Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


Also, quick note, but this goes in line with what I said in my previous posts:

This talks about XQC’s suspension, and forgive him or not, it shows that he acknowledged what he did was wrong.


Growth is always the best outcome! (xQc learns to think before speaking!)

That aside, my first OWL skin was Houston and my 2nd Was Excelsior

Nice to see the two teams I picked are placed 2 and 1

(the video above… love how it hit that magical 10 minute mark…lol)


Wait Seoul isn’t first?





Yeah I saw some bits. Lulu MVP.


I just clipped this while watching…


The new hero is going to be Brigitte, Torbjörn’s daughter who accompagnies Reinhardt in his travels.


yeah i hv see the teasers i really hope she is it because i really like her design in the Reinhard Cinematic :slight_smile: Brigitte would be the only reason for me to play OW again i really have stopped playing it because of the Toxic Players i got really bored whit the game and because i play alot Monster Hunter World :stuck_out_tongue:


Apparently she’ll have a flail and tower shield


(leaked early)
Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – February 27, 2018
A new Overwatch patch is currently in development and now available for testing. To share your feedback or report and issue, please post in the PTR Feedback or PTR Bug Report forums.

Please note that the below patch notes only include changes currently available for testing on the PTR. While many of these changes will also be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in a future patch, the PTR is PC-only and therefore will only reflect changes coming specifically to that platform.

New Hero: #Brigitte
An engineer with peerless armor-constructing abilities, Brigitte Lindholm is a valiant squire who fights on the front line to protect her allies.

Brigitte’s armor engineering capabilities make her a stalwart support hero, capable of holding her ground in combat while also providing healing and armor for her allies. Her primary weapon is her heavy-hitting Rocket Flail that she swings in a wide arc in front of her to smash multiple enemies at once. Whip Shot enables Brigitte to fling her flail forward, striking enemies at a distance and knocking them backward. With each blow, Brigitte’s passive ability, Inspire, heals nearby allies over time.

Brigitte’s Barrier Shield deploys a frontal energy barrier that can absorb a limited amount of damage and protect any allies directly behind her. Once her Barrier Shield is deployed, she can use Shield Bash to lunge forward and stun the first enemy in her path. Drawing on her engineering prowess, Brigitte can create Repair Packs to instantly heal wounded allies or provide armor to teammates at maximum health. When Brigitte is at her strongest, she can activate her ultimate ability, Rally—a powerful war cry that generates a substantial amount of armor for nearby allies and increases Brigitte’s movement speed so she can lead them into battle.

Fixed a bug that prevented the “Restore Defaults” button from resetting all settings in the Social Options tab [62226]
Fixed a bug that caused players to delete characters at random in the “Save Highlight” text box if they held the delete button while their settings were below 60 FPS [63441]


So she’s basically a weaker Rein that’s able to give shields and healing as well as maybe having more range.


sadly she isnt a tank but cant wait tom play her because she was 1 of the lore character i really wanted to have in the Game :stuck_out_tongue: love her design ^^



Ok, so i got a few minutes in with here. (paladin class)

Primary. (hold to flail)

Shield (very strong but AOE explosions creep around it) while shielded you can Shield bash for a stun.

Healing and Armor (AOE (targets players) can be thrown FAR)

Ult, makes her THICK and those around her Thick.

Playstyle… A great back line tank to help protect other supports.

With a Tank/AOE healer, we can now remove a 2nd healer if Bridgette is picked.

@xDaRkNeZzChAoSX she can totally tank. but I think her purpose is back line dive defense.

Unitlost just posted a decent gameplay vid


Tbh she doesn’t impress me. We needed mobility counters, not short-ranged, melee, tank-support hybrids.

Waiting 4 months for lackluster heros is really stirring me away from this game. I think she would be fine if a new hero was released every 2 months, or even 3 months.

Jeff said that this was “going to shake up the meta” but I doubt. Her only form of “healing” is her E ability and ult. 150/175 of her armor cannot be healed manually, which is great for first engagements but on defense or Koth it could lead to a wipe since she no longer has the buffer. This sounds good on paper, until you realize dive prays on oppertuinity, and once her armor is down she’ll just be like rein holding up his shield begging her team for help against the Tracer/Genji, or even Sombra since her buffs are too much.

I can safely say that I’m not impressed, and I’ll give it 2 more months or so before I uninstall.


yeah when i hv heard Jeff saying " Hero 27 changes the Meta " i was hoping fpr so,ething that nerf the abilitys for hero like Tracer and my most hated character ever ina Videogame called Genji but anyways im so happy that Briggite is finally in the Game and if she isnt so hard to play 4 me i think i will have find a new Main :slight_smile: but the new Sombra Buff really can help vs Genji and Tracer :stuck_out_tongue: i already have see Genji Mains who think that Sombra is OP xDD


I’ve had Overwatch uninstalled for months now, Moira was just disappointing after all the hype and now this new hero looks like another recycled ability hero.

The Overwatch team is incredibly lackluster when it comes to making creative/diverse heroes, especially considering the amount of time it takes for one to be released.


I’m pretty sure she heals passively as well.

How does it shake up the meta? not sure unless he is talking about trying to stop the dive meta since launch.

She does feel like a 2 month hero of development though.

edit::Yeah, she heals teammates also when she flails an enemy… nearby heroes get splash healed as well.


Guys you’re missing the fact that she can instakill Tracer before she can Recall with ShieldBash->Melee->WhipShot, same can be done to Genji, Together with Moira they can completely shut down Winston and both Flankers and with recent Sombra buff I expect Dva’s pickrate to drop as well.


Via her damage.

Oh boy, that must be a completely new concept

[glances at Moira]

It won’t, and I’m giving it 2 months. I’m tired of waiting on the devs to actually fix and balance the game.

“We don’t want to OVERBUFF MEI.” Then proceed to overbuff Sombra.

They didn’t revert Mercy.

Bastion went back to F-tier after a week of his buffs, which were a year ago, and actually put him in a WORSE spot than pre-rework.

That Dev team single handedly threw away any chance I gave them.

Any new hero they add just recycles abilities. NO BALANACE WHATSOEVER. I simply cannot take it anymore. TRS at least balanced the game.

Not to mention Genji and Tracer are Jeff’s favorites and thus Dive meta will never die. @xDaRkNeZzChAoSX you can add that to your list of reasons to hate Genji.

GL countering Tracer or Genji then…

They don’t fight in 4-5m range, and Tracer blinks 7, while being able to duel from 8-10.

She isn’t a meta changing hero, but I’m willing to give them 2 months to prove me wrong. Not even TRS threw away the potential of Evolve, but after the billions Blizztard made, they cannot to the simplest things to keep their game alive and in a healthy state.

As long as they keep putting fourth the “free” content, cosmetics, and keeping the Dva mains, Mercy mains, Tracer mains, and Genji mains calm, they’ll always have a fanbase.

But I’m done. This is literally the last straw.

As much as a joke Kala was, she didn’t use recycled abilities (Banshee mines, kinda) but look at the real fucking beauty Emet turned out to be. THATS a healer. Not someone who’s based off lore. I see no recyctcled abilites from hunter to hunter. Sure, there was variations but they actually fixed problems with the OG characters and added new playstyles. THEN the lore was built. Not the other way around.

/rant over.