Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


lol sombra ain’t op


right now she’s pretty nutty I would say, not post rework Mercy level of power but quite close.


I have now dabbled with sombra 3.0 and I can say she is most loving kept going to get a small nerf.

Hey pistol makes tanks run.


I mean you’re basically doing the same damage to tanks tho as before.


Not at medium range. With her spread tightened it allows for longer distance attacks and eating them down. I’ve had a hog run off after a battle between us kept going (hacked a full health and fought there. ^.^


Lol poor hog.


New hero idea: Pennywise.

Normal Attack: None

Ability 1: None
Ability 2: None

Ultimate: Red Balloon
Pennywise uses a red, heat seeking balloon to abduct his enemies. Any enemies that touch the balloons is instantly murdered.


…and never respawn until the game ends.


Still more balanced than pre-crucifiction Mercy.


In all seriousness, I think this could be the best thing that ever happened to overwatch.


Not to the extent of Mercy, but the buffs to her kit (hack) show just how good she could’ve been if they just buffed her spread.

The increased hack time or hacking passives was just uncalled for. It bloated her kit, and now Sombra is too effective. Yes, she should’ve been more effective from the start but now she can dominate a good portion of the roster.

Lucio has basically become obsolete, and now Pharah.

Power creep ftw…



I prefered Sombra’s hacking speed before this update. It’s too fast now, I would’ve prefered that her hacking process doesn’t stop if she gets light damages like poison.


On one hand, I think it’s a tad ridiculous that he’s being punished for that.

On the other hand, if he’s representing a company and is visible to the public, he should be expected to act as said company deems appropriate. Failure to do so results in my extreme lack of sympathy for whatever punishment they give him.


I found it interesting that ESPN was covering the footage…


Jesus… when I say shield gen is on bridge that means help me destroy it… junkrat you’d be great at that HINT MOTHERFUCKING HINT


This is Overwatch, don’t expect that level of strategy.


It’s really not asking that much when we already have a junkrat.

Dat feeling when they start tasking 2 heroes to dealing with you and your team still can’t hold the obj…


is my AIM Comp worthy yet?


I couldn’t agree more >_>