Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


it kinda plays like Evolve but for me just in a bad and unfun version :stuck_out_tongue:

i have payed both Yeti and Hunter but it didnt was fun for me and m 1 of the biggest Evolve Lovers :frowning:
thanks god it is just a Event Mode Evolve is still the King of the Bossfight Modes / games xD


What’s roadhog like nowadays?


he’s one hell of a tank. he can move while healing without a speed cost and they got rid of his one hit combo in favor of giving him five shots total that shoot at a much faster rate…
(hook seems nice and long)



I hate the fact he can’t one shot people. It’s much easier to be destroyed by people you have hooked, and even though the fire rate was buffed, it wasn’t buffed by that much, so targets can potentially run away before being finished by the second shot or the melee, and the melee cannot necessarily finish the target after you hit them, making a Roadhog 1v1 against a reaper that much more difficult.


Which is exactly why Roadhog’s fix was both necessary and beautiful. Reaper is a tank killer. Tanks should not be able to reliably kill him.

Overwatch is a team game. You’re not meant to be 1v1ing people.

I feel like Roadhog’s fix would have gone down better if people played the game as it is meant to be played.


He’s great. Not so good at actually Tanking, but he sets up plays really well. He’s got high self sustain but can’t peel for his team besides body blocking. However, his hook really punishes enemies who are out of position.


When did I ever say he was supposed to be 1v1ing people? Also, “overwatch is a team game”, what do you say to the millions of offense mains out there, are you saying sinatraa isn’t playing the game right?


I think SedoUmbra is just talking about how… When your Roadhog, it was always meant to be him with a team behind him to punish whomever gets hooked… The 1v1 damage of Roadhog was removed because he wasn’t filling his role as intended.

He should still be able to 1 combo a tracer though.


Not neseccarily, if the Tracer times a recall perfectly and the Roadhog player is not paying attention, and her hitbox is a much smaller than most people. But he should be able to.


Yeah I remember when the dev notes came out about it. They gave that micro second of reaction for everyone for a possible dodge… I was always curious about that choice in his balancing and road mains because I have used it quite a bit to escape.


Right here ^

Um. Roadhog isn’t an offense hero, buddy. It’s offensive heroes’ job to get kills, and in some cases, win 1v1s, not Roadhog.


Ok I feel like this will become a flame war if I don’t keep myself in check. Wat I meant was that if Roadhog cannot 1 Shot squishes, then it’s easier to be killed by certain heroes, like reaper, for example. Also, it lets certain heroes escape.


Okay, look, mate, the reason for the nerf towards Roadhog’s hook combo was because it was a “No-skill insta-kill” move that worked on the majority of the characters in the game, making it not fun for anyone that was unfortunate enough to get hooked by wandering Roadhogs.

You can still one-shot a lot of characters, just takes a bit more effort than before.

Also, generally in other games, hook skills weren’t scary for the fact that you would die instantly from the hooker, it was because you became out of position for the enemy team to kill you.

EDIT: Also, you shouldn’t look at a nerf/buff from just one perspective; it was a lot of fun for Roadhog players to instantly kill heroes you can’t just be, “I like this, so they should keep this.”


But who do you mean by “squishies”? I’d call Baby Dva and Tracer squishies, and Hog can still reliably one shot them. But if you call 200HP heroes or (God forbid) 250HP heroes squishies, and think he should one-shot them, then that’s the majority of the heroes in the game he can kill with 0 skill.

And still, as I said Overwatch is a team game. If you hook a 250HP hero into your team, they are going to die. Hell, some tanks can meet the same fate if they aren’t immediately backed up.

All in all, I think the change was mandatory to make Hog fit a supportive role. He shouldn’t be a solo carry hero, or a flanker, and that’s the way his old kit bade that he was played.


I only have WalrusHog and Orisa Puppy to go!


omg i got the Walrus Skin 4 Roadhog in the 5 Free Lootboxes O.O The only Skin i like from the Event :stuck_out_tongue: Now i got everything i wanted Orisas cute Puppy Emote and Walrus Roadhog :slight_smile:


Jeff got a present in the during the Overwatch Yule log.


I loved that last kill.


love it, junks can be so fun and annoying all at once.

p.s. Tomorrow the season ends and I completed my goal of getting into gold. Now… I wait. placements will come.