Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


In what way?


So if you got reported once or twice on a report system that is garbage, it means you can’t get the same rewards as other people?


I’ve never had issues with the report system. But that’s just me shrug


I don’t know for sure what “good standing” means, but it sounds like (based off the little I’ve seen people talk about it) some form of “no (recent?) action has been taken on your account”. So if a few people report you, you’re OK. But if you were reported enough to warrant some kind of action (timeout/ban/mute voice/text chat), then you probably wouldn’t get your tokens.

I like it because it’s another little thing that reinforces good behavior.


Well the report system is not really an accurate thing. I mean if you play Genji and don’t play well, people will still report you. Heck, people will report you for playing anyone except Mercy or Junk.


So is blizzard just making team skins for every character now? From what I heard, Genji had Dallas fuel, DF had San Francisco Shock, Soldier had Boston Uprising, etc.


Makes me remember that I met someone last year who was reporting every Junkrat players…just because they play Junkrat. So I reported him for report abuse.


Wait…how did you know they were reporting junk players?


Because he told it. He considered every Junkrat players a “cancer” and he said that he report them for that.


Oh, who was he, another Genji main I suppose?


He was a Hanzo, and it was in Deathmatch.


Why? Just why? His ult is useless in Deathmatch. If he wanted to play a sniper, widow would be a better option. She has hitscan, which deals with genjis and junks, and her ult is semi useful.


Hanzo can deal 450 damage with a single scatter. That’s why he’s played. His scatter is intended for corner shots, but players rather use it for 1 shotting tanks at close range


That would mean you needed to get really close to people. From most games i play, people would play soldier genji and Junk, so they could either completely avoid Hanzo, or shoot him down before he gets to them.


Of course, deathmatch is kind of a boring mode to play anyway.


Each hero has a team skin.

That’s over 312 (for when new heros are released, they too will get an OWL skin for each team).

They only leaked certain team’s skins,

Here is literally what the OWL sub-section in the main menu looks like:

Then when you click each team it looks like this:

However there is a scroll bar too:

And for 1 skin it’s $5. For a whole team it’s $100.


I think they abused a bit with the price this time.


Is there any way to get more coins?


Not really.

Hanzo can scatter anyone from any distance.

The way scatter works is that he fires 1 scatter arrow. When it collides with something, it spawns several other arrows perpendicular to the surface it collided with.

This is what makes Scatter so effective. Not every arrow spawned from scatter needs to hit to get a kill, only a few (actually less than half as it can do a max of 450 damage).

It can 1 shot any hero under 450 HP (Orisa and Zarya being the 2 tanks scatter can 1-shot).

Junk and Soldier might seems like viable options, but in no way do they have an advantage over Hanzo.

Blizzard has even stated that if they nerfed Scatter, Hanzo would completely fall out of the game because that’s his one consistent ability. That shows you how unbalanced he is.

Supposedly, he’s getting a rework, however I’d rather he not since:

  • A: They botched Mercy
  • B: Hanzo has a favorite and by making him more consistent he’d be right up there with Junk with hero pick popularity.
  • C: He is built around 1-shot potential, and 1-shot is never fun unless it has good counterplay.


It’s kind of hard to land a scatter from a long distance if you’re unexperienced.