Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


Yeah the door is on point A right next to that room with the monitors.

To clear the doorway, so you can take the point and start the car you will need an Ult. Thanks for the advice.


Not necessarily just need someone like tracer to kill bastion or sombra to hack him. The other option is using an ult or if for some reason they don’t have a shield you can use junkrat or pharah to blow him up


Damn some Modders are very Talented O.O

i love all of them except Genji because u guys know why :stuck_out_tongue:



Mods on SFv? ok, that works ^.^ I soo wanted to here one voice line with genji, “I need healing”

But Zaryas overlap was really funny


Sombra or Genji are probably the best because they can safely get over the wall (the one that opens only after securing the obj) so are less likely to be hit by the rest of the enemy team.

Once behind the Bastion, force the 1v1 and kill him. Neither character should have an issue. Make sure you team pushes while their Bastion is distracted so his team can’t just kill you


I’m assuming you mean the big gate, right? I’m not exactly a pro or anything, but I think you would need to go thru that bar on the right. And then, play a flanker, or maybe you can try to push the bastion off of his spot with a pharmercy. Or, try hooking him off.


You don’t need to go through it. Heroes with vertical mobility can get over the gate.


Thanks I’ll keep that in mind the next time this happens.


Tru. But still, the bastion can be a problem for the rest of your team. I think it would be better to take care of it.


… That’s how you take care of it. You just jump over the wall to avoid Bastions line of fire and his team. Then you flank him.


cc… junkrat is always a great lobber against bastion choke points ^.^

that aside, I almost hit 400 hours in OW… that PALES in comparison to my almost 2k in Evolve… (no pun intended)


Then you sit on point and secure it. Really not rocket science. Payload blocks bullets, you know.

And if there’s a whole team on Bastion

The first hero I suggested counters the set up. EMP the whole team. Guaranteed won team fight.


And what would they do about it? Go onto point? Contest? Oh, look, the Bastion is on his own.

I feel like you’re deliberately trying to make it more difficult for yourself.


Laughed so hard…


I think… I think… I think I just did my 1st Reaper quintuple kill… in a total clutch 0.o


Noice. Wish I were you


Well I got back into overwatch again. I kinda sucked, but my second match wasn’t so bad. I got a quad, but this Moira pretty much waited for me to whittle the enemy McCree and tracer down to low health and then stole my kills. And that was a PoTG, compared to when I got a triple with my tactical visor, almost got killed by a Roadhog, survived, and then beat the shit out of him.

Also, Soldier’s Boston uprising skin is beast. It’s better than all the legendary skins he has.


I am trying to learn more DPS roles now. I’m getting better ^.^ slowly


Yeah, I’m kinda like you, except I’m just complete trash. I’ll be satisfied if I can even play one character correctly.