Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


Yeah those are the worst. Today I saw a lot of one-tricks and smurfs. A Reaper onetrick single handedly lost me 2 games in a row, then my 1 win today was because the enemy had a Sym one-trick. I hate this game some times :confused:


I’m gonna pass these stats on as my own.


Lol go ahead. ^.^ use them wisely


I just posted this on the Overwatch forums… I figure since Jeff is around them, he might see it.

I would like to see the ability to gold out my skins on heroes.

This has a couple benefits for ranked. It would entice players to play for a longer period of time on the Comp scene!

If a player had the ability to buy more than one gold piece per hero, I feel that gold’ing out heroes could be a great incentive for people to stick with Comp. With a better more focused attitude and by the time they are done working on their hero, they have been so invested in games with COMP that they may actually start to respect it more.

Imagine being bable to take Moria’s Bracelets, then only to compliment them with legs, arms, head gear, fingernails ect. If there were a total of 5 upgrades, Not only could people gold out a character but maybe they could even customize them with only certain parts.

Another Example would be D.Va. Her Mech weapons are gold, why not gold out more parts to her mech so when the she launches an ULT it would be a glorious golden bomb.

Keep up the good work! If you consider anything about this idea think about the positive investment time a player spends on this and its keeps a nice rewarding incentive system inside the comp mode.

I would do it, and I am sure others would too!
Love TriXieKat

(ps Glitter Skins would be AWESOME for a few friends of mine.)

EDIT:: Nice without time to read it, -2 on the thumbs… LOL its on its way!


Mei’s Yeti Hunt

oh hell yes.


Goliath variation confirmed!


Yeah! Winter Wonderland is my Favorite Event!

a yeti? are you sure its not just Winston running around lol


It’s Winston indeed


Oh hell no… DEY took TRS job…




i really dont like the idea of that Game Mode for me it feelslike a extreme Evolve Parody -…-

Evolve is the only hunt Game for me :frowning:


I don’t really think it was taken from Evolve, I think in fact it was taken from the community gamemodes with often 1 Reinhardt as a boss.
But the traps are indeed curious. Are they like the harpoon traps, like the stasis grenades, or something else?


Leaked image


Also Hanzo skin?! @w@
~getting it for my brother~


i really think they got the Idea a bit from Evolve because that Winston Gameplay kinda really sounds like the Monster Gameplay from Evolve :frowning:

Overwatch : Winston must run away from the Mei Team to find and eat Meat so he can get his Primal Rage to hunt and kill the Mei Team

Evolve : The Monster must run away from the Hunters to find and eat Wildlife so he can evolve and can hunt and kill the Hunters

sounds very like Evolve :stuck_out_tongue:


and to be fair boss fights have been around since wait… what was the first boss fight? Popeyes brutus?


Ho shit, I didn’t knew that! Where did you find that? From Jeff’s video? If that’s the case, that means my ears are really tired.

Edit: You were right, Jeff mentioned Winston getting powerups which are meat to fuel up his ultimate.


Anyway, I talked about it on the forums. I’ll wait for a response.


Yeah it really shocked me the first time i hv heard it Evolve was unique ecause of his hunt Game Mode and now Over(hyped)watch get a Mode like it too -.-

If we would get a Evolve 2 i n some years ( i hope ) i already can hear some Blizzard Fan Kiddies saying that it got stolen from the Overwatch Event because they didnt have know about Evolve :frowning:

i just hope that the Winston Gameplay isnt third Person like the Monsters if this is the case That Mode is really a big Copypaste

But anyways i still will try the Mode maybe i will get a little Evolve feeling back for a short time ^^ Evolve is sadly dead on PS4 :frowning:


It’s not what I would consider a copypaste, I don’t think there’s wildlife nor the possibility to chose your hero and have different roles. Plus you don’t evolve, you use your ultimate and it’s timed. A copypaste would be something like League of Legends and Arena of Valor.