Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


Honestly I don’t know how to do anything with her orbs. I just aim it at my team and hope for the best. It’s really bizarre honestly.


Tbh I’m surprised by the amount of people who still like ow. Most people I’ve talked to hate it and switched to D2.

But I love this game, even if gives me seizures sometimes when I lose…


100 percent agree… I’ve been to the top next to gold only to be straddled all of the sudden with spaz players…

I am soooo glad someone else noticed this.

last season I got hit with over a 500sr slide down…


ANGLE THEM!!! BOUNCE THEM to catch everyone off guard… ONLY use healing orb when needed… Deal that damage and use the spray to heal.

Console or PC what region?


I am training for Comp in this video… please note! OverWorld just started up recently on the PTR and MORIA was also broken making playing harder…


I am on Console and US.


Soon tho, the Moira craze is going to end and team comps will continue to have 6 DPS who are all so called Genji and DF and McCree mains. In fact I already start to see a drop in Moira picks from my games. Before, everyone I played with who could, instalocked her and wouldn’t let go. Now tho, I’m seeing more of what I’m used to, Genji, DF, blah blah blah.


lOL YEAH, the above clip btw is a bit sloppy…

Personally I will be trying to use her as much as possible… I am hoping to see solid comps…

its funny, Doomfist came out, was great… then he got nerfed into GLITCHY hell… so DF shouldn’t be anywhere near the COMP scene (devs said after thanksgiving they will look into it. he is massively bugged)

I think that’s why I am appreciating moria a lot… I can step in and secure those kills that these horrid DPS players are missing.

Its insane isn’t it? the Supports are usually pretty solid, but the DPS cant even kill a mercy in slow res mode.


I noticed this drop, and I actually enjoy it since I actually got to play Moira, there was just a bunch of Moira in ranks that didn’t even know how to use her (I played as Orisa and had 0 heal the whole time, I was just seeing her trying to kill people in front of me).
My only problem with Moira is that she require another healer, her heal is great but not consistent like a Mercy or Ana.

This is very powerful, I noticed how I was bothering the enemy team with my orb, either with a huge AoE heal or damage. People usually just panic when it gets trough shields.


I find it hilarious how the majority of people will run the same direction the orb is moving to, rather than the direction it came from. It just means they take more damage from it. Wanna know what’s even funnier?

Her default console controls.


THIS! I had to change them, they didn’t feel right lol.


Why the hell would they put her healing as RT and her damage as LT? They aren’t even on the correct hands!

I felt the same way with Doomfist, but not to the same degree I feel with Moira. I had to switch his RT and LT because they were on different hands. It just feels weird to hit RT to use your left hand, and LT to use your right hand.

It still annoys me that, while I now have RT set to my damage, when using my orb RT triggers the healing and LT triggers the damage. I get mixed up sometimes, and as a good healer with solid damage, a slip up like that can literally break a match.


I also completely changes the controls for her.
I have her damage on R2, her heal on R1, orb on L2 and finally her dash on L1. The controls are so smooth this way.


intro is hilarious too me.


In the land of the silver players, a solid comp is but a myth to most players. I legit had a Lucio who switched to SOMBRA within a minute of the match beginning. Speaking of Sombras, I don’t think most of them realize they have a tool that friggin disables a hero for like 5 seconds…which pretty much counters people like Tracer and Genji and potentially Roadhog, which are only a major threat because of their abilities.


I don’t think the people that pick Sombra don’t know that they have an ability to stop someone from using their own for a couple of seconds, it’s more on the line of them not knowing how to use Sombra altogether. Most of the Sombras I’ve encountered are often in some awkward position that makes it absurdly easy to turn on them, so it shouldn’t be surprising that they ignore the ability as a whole when they don’t know how to use it.


sick of people logging into my vids and saying “you suck” so screw em all, back to junkrat. Sorry if people cant stand a flex player trying other types (like s76 and reaper to maintain team balance) when usually I am supports and tanks.
(ps play dare to be stupid under the video for full impact)


If you aren’t gettin haters, then you aren’t doing it right. :wink:


True true, I’m in the habit of posting my crap plays so I can study them and see what is going on and how to improve and share them with people here to get input… (whats the point of posting perfect games?) ya know?


I like to do this too, the thing I really like is that I mostly post plays that seems great to me, and then few months later I watch it again and I’m like : "How my…it was so stupid from me not to do this"
The greatest I noticed on my channel was when I changed my controls on Evolve, by default you use your jetpack with X so you can’t use your right joystick while flying, then I switch to L1 and it change everything.
My friends were often like “How do you survive like that ??” It took a while before I convinced them to change the controls ^^

I don’t know why but I feel like I want to share my third compilation (With Moira, Junkrat and Ana) :

The last part is really funny ^^


I wanna get my Sombra POTG in here.