Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


Once again, supposedly, there will be a system where you can get coins via watching OWL games.


  • A massive amount of viewers on day 1 were just there to see if they could get coins (literally chat would all spam !tokens, !redeem, etc twitch commands).
  • They did not intend for most players to get a whole team set.
  • some % of the skins money goes directly to fund and support the team.
  • said system is not currently implemented nor has Blizzard gave any hind of it being finished soon.


Man I’m not gonna spend a day watching matches just to get one skin.


But like I said, Scatter is the most consistent thing in his kit. Landing it from afar might be more difficult than up close, but this game is about fighting in close-mid ranges so a good Hanzo will know to stick to the areas where Scatter will work,

Just like how a Pharah won’t openly fly exposed where any damage she takes might kill her.


I don’t know the rates of which credits will be earned, but this is all speculation if my theory comes true.

  • most likely 100 (1 skin) per week
    • if not then maybe 10 tokens per game, resulting in 90 per week, about 3 skins a month
  • viewership counts more than just buying the skins
    • they have sponsors like Intel, Toyota
    • Massive amounts of $$$$ invested into OWL
    • investors need to be pleased

I think the $5 to just to scare people off, and the skins are added just so people can get into OWL, or at the very least watch a few games.

The problem is that OWL is not an esports-ready game. Balance is off the walls, and the skins alone are not worth the 2+ hours wasting time for that 1 moment of “spam chat with x command.”

Ideally, I want OWL to flop because this game needs a rude awakening from the BS that exists within.

Even putting all that aside, skins and everything. The game is awful to watch. Every non-dallas game is basically 5 meta heros (Dive comp - Winston, Dva, Zen, Mercy, Tracer) and then 1 fill DPS.

Every team.

Same comp.

Same maps.

How is that deemed fun to watch? Hell, I stopped watching LA vs Dallas when LA was rolling Dallas on Ilios. When Dallas, a team that can flex and win with comps such as quad tank (that has never existed before) loses to dive meta slaves, that’s just boring to watch.

It really needs to flop for Blizzard to get their heads out of their asses. Funny how people to this day think that Evolve was a scam; just look at what OW has become: A cess pool of “non-gambling” loot boxes, horrid balance of the likes I’ve never seen before not even Legacy Kelder can compare, and now OWL proving just how fucked this game is.

As cynical as it sounds of me to say this all, OW has huge potential but I’ve never seen a game so mishandled other than Evolve (in the sense of 2K, not TRS. Ya’ll are baes #5- #150)…


Yep. I cannot agree more. I used to love ow (even though I sucked ass), now it’s a pain to play quick play.


Anyway I saw this on the ow wiki today.



I love the ow community. “Dreams of Lena kissing me” the cringe is just real here. “She should never have been lesbian” why are people like this around.


Because they’ve reached over the limit of toxicity! That’s simple as it sounds, they’re dumb and anti-social.
Usually, when I play Overwatch, I tend to speak in the chat with a (politically correct and insultless) phrase, and other french people when they see me chatting, they simply put “tg” which means “ta gueule” in french and “shut the fuck up” in english. So what I do, I report them immediately for inapropriate behavior.
But that’s when I respond to them, explaining that they shouldn’t act like this that they start to combo their most vulgar and most inapropriate insults just because I said something totally normal.


Eh, most of them are just babies.

As much as I love Pharah, I don’t mind what happens in her lore. AT this point her lore is so bare-bones that anything just adds to it. If she has relationships, then that’s on her and I fully support her.

Most of the people who obsess over a character are more likely attracted… as that Tracer fanboy pointed out.

I’ve learned to cope with things, such as Behemoth or Emet being taken over by Bucket in the Evolve lore. However it’s also good that I’m in the small group of Pharah fanboys hehehe.


So much of this no more Tracer bullshit is on that wiki I just wanna die. Like get over it, are you that pathetic tat you can’t find a real girlfriend?


I just try and outplay them by trash talking myself.

