Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


NY is in the same boat.

The biggest reason why I can’t support OWL is because it’s literally a game on repeat. Every match is picked from 1-2 maps. Usually both teams run dive (Winston, Dva, Mercy, Zen, Tracer, and a fill DPS) however a few go outside the box (like Dallas but they’ve lost every game so far because they don’t specialize in Dive).

For the most part the team names/locations don’t matter, but since it doesn’t matter few people actually care about a team. I like Dallas because I know the players and I like how they aren’t meta slaves, but them losing to Dive is a reason driving me away from the game.

I want OWL to fail since Blizzard has mishandled every aspect of the game, however if it does fail it will setback esports being taken seriously for many years.

Not how it works. Since they are set up as “the London Spitfire” that’s how they’ll be perceived each time they play. It wasn’t up to the players to name/declare a location.

Then the fact that just entering the league costs 20 million $$$ is enough to scare away anyone who is interested in dabbling in esports, moreso OWL. Dallas AFAIK got sponsored by Jack in the Box, thus they aren’t owned by a larger esports team. Houston AFAIK is OpTIc. London AFAIK is cloud9 based.

They just milked the easy targets that takes esports seriously. The players are just the pawns on the chessboard.


yeah, that was my main complaint. their players are not region based which means they just pay to win… lolz.


they can not… Unitlost stylosa is their ambassador and he tries to teach them simple phrases.

Watch them have passport issues in the future.


OWL highlights


This happens in all sports though.


I actually didn’t think of that tbf. Even so though you would expect the players to be somewhat local I mean South Korea is on the other side of the planet to the UK. :joy:


Black Cat DVa




You mean one Rez per game?


new update has gone live


Thanks might play sometime during weekend or next week if I can get past 265 in d2.


PLAYS game Attack on Gibralter…

I get on the point behind the payload… team is busy fighting solo fights they all die

I say "Listen, to get the payload, just nuzzel up to your tanks on payload… as i was watching becuase i died, genji was trying to take on enemies by himself on point and dies and I hear over voice “i just did and died”

directly after that

Team gets behind tanks on payload and we march it down the street.


Well ow people are clueless so I’m sorry.



Essentially this.




I really need to get back on this game. Haven’t been playing for like 3 months.


i’ve been working on my widow aim… last year, @SedoUmbra suggested some aim zones and tweaks. over the last couple weeks I decided to train up with Widow.



He talks quite fast, it’s hard to follow him.