Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


bows out of argument lol


Love the death here.


Overwatch Wiki in a nutshell:



That’s just an internet-personality. When people are given tools to take him and what he says out of context, that’s what’s ruined his reputation.

The Sym he mass-reported? He played 3 games with them prior and they threw. They should be reported, but the 30 second clip of him using every report feature against the Sym OTP made it’s way onto reddit and he got fined off of that out-of-context clip.

Then him saying that out-of-taste taunt to Muma was uncalled for, and he knew what he said was wrong once the words left his mouth. He then apologized and Muma said it was all good. If you want to keep burning him for it, you might as well burn all the other pro players that have slip-ups.

Profit from the Spitfire flipped off a cam in a live tournament, in front of everyone.

XQC is very passionate about OW, and while I don’t condone some of his poor actions (since most of it just stems from his online-personality) I also can’t condone the unnecessary hate he’s gotten from out-of-context clips.

To me it seems like anyone who hates him is just witch-hunting him.

Also, you should take what Stylosa says with a grain of salt, since he banks off the controversies.



xQc, I hope he learns. Just because he created a foul mouthed jerk of an online personality, doesn’t mean he should. Politeness and manners and all that you know?

But no, he’s on the internet he gets a pass? no… no pass from me.


so funny… love it. She’s just upset from getting benched.


No, because he has the right of free speech, just because people don’t like what he says shouldn’t silence him; it’s his choice to act the way he is on the internet as it is his choice not to.


This is a debate between charismatic vs not. We are not talking rights.

(being apart of the OWL league, does let them silence him btw)


In what way did I say that I’m giving him a pass? I said I was fully against his actions, which is different than giving him a pass. I can disassociate actions from a person, so just because he does something bad doesn’t mean I start witch hunting him because what he did was bad.

Would you disown a family member because they made 1 mistake? No, and thus I don’t join the witch hunts against XQC. I’m neutral on the matter. If he makes a mistake, I have a problem with the mistake made, not the person or personality.

Too many people hold grudges and then only seek what they want to see that can be used to destroy someone’s reputation, then you end up with how politics currently are.

No, it comes down to self-censorship. He knows that some of the stuff he does is wrong. The NFL doesn’t censor their players, they simply ask that they be professional about things. As evident with the kneeling, they don’t censor, and neither does the league. XQC just needs to keep watching his steps or else he’ll be booted from the league.


Your opening statement “That’s just an internet-personality” that is were I read the subtext of a pass.

I am speaking from a business POV with him being silenced by the league. Then his own team banned him from more games and helped him get psychiatry (sp?) to help with his online presence.

Personally, i Would like to see him learn his lessons and his demeanor is benefited from it.

(nfl does censor their players in the means of bans and fines) They also are not allowed to speak negatively without possible retaliation from the league and their contracts. (this even extends to certain promos they can do and more)

Where xQc is concerned, now that he is in a professional spotlight he does need to watch himself.

Charismatic, is not the right term to describe him. plain and simple.

(edit) Don’t get me wrong, he is allowed to be a bottom feeder. But with his ability he can be so much more, so why not?)


I would say the same, he seems quite immature from my own POV, just like many other players would be. He is also very impulsive in his reactions as well as he often overreact. I don’t see how he would be charismatic.
Also…in the video where he comments on someone’s else video, everytime he says “LOOOOOOL”, it makes me believe that he did not grew in his head and that he’ll stay as such forever…and because of that, I lose hope in humanity…again.

That does not make me want to watch his videos.

edit: I also wanted to say that I unsubscribed myself from Muselk’s channel the day of the new year because he has taken the direction of the clickbait and title steal. When I say “title steal”, I mean that he has named his videos with already existing titles from Andrew JRT, and as soon as people notice it, he change the title to something similar.
He has taken the title “McCree’s Highest Noon” and replaced it with “McCree’s Perfect High-Noon”, he has taken the title “Doomfist On Drugs” and replaced it with “Doomfist Multiplied By 10”.


Muselk, I was never quite on board with him, but I do enjoy some of his humor…

Never even thought of “title stealing” that’s pretty … well its not even needed. He already has a large follower count.


Love the ending!


As a general note, because many people forget this, there is no such thing as a right to free speech on the internet.

Free Speech refers to the ability to speak out against your government without fear of reprisal.

Any website may censor content without permission usually this is in the T&C which you sign/agree to in order to create an account on said site.


Yeah freedom of speech has nothing to do with day to day life, so you can’t just go around swearing at people and expect to get away with it. Or saying other bad things as well.



@TinyPickles318 Still performing in the top 1 percent with Moria, feel free Tiny to copy and paste as a follow up as your own stats again ^.^


Yes- but that was really a punishment rather than a silence. It’s like him being benched in the NFL… Or suspended since IDK how sports work.

I do too, because I want people to be their best selves. That’s also why I think the witch hunting is uncalled for, and especially the stigma against him. I’m no fan, but I respect fair and honesty.

Once again, I see it more as a punishment, rather than censorship. If my parents take away my birthday cake, it isn’t because they want to censor me, but to punish me for taking my sisters candy. But I digress, as we could just have different views of censorship.

I agree.

^ Basically this, however there’s also self-censorship. Just because you can say it, doesn’t mean you should.

IMO if the government has to step in, then that means you probably failed the first step, which is self-censorship.

Usually the line is drawn at “fighting words.” So yes I could say I hate blue-cheese loving spongebobs, but if I start mocking them and egging them onto get physical with me, then that’s where the law steps in.

SO you can’t be arrested for political affiliation or personal beliefs. Thus why bad apples on both side of the political spectrum exist. It’s because the law says they are protected, like all citizens.

Anyways, back to OW!!!


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