“Oh you’re a bad player.”

me: Well at least I’m trying to improve.

“Silver boarder who’s still in Diamond.”

me: I’ve been in Diamond almost every season since I’ve started, so at least I’m consistent.

Kinda bad examples, but anything more would be borderline bullying… myself that is.

I’ve learned it not get it through to me, report, and move on. It’s not worth the time correcting them nor thinking about what they said. That’s the problem with so many people these days, they are radicalized by words.

“Stick and stones may break my bones, but Emet will always be the ruler of the Galaxy” is how the saying goes.

I think is comes down to fantasy deviation. I wouldn’t say it’s on the line of being single, but more on the basis of “what-if.”

You have the people who hated her lore direction because they shipped Widow + Tracer. Anyways, well as much as I want to continue this conversation I think it should end here and not much more positive can come from this imo.


I’m gonna get hate for this, but once in a quick play match, I was getting triggered because a Genji who was bad didn’t switch, so I reported him and the reason I said was that “he was playing Genji too much”.


I’ve had the worst insults chained together sometimes, just like a “pseudo-nazi, racist, extremely unrespectful and extremely vulgar” person I met on Steam two years ago. His language is the most dirtiest I have ever seen, it’s even worse than how rednecks talk, you would never like any part of his mind.


If he plays Genji and doesn’t switch, then he’s a “One Trick Pony”. It’s someone who knows to play ONE SINGLE role, who never play any second role and never want to change role.


At this point I report any Mercy one-trick in QP.

I’m just sick of seeing her and losing against her. I can handle the mass influx of Widow, Genji, Hanzo, and Tracer players, but not Mercy.

I use it more of a tool to dick with the devs that prove that they care very little about the game. AT this point the cosmetics feel just as a cash grab, and them reusing old events further my point.

Put cosmetics into lootboxes --> people buy lootboxes --> profit

GG team great game. I like to fathom that they aren’t actually trying to improve the game because if so, then they are fucking failing hard.

It’s not that I wouldn’t like what he has to say, but rather I wouldn’t care.

I’ve heard it all before, so it’s not a problem for me. I deal with both ends of the political spectrum and I’ve seen the worst on both ends. The best you can do is separate yourself from them or else you get roped into one or both sides and it just furthers the political war.

That’s why I don’t actively step in to calm the waters when the shit starts flying. I do what I can, which is report, and move on.


That’s my kind of weakness, I usually stick with the conversation and hope for the opponnent to understand that he’s negative…but it usually never work because they’re too dumb, impulsive, lacking in empathy and straight-forward, they prefer to keep being idiots rather than accepting the intelect.


I’m honestly kind of glad no one joins team chat on Xbox. I can’t imagine the abuse that is thrown around every match.


But not everyone is going to understand or change. Sure you can try, but is it worth the time in the end?

Reporting usually brings the most immediate effects. Those who get muted/suspended/banned will either change because they like the game and/or a vast list of reasons, or they won’t change and simply move on.

But with the amount of people on this planet, there are too many diverse people and opinions and forcing your own midset/beliefs, no matter how good you think they are, is what similar people have done to cause society to fall into a “down” period where everything is polarized.

Most of the time you have to come to an agreement either with the other person or yourself. Words are baseless, but ideas are weapons. Standing under good morals is just self-justification, and you should be the best you, and not force others to become like you. I’m getting a bit hypocritical now, so I’ll leave it here for you to understand and interpret in your own ways.

Also Blizzneyland is launching next Tuesday. I SERIOUSLY hope that Pharah gets a Kerrigan skin or else I will be bummed out and probably quit the game. Li-Ming is also a good second, but it can be hard since Pharah and Li-Ming are kinda sorta different archetypes.

I am hyped for the Mei and Rein skins since I have no good skins for them. Plus. Reins. Hair. How can that not be his best skin?


Blizzard world? They just released it? Wow. They announced it like a couple months ago.


Next Weeks matches in OWL

and current standings.