Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


This is what it looks like:

I do like the gold decoration, however I just like the Gold-Black contrast of her Tulum skin.


Is it weird that I hate all of Doomfist’s skins, even though he’s my main?


I mean, I don’t main him, but I don’t like any of his skins. I don’t even like his Classic skin. I just don’t like his model. Idk why.


Love it! color me inspired… I’m working on getting to gold…

if I make it. . might make a montage ^>^


I don’t even like the character itself.
They made him like he is a “bad guy”, and well they succeed, I just can’t like him and his personality, he is completely unpleasant and arrogant.
It’s weird because even if he is bad I can actually like bad guys in some movies or series. But he is way too simple.


Tfw your parents take away your gold right when the winter wonderland event starts.


He is one of the characters I just use default skin on, because it’s much more aesthetically pleasing than any of his recolors or legendaries.

Until the Blackhand skin comes out, anyway :smiley_cat:


Agree with every statement in this post, lol.


back up to 1900 for the first time in 2 season. (5 was brutal and 6 was meh)
but this is mostly Moria with a side of junk and dva once in awhile. but in a few days
i was able to get back over 400 sr…

Competitively I am still operating Moria in the top 1% atm… I’m hoping I can maintain what I am doing with her.


Those stats are not really representative, I always am very high when I look at the few games I made in a particular day. You need to check your global stats.
And, how do you manage to have a winrate greater than 100%? ^^

Edit : There is something wrong, it says you won 4 games but only did 3 matches


That snap shop with those states have been consistent though with her… as far as performance goes. and a bad game here or there with leavers and whatnot… but overall shes solid… I got to work on the deaths though.

no that was just ;the last session, my win rate with her is trending back up at 73% while my global win rate is 59.98%

today it was 7/1

edit :: next day ::
it continues ^.^


I added Kala Kapur on Moira’s wikia page as a possible cultural reference for her kit and bio. Both are too similar to not be ignored.

I hope it won’t be considered as grief, because it has to be noticeable between the two characters.


Gosh darn it, they removed my edit.


Not surprised.


It was an anonymous user who removed the edit. No reason were given, and removing without reasons is not allowed in the wiki as I learned.


If you can give me the info I’ll add it back for you just in case you don’t want to risk anything. It’s don’t use Wiki but I’m pretty sure I can edit it anonymously.


I already reverted the edit. Thanks anyway.


I rewatch your post, and I admit that it’s not surprising indeed, but many people hate Evolve and can become toxic if anything mentions it. I just hope the person who removed the edit (that I addded back later) did it because he was confused and not because he hate Evolve.

There’s people who dare to do the worst for themself, like vandalising stuff from Evolve and only Evolve just because they hate the franchise.


Welp, today all the kiddies are our and comp is trash…


I was at 1959, just ahad a team of 3 leavers -.- (and no reason to rage)