been a while ^^

I recently tried to get back to the game but it still needs a lot of improvements. So I don’t think I will play as much as I used to.

But the news on the next event are finally overwhelming compared to the past events.
I think they made a great move by creating a map for the event and PVP, it will make the game fresh for some time (I just hope the map will be fully released at the end of the event, not one month later on). I wonder how the mission will feel with the absence of tanks, I hope it won’t feel too agressive. But at least we can clearly see they worked a lot this time.

No one stole kills in this game you know ? I don’t know how you meant it so I just to pointed that out.


You can. You can wait until someone else damages the enemy to a certain extent, and then jump in and get the killing blow. That’s why the game has the killing blow stat. You can get the kill credit, but it doesn’t mean you got the kill.


So you’re sad just because of a stat ? You know it’s a team based game, Moira didn’t care that you were handling the situation, she just helped you and it’s what she should have done. Especially for a low health target, it’s almost her job to finish targets.
And if you want to compare with other players, it’s the same for them, so if you’re really better than them you’ll have a better stat than them. But you really shouldn’t care about this. Care more on how you play with your team to make great team plays.


Um actually she literally stood there, didn’t heal me, didn’t help me, even though she saw me getting killed, and then jumped in and killed the low health enemies. Team based, huh?


You told me you were handling the situation and yet your were in a pretty bad state, how can you say she stole your kill if you could have die ?
Sometimes it’s better to kill the threat than heal people in the hope he finish the enemy.
How can you say she didn’t help you ? She literally helped you finish a target…
And even if she was a bad teammate, it doesn’t allow you to have no team based thoughts. You’ll meet a lot of people that don’t play the game well, but you might want to improve yourself so don’t have the same mentality than some bad players.


I’m just saying that she saw me getting 1v2’d, and did nothing to prevent it, and jumped in after a died and killed the low health enemies.


You mean that she literally waited for you to die ? Well that’s some new level of plays here, I never noticed such a thing in this game but I shouldn’t be surprised. Then yes, she is not great.