Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


1 thing more i hate about that Game is that the Report System in this Game is just extreme stupid if u hv like 100 reports for any reason u can get banned ( still if they are false reports ). I know a Torbjoern One Trick and alot Symmetra One trick who got banned for playing only Torb or Symmetra. 1 of my fav. OW Streamer is a 900hr Torb One trick who is a very nice guy and always try his best whit Torb and if he didnt get Torb he play something else but he got banned for 2 days just because ppl instant report him before the Match even start. He isnt a bad player he was GM in season 5

It already looks like that More One trick gets banned then Toxic Players, Leavers and throwers. I hv reported a extreme toxic guy whit video Proof and Blizzard has instant delete my post and this guy didnt got banned yet -.-

For me i already was done whit OW and Blizzard but Briggite is really the only thing where i will try it again because i really wanted her in the Game. But if ishe is to hard to play for more or she ist my hero i will uninstall OW 4 ever whitout Brigitte this Game doesnt make me fun anymore it is just frustrating and unbalanced.

And yeah the whole OW Forum knows that Genji und Tracer are Blizzards Esports Poster Childs. alot ppl want a fix for Genjis insane deflect Hitbox since launch and Blizzard still ignore it the only answer was " Dont shoot at it "


It’s sad to see a game that was so amazing from the start turn into a device for people to express their hate on. This game was my favorite, but now it’s just going down the drain for people. The game has become so bland since when I first played. Before, there was no real meta in quickplay, and everyone just did whatever they wanted. If everyone wanted to play DPS, that’s what they did. It was more having fun back then than satisfying a meta.

Now, all i see when I watch streams is Genji, Moira, dva, Junkrat, Mercy, etc. This game has gotten so boring. The game has basically become a cesspool of Moira otps and Mercy otps and Junkrat otps. It’s kind of sad honestly. I would pay another 60 dollars to revert the game back to when I first got it.


Idk, I still enjoy it. Playing and watching


It’s a good feeling when you’re having such a good game as widow you start getting solo ulted by people


It doesn’t look and feel the same anymore. I’ve had it for 2 years now.


Her shield bash counters dive characters and she has enough utility to stun them. Even a genji half screen away can be stunned and approached even before her ult.


Well obviously it’s not going to have the same new sheen on it that it did 2 years ago, but I feel that a lot of the burnout that people are experiencing on this game is self-induced rather than the game’s fault.


Genji I’ve been less concerned about when Moira started hitting him hard, the problem is Tracer, and the synergy that still exists among the Dive tanks.

Now we are hitting the actual power creep. Sombra can get her hack off faster than Tracer can reload (which was stopping Sombra from being able to counter her) but now Lucio is in the gutter because of it.

We saw this happen when Junkrat was buff. Raise of hands for those who hate Junkrat atm.

This power creep is consuming the game because Blizzard does not know how to balance properly.

Anyways, I’ve seen some clips of Brigitte being used and she does have some power. However using her shield-bash to “super jump” onto high ground seems useless against a Tracer.

I still hole up my promise too. If the meta does not change in the next 2 months, I’m uninstalling. I’m also adding a catch; if Sombra becomes the meta then I will also uninstall. Tired of this sad excuse for balance. She has become overbuffed because they buffed her in areas that she didn’t need buffing. I actually advocated for her spread to be reduced, and for her to get away from being an EMP bot, but not at the cost of gutting Lucio and Pharah, and making her hack unstoppable.


Mercy meta was not my fault. That disproved your argument that people are being burnt out by themselves. Yes, there is some degree of wear-and-tear, but with every patch it goes from bearable, to new meta. Balance is the single worst thing in OW, and you cannot have a MP game with horrible balance.


Except that, relative to contemporary hero-based games (whether shooters of MOBAs), Overwatch is exceptionally well balanced. Honestly the “meta” is so forced and ridiculous, just because the best of the best players pick X hero often or Y hero never doesn’t mean that every single game of Overwatch ever played has to follow the same archetype. The meta is a strict rulebook that players bind themselves to and thus enjoy the game significantly less.

IMO, of course :smiley_cat:


Mercy went 6 months without changes that actually nerfed her, and the very last change she got gutted her and made her unfun, even for the Mercy mains.

TO put it in perspective, Kelder was live for 9 months on PC, AND the Devs acknowledged that they made a mistake with his balance.

Bastion was overbuffed and then nerfed back down to F-tier a week after his “rework.”

