Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


oh wow, you just reminded me when the Players on these forums taught me to use keyboard and mouse and not a controller… phew that was a rough transition.


Was it for Evolve or Overwatch ?
I’ve played both games on bost platforms, and it was definitively harder on PC for Evolve than for Overwatch. I guess it’s just an habit. Even when I played on PC I liked to use my controler for most games.
I’ve been in a long way with controlers. My firsts gaming experiences were on PC, then I spent a lot on PSP and Wii, then I got to play on Xbox360 (then 3DS) and finally on PS4, so I guess I can play with various controlers.


Oh PC… You should see the chaos… I have it recorded but Once they taught me… (thank you TRS forums) I went from good monster (with my tactics and style) to gold tier scary scary.

My rank is so high, people leave the room… lol (that’s a stinky joke)


I just wiped an entire team in OW for the first time as tracer… first a quad then the mercy, then the tracer… all 6 down…

what did the POTG catch? only 5 of them and it called it a quad -.-+ first POTG ever with tracer btw. (turns out I’m really good at dodging in and out of a team and surviving enough to plant the bomb… (who’d a thunk?)


I suck at most heroes…


here is the play… 4k video as well. I was darting around all over inside the enemy team messing with them to get my ult charge up… then this happened


I love how you stand after the bomb :


I was caught in the spectacle I really was…
then once i realized I was like… had to watch… it was beautiful…


Yeah I’ve learned to accept the fact that I suck with hitscan heros, so being good at 76, McCree (Ana to a certain degree), Widow, and even Tracer will never happen.

I am good at projectile heros however, so Pharah, Junk, even Torb and Mei I’m actually good at. Bastion is the only hitscan hero I can play, so that says a lot.

However that doesn’t hold me back from trying to get better at them in QP.


Don’t forget, Sombra is hitscan #sombralivesmatter


Soldier is the only hitscan I’m good at. @XplosionIncorporated if you’re on XB we can have a 1v1 with Soldier…


Unfortunately I’m on PC. You at least have an excuse to be bad at hitscan lmao.

Evolve was my first FPS on PC, so I don’t have the years of aim practice under my belt. However, I did become good at Parnell’s rocket launcher, which is why Pharah is my best hero. However, I do have 3000 hours on L4D, and another 2000 on GTA games, but those were on my 360, and I never got a “next gen” console.

I’m pretty sure you’d win with 76 even if we did a 1v1 :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe. But if we had a McCree 1v1 it doesn’t matter if you’ve never played a single video game before I would lose.


"I wanted to give you guys a quick update on some Doomfist issues we’ve been working on. We’ve just updated the PTR today with many bug fixes, and even since then we’ve fixed a few more. Here is a summary of where we are right now with Doomfist issues specifically:

Things that are fixed
Wall slamming should be much improved. The wall slamming logic has also been simplified so players should find that a 45 degree impact angle is the cutoff between the target being slammed into the wall, or sliding off. This is the biggest change that should be noticeable instantly.
Rocket Punch now breaks breakables again. Not only was the bug fixed that caused it to no longer break breakables, but the system we have in place now should break them much more consistently than before.
Seismic Slam being canceled when landing too close to a wall should be fixed.
Seismic Slam will now ‘slide’ a small ways up ramps instead of instantly triggering. Winston’s leap has also changed in the same way. The slide distance is manually tuned so let us know if it seems like he is sliding up ramps too much or too little.

Things we’re still working on
Seismic Slam has a bug when you or your target is near a corner, it will sometimes not find them as a valid target. We have identified this bug but it is going to take a little longer to get a fix in place.
Ghost punches. This is an issue where you Rocket Punch and go through an enemy, instead of impact them. Some of these reports are latency related, but we did find an issue that was causing this to come up beyond just typical networking issues. Hopefully we’ll get in a fix in soon.
Corner bounce. This happens if you use Rocket Punch near a corner or edge, and it causes you to ‘bounce’ off and slide quite a ways away, probably messing up your punch. This is a recent bug caused by a seemingly unrelated change. We have identified why this can happen though, and are working on a fix for it.

Things we’re still investigating
Rocket punch vs. Rocket Punch/Charge. We get reports that it can feel really ‘random’ what happens when 2 Doomfists using Rocket Punch hit each other, or a Reinhardt using charge hits a Doomfist that is Rocket Punching. We’re still gathering data and information on this one, and hope to be able to improve the consistency of situation. The intended result is that both players should fall over, much in the same way that two Reinhardts charging into each other knocks both of them down.
Aerial Seismic Slam sometimes causing Grounded Seismic Slam. We’ve gotten reports of people being up in the air and using Seismic Slam sometimes triggering the ‘Grounded’ version instead of the ‘Aerial’ version. This one seems really rare so its pretty hard to track down, but we’re looking into it." -Geoff Goodman



I’m once again in Diamond rank!!


Same, I actually enjoy playing him now. Albeit I’m still frustrated with his “pixel perfect” fistbox. But these bug fixes are much needed.

Now, they need to look into the rest of his bugs and then move onto Bastion. He still has his first shot bug which pisses me off, not to mention his tank mode isn’t gold with his gold guns, and his tank ironclad needs to be buffed back up to 30/35%

Then onto Mei… Who fell behind the power creep…


Lucky. I got hit hard Monday where I fell to mid plat because Blizzard kicked me 2 times in comp and I lost over 100 SR, then lost another 50. the MM for this game…


That sucks, but I know that feel. Last season was pretty horrible for me, got a bad start and went down very quickly.

Good luck though, I hope you find good teams on the way!


Ever since season 4 the MM has fucked me over. S4 I almost got masters, but I got put with 2 Mercy mains EACH GAME and it dropped me back down to the plat/diamond boarder. (this was when Mercy had broken SR gains so it was easy to abuse, so I got stuck with 2+ gold Mercy mains each time I queued.)

Then S5 I tried maining defense heros which was because of S4 Mercy mains fucking me over.

Then in both S6 and S7 I got to Diamond, but shortly after I fell to the pits of plat and even gold all because A) I’m not suppose to be playing at that level and B) it’s trying to force me to play around a 50/50 winrate. Every time I get to Diamond, BAM shitty teams and I win games far and few in between. Even now, by using logic, I’m suppose to be at 2500:

52 loses, 62 wins. currently at 2796. Lets say I lose 25 SR per game, and it would take 10 games for me to be at a 50/50 winrate…

I’m suppose to be at 2550 according to the HMMR. No wonder why people smurf, this game has ass match making where you can’t rank up.

And it’s really starting to tick me off

  • No Pharah/Bastion Skins, especially for Halloween.
  • Bastion is in a subpar state for 10 months now
  • Mei has been in that same state for much longer
  • It only took them 3+ months to actually realize that DF had bugs @Rapterror knows the pain
  • HMMR says that I’m suppose to be Gold when
    • In season 3, when I started Comp, I placed Gold and blew up to Diamond with ease.
    • I’ve been Diamond for many seasons now
    • I keep carrying my team at lower ranks where if I lose, I lose more SR than I gain. (thanks to throwers, leavers, and toxic players)
    • I make it to Diamond with a 60%+ winrate for both S6 and S7.


Ok everyone, I just got enough CP for another gold gun, which should I get?





I’m thinking Mei, but recently I’ve been playing a lot of Orisa and Sombra. Then I’m hesitant to get the Junk gold gun since he’s so popular right now, which sucks because he’s my 2nd/3rd most played hero.

Wat yall think?

  • Sombra
  • Mei
  • Junkrat
  • Orisa

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