Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


Ok, the OWL newsletter did take multiple days to give me my 100 coins… that aside…

Houston Outlaws Moria and New York Excelsior Tracer

are the two colors I picked…


Yeah well it’s been on the PTR for 3 months now. Usually a map goes live every 4, so I think Blizzney Land is a little behind, due to the OWL.

They leaked the sprays/skins/icons here:

Pharah’s skins is fucking wonderful too:

I heard that it’s based off the Goddess, Wadjet. SO fuck yeah.


The Overworld (Overwatch world) is super buggy and has a zillion places to break out of the map… It is behind schedule and I think that is the main reason along with the OWL.


I once had this silver border dude in a silver comp match.




Are you showing off your golden gun? If that’s true I have nothing to say because this is bastion’s golden gun, and I don’t know why anyone would want bastion’s golden gun.


Why not his Gold Gun is very nice and Bastion is kinda cute :slight_smile: whit some Skin his Gold Gun looks very great im thinking of getting it too :stuck_out_tongue:


Bastion is cute for sure >.<

Also, who doesn’t want a death machine?

I have thought about getting his gold gun next but I might want to get Hanzo instead :>

When are we supposed to be getting the Blizzard map? O.O

I plan on jumping back on once the update hits


First off, silver border :stuck_out_tongue:

People who have it usually have 500-600 hours in the game.

Then about Bastion’s golden gun…

Why wouldn’t I have a gold Bastion gun :stuck_out_tongue:

Next tuesday it goes live. The leaked some of the skins, including the Pharah one with I absolutely love:



This is good stuff. Thanks Xplo! >~<
~checks the other skins~


I haven’t been keeping up with overwatch at all, lately. What’s new? Besides blizzardworld. Are there any significant buffs or nerfs I should know about? Have they figured out a reliable way to get owl tokens yet?


Wait, an Egyptian goddess themed skin in blizzard world? Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.


I like how the Dallas fuel has all the big players, but they’re the worst in the league rn.


Supposedly not all skins are based off Blizzard world.

Mei and Rein are getting their animated short skins.

Dive Meta

They don’t run it, and when they do they preform worse than the teams they are going against.

I’d still rather watch them over any other team because every other game is “who can run Dive the best” and it just gets old.


Me and the OW League…


Yeah, they’re just all Korean people. But they’re called the London spitfire.


Edit: I wonder if they can even speak English…


They can’t they are all speak and are from South Korea XD


How tf did they get signed then…???


I actually dmed the team on face book about it. Apparently they originally wanted half the team to at least be British but any British players that were good enough were already signed to other teams. There was also no rules against the team having to be from the City they are representing. That meant they decided to just go out and get the worlds best players which of course are from Korea!


Well they should just change the name then.