Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


Attention: if you have a bnet account and you log in before January 31st, you can get a free Overwatch League team skin of your choice, and a bonus 100 Overwatch League Tokens.

Celebrate and get an additional 100 League Tokens by signing up to receive official Overwatch League news from the Overwatch League and your chosen teams.

By signing up, you’ll gain access to the latest information about the Overwatch League and your favorite teams competing in the highest level of play. Stay close to the action all season long right here.

Redeem your 100 League Tokens for an Overwatch League team-specific in-game hero skin of your choice and start supporting your team in their inaugural season.*

Make sure you sign up with the email address associated with your official Blizzard Battle.net account by January 31, 2018 to receive the additional 100 League Tokens credited in your Overwatch account. No Battle.net account? Create your free account now!

Act fast—Opening Weekend kicks off on January 10. Be there for the start of the action.

I’m hyped; waiting forever to get that soldier Boston skin.


So what does that mean? That you can win league specific skins? And also, why 100 league tokens, what are they?
I wonder if Soon’s and Unkoe’s skins will be available.


Ow League tokens are a new type of currency not exactly sure what they do.




I’m guessing they just let you buy ow League skins.


If you sign up for the news, you can also get a free skin of your choice I believe.


I’m surprised at how much I’m enjoying watching Overwatch League right now. The presentation is on point and the gameplay is top-notch so far.



You can’t get league skins in the lootboxes can you?


Nope… Gotta pay for the currency >_<

I think there was a way to get 2 free ones. 100 was given so you could get one for free. And another was by connecting your bnet or something? @.@

I never understood the last part but maybe you’ll find something if you look around >.<


No I’m glad They aren’t in boxes. It’d up my chance to get something I don’t want by 1000%. I’ve never been into buying team stuff for any game I play. I was just worried I’d be subjected to more dumpy filler in the boxes. Not that it’s bad to want those skins, but for someone not into the competitive scene, it’d be a nightmare to get all those skins in boxes.

There’s maybe only one team in any game I would have bought merch for.


No. They are only available through the league tokens.


100 was given if you signed up for their news and info stuff.


For my 2 skins (free and newsletter signup) I got these 2:

Newsletter and current:

I just love how the orange pops.

Then my favorite team, Dallas:

Next I want the London Pharah skin. Unfortuneatly I don’t like any of the Bastion skins, as I feel the accent colors for other teams are a bit too much (like the white for Houston).


Nice. How did you get 200 tokens though?


100 were free, then the other 100 were through the newsletter when I signed up.


wait, I only got the 100 tokens… where is the league offer for a free skin?

signed up for the newsletter too


Took about 3 days for me to get the extra 100 tokens. And your account has to be in “good standing”.


waits patiently kappa


That’s really dumb.