Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


That’s xQc in general



I don’t know him.


Quick recap, xQc is a overly charismatic professional OW player who knows the game inside and out.

This was a response to a shitty video that talked about how damage players are entitled and why Mercy shouldn’t be nerfed into oblivion.

I say: fuck Mercy. Into the garbage she goes.


I don’t have any personal opinion about Mercy, but god knows how much I hate Genji and McCree’s flashbang, and no one talks about it.
Genji’s my least played hero anyway, and I start to believe that the majority of Genji players are OTP. It’s probably not true but I begin to think that it’s true.
Also, nice dank profile picture.





no… charismatic is not the right term… He is a foul mouthed performer who goes out of his way to to use profanity and report players for one tricking ect… He is a PRO in the OW community but his behavior has already cost him 5000 in fines.


Plus he got suspended.


Ok cool I am fake news man lol. I just remember someone telling me that. Got stuff wrong I’m sry sir.



it’s a bit rude to call up on someones deleted edit…



You can click on the pen to view the previous edits.



yes, and its rude to pull it up and use it as an argument. a deleted message is a wipe of their thoughts atm…
(you could read them all you want, and I did read it … but I didn’t use it for anything.)


Both of these have counters. There’s no counter to pressing a button and watching your achievements disappear.


I know both have counters, but they’re annoying as hell when you deal against them.
I play Winston if there’s a Genji and Orisa when there’s McCree. But that doesn’t always counter them.


Winston should always counter Genji. You don’t need to aim so he’s easy to follow, he can’t deflect you, anywhere he dashes, you can follow.

You should never lose a 1v1 to a Genji.


I did lose sometimes, because of cross-fire or because he dash into a health pack.

Anyway, I recently did a DM and I forgot how toxic the community could be. Someone took my gold rank as a reason to laugh at my nose and consider he should not talk to me, I forgot to report him for unacceptable behavior.

I hate the dark side of the OW community, all I want is to enjoy the game without having to meet obscene, vulgar, provocative, disrespectful, immature and stupid players who consider themself superior to the others for very dumb reasons.

Respect is sacred for me, but it’s so rare to find respectful people…I lose hope in humanity and become disrespectful as well.


If he dashes on a big health pack, then yeah, ok. You could still win if he grabs a small one though, but it’ll be dicey.

That’s different. A tank should not be able to 1v2 any combination of heroes without Ult. Except a high charge Zarya.


How the hell did your nose get correlated with the game?


Nah, he’s right I was quite aggressive to xQc