How is that balance?

Oh, and not to mention Dive is the favorite meta of the devs and thus we are seeing a power creep to actually balance them, which said power creep is now destorying the balance of actually balanced hero in the first place like Pharah and Lucio.

It’s one thing to let a meta exist, it’s another to overbuff a hero and leave them meta for 6 months.

Not to mention dive is coming up on it’s 1 year of being the meta.

I, by no means, am a meta slave, but it’s another to CONSTANTLY face the meta. Tracer on the enemy team? GL countering her.

Genji at least got tuned back cause of Moira, but Tracer, Winston, and Dva still exist and as long as they have NO hard counters then dive will continue to be the meta.

If I was a meta slave, I sure as hell wouldn’t have 77 hours on Bastion AND junkrat, and then 100+ hours on Pharah.

No, I don’t follow the meta, I face it, and thus it’s driving me away from the game. The meta of OW isn’t “follow what the pros do and you win” it’s that the meta has no counters and the Devs continue to baby it because it milks the tit of esports.

Bastion should shred through Dva and Winston yes? Then why isn’t he used? Why is it OK to say Tracer is fine when her only limitations are the skill of her user? Imagine Pharah with that power, or Bastion.

Lets jump back through time when Bastion had 35% Ironclad, and would it be OK to keep him like that since his limitations were his own skill and positioning?

No, and nor should Tracer.

Once again, I. DO. NOT. play. meta. But I face it. THATS why it’s a problem.


Compared to other games with multiple characters or loadout options, R6 and TF2, it’s terrible. In TF2 is a new meta is made the direct counter will become more popular. If spy was made OP pyro would become more popular, making spy less popular unless they’re using the icicle which will make jarate and mad milk more popular. As soon as chimera drops, there will be no meta that can’t be easily countered. Jackal and lion are countered by cav and mute, finka is countered by traps and echo and Ela is going to be balanced. OW is poorly balanced and it’s going to always be due to the lack of characters that weren’t made in 2 months or less.


I don’t want to pick a fight with you. I just disagree. I still enjoy the game so that’s the standpoint I’m speaking from.

So I don’t entirely disagree with this but I do want to say that the competitive whitelist of TF2’s weapons is absolutely tiny compared to how many are actually in the game, and in R6 operators like Bandit, Thermite, Thatcher, Ela, etc are basically mandatory in every serious game.


Comp is 6v6 which is not what TF2 was balanced with in mind.
Ela is getting nerfed in four days
Use twitch, IQ or someone with frags instead of thatcher or shoot through the floor
Bandit can and with lion coming probably should be switched out for mute but they both have the same easy counters, especially if someone places them where they can be seen through a drone hole
Thermite can be switched with hibana and soft breachers are just as important


Comp is also Highlander, which is 9v9. Also, Valve’s official competitive mode is 6s, so saying that’s not how it’s designed is a flawed argument.

Yes you can use Twitch or IQ instead of Thatcher, but they’re both objectively worse in most situations since IQ has to be able to shoot the device through a soft floor, ceiling, or wall, while Twitch’s drone can be and is often easily destroyed. Bandit and Mute are often interchangeable but a well played Bandit is most often better since you can actually destroy the charge instead of just disabling it. And yes, Thermite and Hibana perform the same role, but that’s still one of two operators that must be in every single attacking round or you’re basically throwing the game.

My point is, neither TF2 or R6S are masterpieces of balance compared to Overwatch.


That Guy really has some great Arguments what is wrong whit Overwatch Blizzard really need to see this Video


I understand that, I’m just saying that it’s not the rainbows and unicorns that you think it is.

OW has some horrid balance aspects and denying that they exist is just pleading ignorance.

You can still enjoy it, but there are some big demons that exist and it’s making the community a little upset. From the report feature to MM to balance. As much as I want to praise the game for being a unique concept, beautiful, and fun, I cannot do so when they make mistakes, have no accountability, and then brush it off like the playerbase doesn’t know what they are talking about.


raises hand
I always hated him though… spamrat and hanzo are the most annoying people to die to.


What do you mean? The best experience in the game is hearing “SCATTAH” and silently waiting for the mortal coil to unravel and send you off, tumbling to be forgotten in the ancient domain of the lost.


dat feel when you get 2 good widow potgs in a row

also getting called a hacker <3

Wish I could select what mode I want or don’t want to play. Not a fan of KoTH