Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


I think about Sombra because she is a strong pick. Her gun has a whide spread but it packs a lot of damages on tanks and its magazine is large. Her hack is her strongest tool, both for her and her team. Plus, she’s a very mobile DPS and can easily flank the ennemy lines with her invisibility and her translocator. Her ultimate charge up quite fast too, so you shouldn’t be afraid to use it in any case.


Daym, I almost made it back to Diamond, but 1 game away I got a toxic player and lost the game, then lost the next game due to another toxic player complaining about a sym being toxic when he himself was toxic.

I was really looking forward to getting back into Diamond, but i’ve learned to cut my losses or else I lose too much SR and grinding back up is a pain in the ass.

Yeah she does a great job at assassinating low health targets and building up her ult, and I really like her gold gun, but her being team-dependent is what makes her hard to play for me. I really only play her on Route 66 because of the good health packs.


Mei is kinda golden but very unique.
now I must sleep


Mod vote has triple value, so Mei!




Cheater! That’s not part of the rules!


Yeah just yesterday I had to play a few games on Mercy.

Really tells me to be a flex player, but Blizzard SR system tells me to one trick Pharah :man_shrugging:

I might wait for the gold Mei gun until her animated short skin comes out, just because I don’t like the look of the current skin gold gun that I have on her (the one in the picture).

But I’ll see where the poll takes me because right now it’s a tie.


#ORISA is Life! I’m not sure who the Orisa main was, but I hope you like it. ^.^

Omg, I have been playing games where I basically am always walking forward… she’s a freaking steam roller!


That would be @xDaRkNeZzChAoSX I believe.

She’s getting to be my best Tank because she is a projectile hero, and I’m basically a projectile main.


I’ve been naturally choosing her more and more… she’s actually quite a good tank with cc capabilities and I’m all about the CC gameplay.


Yeah same. So many times I mini-grav an enemy and hear the headshot dings go off like I’m winning a jackpot. Plus the slow duration stops enemies from fleeing once you reel them in.

I just wish she had a better backstory since I can’t get over her existence as an introduction to Doomfist and a replacement for Rein. I love her kit aside from all of that.

Also, as a quick update Mei and Sombra are tied, so I’ll give it another day in case any stragglers come and vote, or people change their minds :wink:


sombra is clic482643ß3’Aê2837855▒4
Sobra is Bae



Anyone wanna vote for my next gold gun? So far Sombra and Mei are tied and I really want the tie broken before the end of the day lmao :wink:


Also, I had a dream about a Bastion rework and I actually had fun dreaming about how his rework would play out. It was a massive overhaul to his kit and playstyle, but made him more versatile and so I posted a thread over in the OW forums to see what kind of response I would get. I’m also posting it here to get some more feedback on the idea.

So this will probably come with a lot of hate and dislike, but hear me out. I had a dream about a Bastion rework and I had fun in my dream, but it required a massive overhaul of both his kit and how he plays out in game.

Bastion’s playstyle is hated both to play as and against. His recon is good, but not as good as 76, so he can’t be too good or else he will replace 76, but too weak and there’s no point in going Bastion over 76. If he’s based around Sentry then we get pre-buff Bastion where he’s only good for camping and hiding in one spot until the enemy pushes. His recon was unchanged in my dream, but the best is yet to come.

1: Tank and Sentry switched places.

In my rework dream, his Tank and Sentry mode was flipped. He could transform into a tank with shift at any time, but was limited by his shots. This way he could still move, and actually improve his mobility. He would have 3 shots that had to recharge before he could use them, but he could shoot them at any time.

Basically the way it worked is like Widowmaker, but instead of charging his shots based off ammo, it would be based off it’s cooldown time. For example, if the cooldown was half way done, his damage per missile shot would only do half damage, or knock him back half the distance.

This way he couldn’t just fire shots like his Tank ult, and couldn’t bank off being in tank 100%, or even 65% of the time. He would constantly be rotating through tank and recon for damage, mobility, and survivability. His transformation would also be much faster and would allow him to continue moving, since being stuck in place is a near-death sentence (Old Hog heal, and now Rez).

He could use his missiles to traverse the map and add great mobility, meaning the days of sit in sentry mode and fire are over. He could not be engaged in a battle field and not locked to point defense. In layman’s term, it would work like Junkrat’s dual mines but it would have to charge to do it’s full potential, and having 3 missiles would mean having to wait for each shot to charge up, it would be unique and different than any other hero in this game.

2: Sentry Ult

Since his Tank and Sentry mode were flipped, his Sentry is now his ult. This would give him back a higher value of ironclad (25%/30%), give him a tighter spread like pre-rework, and increase his firerate. This would also replace his Tank transformation so he could get up and walk and re-transform into sentry so he can reposition. This means he can now clear or hold a point outside of camping it. It also means the days of “kill the camping bastion” are over since he’s suppose to be more active in fights, pushes, or holds.

In this mode, he would only have 100 ammo, to prevent him from tearing through a whole team in one clip, and open up some windows of opportunities for him to die and the enemy to push and pressure him. This way his high damage output is locked a timewall, so he can only really fire for a brief time before reloading.

This sentry ult would act like an overdrive mode too, so his recon would be more accurate and self-healing would be better. I feel like 8-10 seconds would be a great amount of time for this ult, so it’s not another stall weapon like Mercy’s valk or Mei’s existence. And sentry would replace his tank transformation while his ult is active.

3: Conclusion (TL;DR)

The biggest reason why people would hate this rework is because it changes too much about him, or makes him more dynamic than people are used to. I don’t think many could fathom a Bastion turning into a Tank to launch himself up to high ground. Then the far and few bastion mains would dislike it because it changes the camping playstyle (and Orisa cheese strat).

Another excuse would be his lore and backstory. This would be pretty dynamic compared to the heart and soulless Bastion-type omnics who just recon and sentry. However, I would dare people to rewatch the Reinhardt animated short and imagine the Recon and Tank omnics being the normal version of Bastion, then sentry is his ult. It makes sense, but just flipped.

Tl;DR: Sentry and Tank would be flipped, and Tank mode would be a utility for helping secure kills and allowing for more rocket-jumping mobility, while making Sentry his ult but on a much more limited time scale so the days of cheese and camping are over, and Bastion can be used in situations other than cheese or defense.

However I feel like not many people would like it since they cant see the immediate outcome of these buff, leading to skepticism that it would only break him again either towards OP or UP again, but lemme just ask what chance does he having being in the state he’s in now? Does it feel fun to fight cheese comp, and run the same 10 heros each and every game? Bastion has potential, but the biggest thing holding him back is his playstyle that doesn’t really fit this game.


I feel like the main problem of this rework is the fact that in Tank Mode, you can one-shot anyone that has two hundred health or less, with ease; it’s probably going to be the big complaint because, with Hanzo and Widow, you have a small hitbox to one-shot most characters, whilst Bastion has this random rocket that you could just aim anywhere(on the enemy) and still kill them. Sure, the cooldown mechanic could stop this a bit, but if the Bastion user has at least decent enough aim, it could be pretty annoying.

I feel like it would have similarities to the old Roadhog hook shot; it hardly took any skill to kill someone with it, and people hated it.


I have my main for this and next season. 1 hour into playing her and thats right where she needs to be I think.




For Competetive, I’m in the top percentiles with moria.

And to celebrate?

I can climb the ladder with her. I found my main



Did another one, hope you guys enjoy


I’m just gonna say that Sombra’s Peppermint skin with the golden gun looks really nice, I’d screenshot but I’ve had Overwatch uninstalled for the past month or so due to the awful matchmaking