Overwatch Post-Launch Thread



This game is drowning into toxicity and it’s gonna kill it, I’m glad at least that Evolve didn’t go that way.


im so happy i didnt have played any other Blizzard Game except OW this Toxicity is insane. I hv heard that most of the big Blizzard Game has a Toxic Community like WoW, LoL, HotS This is why i love Games like Evolve, Battlefront 2, Titanfall 2, Monster Hunter World because there is no Toxicity even Fighting Games arent so Toxic like OW

The Toxicity really going to kill this Game 2 Days ago a Guy wanted to report me because i was playing Attack Torb in QP WTF it is QP dont take it way to seriously -.-


Huuum…that’s from Riot Games.
But yeah, Overwatch is a game particular for its toxicity, all the most horrible people come in and accumulate until the game becomes nothing but a game that needs to be played carefully or else those other players boil up and spam the report command for stupid reasons, like you just said.


There’s nothin new in overwatch at all. Just the same old shit. I’m only gonna log in really to get the new skins and such. Might play again, but rn I’m focusing on destiny. It’s sad tho. Really liked it before.


Another Proof how broken this Game is

Genjis Deflect is the most broken thing i hv ever seen in a Multiplayer Game
damn he didnt was on my Screen and he didnt was looking at me but still refllect all of my Bullets WTF

Answer from Blizzard : " Dont shoot at him " yeah thank you for the Tip Blizzard i know Genji is ur Esport Poster-Child this is why u dont want to fix it


Lol that’s tough. That’s bs. It’s pretty obvious you don’t shoot at him Blizzard. Anyway, just try to grind through it. Maybe they’ll listen eventually.


They didnt will listen to it alot ppl already makes Videos and show it and Blizzard answer was just " No change needed Genji is fine just dont shoot on him" Blizzard only listen to the Esports Players 70%of the OW Community on the Forum think Sombra is fine but because some Esport Pros has complained about her Blizzard want to nerf her now -.-

Blizzard really kill there own Game whit this stupid Esport favouritism but yeah Esport is Money


xQc banned from Overwatch League


He didn’t get banned from League, he left it altogether.


Wait why? :confused:


he never learned his lesson and got worse. this time, he did some type of insult via text icon or something DURING Owl and he used it as an insult.,


he got banned, the “Parting was mutual” is just public PR to save face.


He used TriHard 7 in twitch chat (which is a global TwitchTv emote btw) emote when Malik whos a black person was on camera and OWL decided that it was racist and xQc got banned for 4 games and fined 4000$ even tho he was using that emote long before Malik even joined OWL and Malik himself said that xQc shouldn’t be punished for that because he clearly didn’t intent to use that emote in racist way.

And no. “Parting as mutual” wasn’t just a PR thing to save his own face. In E-sport and real Sport players are protected by their contract. If a player want’s to leave a team his Team must agree on him leaving and it works both ways, If a team wants to get rid of a player said player must agree on leaving. They can’t just say “hey dude we don’t want you here anymore, go away”. Yeah they can bench/fine him but as long as his contract is up he can’t be banned without both sides agreeing on that.


I read on ESPN that he is still deciding if he should leave or not. I’m pretty sure he hasn’t left yet. Although the article may just be out of date.


the teams captain of Dallas is talking about releasing him and what not.
Either way, he has his stream to do still.


I guess. Do you think he liked the eSports environment?


I’ve got question about the game but I don’t want to get involved with what they call a community over on the overwatch forums.

How do you deal with the turret of Bastion on Hollywood when the hide in the doorway that faces the front of the car?


Do they have a shield? Flanker like tracer, genji or sombra. Ult.

No shield? You could use pharah, junkrat.


Honestly, it’s better that he got kicked from the league.

If people are going to go out of their way to make XQC seem racist for using a goddamn emote, then I think it’s best that he just sticks to streaming.

He’ll probably still get hate, but the hate he would get in the OWL was too much and hurt his team and other players more that it hurt him.

Hahaha, they won’t listen. Or if they do, there will be some strings attached like they did with Sombra. All people wanted were a few changes, like spread reduction but then they go and make hack faster, disable passives, AND THEN nerf her because they over buffed her.

They’re a joke.

She wasn’t fine. She could hack around walls, through rein barriers, or even a recalling Tracer. That’s not balanced, it broken, and they fixed it but tacked on another nerf that has no relevancy whatsoever since it’s only a nerf to the worst possible Sombra player who would hold down hack.

It’s been dying (in the sense that they’re killing it) ever since the game launched. Before launch, they pushed out new heros, sometime multiple at a time. Now, they wait 4 months to release a hero that looks like they belong in an MOBA and not an FPS. OR release a map that I’ll just hate. Blizzneyland is the type of idea that sounds good on paper, but not good in reality.

Esports just amplified the stupidity and then we all have to ‘fuck off’.

Yes/no. He’s always wanted to push himself to be better, and that’s what drives him to improve. The PRO scene was just another level he wanted to explore.

He just got bad PR coverage and that’s what hurt him. Now we have people out to witch hunt him and jump on every little thing he does. I literally posted this as a reply in the OW forums:

I’ve seem more childish behavior here on the forums via the witch hunting than I have from the clips of XQC.

The Sym report clip was taken out of context, as he played with and against that Sym OT and they threw previous games. How he handled it was a problem, via false reporting, but this is what sparked the one-tricking outrage.
Trihard7 is not racist, people just gave it the racist conotations because LUL whynot? Sure, it might have been used in racial contexts, but if XQC didn’t intend to use it in a racist way then you can’t link XQC with being a racist or doing something racist because you’ve just done a leap in logic.
If he walks away from it happy, then I don’t see a reason why I should care any further, but y’all witch hunting him need to grow up and learn that words don’t hurt if you ignore them.

That doesn’t excuse his past slip-ups, but it also doesn’t excuse the witch hunters who are seeking harm to him simply off the basis of “not liking him.” Those who are witch hunting him are just as toxic as he is, and standing on the basis of being better than him is just being ignorant of your own selfish and toxic behaviors.

Seriously, grow up if you’re here for the witch hunt :wave:


This witch hunt is the most immature thing I’ve ever seen, especially online. When people are hating him simply for his reputation, and jump him for a mistake he didn’t even make, THATS what’s bullshit. I’m no fan of his, but I don’t treat everything he does like it’s bad. Sure, he makes mistakes of which I don’t condone, but I know to forgive, and actually research if it’s a problem in the first place.

Trihard7 wasn’t racist, XQC didn’t use it in a racist way, but sure, lets all act like apes.

On point A?

I play Bation so I just counter-Bastion, but that only goes as far as the counter-Bastion player.

Buiilding Sombra EMP is a good way to uproot him, but the peroblem is that now you can’t farm EMP off of health packs. Hanzo’s dragon ult can force him to move. Flankers are your best bet, but you have to know how to play them to be effective. A well-placed Tracer pulsebomb can instakill him. Likewise if you can drive a riptire onto him without it being destroyed.