Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


I love Moira!! :heart:


I’m terrible at Moira. I can only play good Zen and Soldier; that’s pretty much it. :sob:


Moira is a great hero, I’m just not very good at her lol.


:sob: I was doing great as Pharah and 30 seconds from winning, then my Xbox signed me out of my account.


I am terrible at healing with Moira. I never seem to find a good time to use Coalescence, and my healing orbs seem to never have any effect. Can anyone give me pointers???!!!:confused:

On Overbuff, all my stats are 1st percentile.


Not really the case.

Pharah can be stunned out of ult.
Junk (before finishing riptire animation)
Rein (very small window, but it is possible)
Lucio (same as Rein)

Also @mizx covered a few others.

It’s just that the stun = ult cancellation is new to the support roster.

My problem with it is like what you said, being lackluster. I’d rather have the beam be a switch, between healing and damaging, using right/leftclick to change the beam type. The whole dual beam just means that the healing and damage is watered down.

That, or I’d like a bigger beam animation so this way it has more forgiving LoS for the meh damage/heals.


Moria, when used correctly is a beast.


Yeah my sister is maining her now and I’m interested to see where she gets in terms of SR with Moira. Now, she is low plat but I think she’s mid/high plat material. It’s just hard for her because she was a Mercy main prior (eww) and the SR/HMMR kinda dicked over her and placed her in gold.

She also got her gold nails/wrists last week too, and she absolutely loves it.


Lel I’m a silver scrub :joy:


Oh yeah and I got my first Sombra POTG today :ok_hand:


#OWSilver4Life LOl same here, although today I admitted on the PTR the one reason I’m stuck in silver is probably because I Do not use a microphone. I’m sure if I called out shots, flanks and so on my team would benefit greatly… But alas, all mics bring is constant harassment.

So one day, I may find a team to play with… until the…


And I’m yet to get any good at her.


I have a mic, but no one else I play with ever has one :sob:


I like to think I’m pretty solid with her, not pro of course, but I can keep the team alive and dish out damage…

Moria is the first hero that I have gotten multiple 5 gold matches. (even with a mercy on the team)


Silver is so hard to climb out of tho…i think once you start winning, the game automatically puts you with horrible people against a good team, so you fall back down on your knees.


I can’t say I’m even getting healing that’s compariable to my Zen plays. I do about 6000 healing per game as Zen, and only about 3500 healing per game as Moira. And Zen is considered the worst healer in overwatch, which is saying a lot


I seem to be in around 6k pending other players like roadhog. When I play Mercy, my teammates don’t die, so I don’t res, and I don’t get on fire that much… 8(

I do have a suggestion though that might seem odd… Get really good with junkrat, his playstyle really helps with controlling moria.


I don’t think people in Silver ever have fair matchmaking. I say this because most matches seem very haphazard. Every time, there are 2-3 players who seem to belong in bronze or just main Genji or Doomfist and contribute 0 to the team.

Another reason I’m sick and tired of being in silver is I get flamed by very low gold friends. It’s pretty bs because they are honestly not dat much better than me.


Really? I’m a pretty good Junk (according to Overbuff lel), but I’m still a terrible Moira.


See my Junkstyle really suits well with her. It could just be me though and just Clicking with Moria…

I just would like a team to either have a 2nd healer for backup or a bunch of self heals like Hog, Dva, S76, Mei ect…

Do you do predictive bounces from odd angles and side chokes? I don’t know… Could you record your play (plays.tv is solid) and maybe together we can get stronger with her!