Overwatch Post-Launch Thread



That is epic… I wonder if it’s on purpose @w@


It is.


I get the feeling it’s not and that it’s just a cool coincidence >.<

Did they say it was on purpose? O.O
do link me to it so I can check for more :>


Yeah, I guess it’s to not reveal their locations since gold is reflective in the dark. Either way, I still like mine.

I’ll still get his sometime, just not now.

My problem with “main hero” golden guns is that everyone has them, and they kinda lose their exclusivity. How to spot a Mercy main? Gold staff. Then those with Ana, Widow, McCree, and 76 gold guns don’t necessarily equate to being good nor skilled at the hero.

I like having the off-meta guns because who is going to get the gold Sombra or Mei guns outside of their mains?

Plus I’m kinda on the track to having all defense hero gold guns, aside from Pharah since she’s technically my main.

Yeah Torb’s is also nice, I’ll have to get it a year or so just because Mei, Sombra, Junk, are kinda in line before him. Maybe Widow after Junk, then Torb for me.

I didn’t start playing comp until Season 3 because I was working on learning and mastering a few heros. Once I started, it’s been fun, up until now where season 5,6, and 7 are all bad.

The more you play, the faster you’ll get them, as I told my sister. It’s either that or just do the 10 placements and try banking off the end-of-season rewards to get CP.


I mean it would help, but with 221 hours on Mercy, I doubt your smurf would have racked up enough qualitative playtime.

Na, Eos was just providing me with the evidence to back up claim some-odd number of posts ago. Now, it’s kinda irrelevant since I’ve move past.


Okay, so Moira herself feels solid, but her ult is… lack luster, in my opinion.

I mean, it heals and deals damage, which is new and nice, but it doesn’t heal or deal damage well. It’s also difficult to aim given how finicky your movements and your teammate’s/enemy’s are.

I think the biggest issue with it however is it’s susceptibility to being canceled out. One McCree flashbang, one Doomfist punch, a Sombra had or a Reinhardt charge or an Ana dart, all of these can instantly stop it. Now, there are two other ultimates similar to it in this regard, those being Death Blossom and Whole Hog.

Death Blossom, all though just as susceptible as Coalescence, has the massive damage factor going for it. It’ll be harder to stop Reaper when he’s ripping you to shreds with those shotguns. It has even more leverage on Coalescence when you take into account that this massive damage is radial, not just forward projected.

Whole Hog not only has way more damage than Coalescence could ever hope to achieve, but it has the knockback factor as well. Most of the time a “Stun Hero” won’t be able to get in close enough to stop it. Whole Hog is also a lot wider than Coalescence as well. The only thing Coalescence has on either of these ults is it’s healing factor, and it’s range.

Which, as I’m typing I just thought of this, what’s up with the range on it? Seriously? 30 meters? You can’t even see 30 meters down, how can you know if you’re actually gonna hit your mark? It should just be infinite. That’s how I would’ve liked it.


What do you mean for my smurf? I played a little on it (about 100 hours) so it’s not that useless. You can roughly add 10 hours for Mercy and every other DPS (not defenders).

I guess it will close our debate. I guess I’m fine if you don’t consider me like a Mercy one trick anymore (or you still think so?).

At least people get to see my stats here so they know me little more ^^

If anyone have anything to say about them feel free.

I just hope that one day Ana or Moira reach the playtime I actually have with Mercy but I guess it will take a year at least.


Why have an alt account by the way? Why not do all your playing on the same account, so any items you earn you get to keep for your main acc?


Why ?
I’m already blamed by my team if I don’t play Mercy, so imagine if I play DPS instead they will lose their minds.
Also, I managed to get up with tanks and supports, so I must say that my level with them (DPS) was really bad, and there is no place for real training, so I must play on rank with another account if I don’t want to be a burden for my team. There were a few situation were I had to play DPS.
It also allow me to play with other friends that are too low.
And I must say that this helped me a lot, now I can actually switch if I see my team don’t in diamond. (Like taking McCree/Soldier if there is a Pharah)
I once fall in plat and it’s far more easy to get up by playing DPS than support (maybe Moira will change that).


Add McCree to that list. It’s also possible for Rein, Tracer, Ana, and Mei, though much harder to pull off and therefore rare.

I think it heals pretty well. I primarily use it for a healing ult, and if I can get a few enemies in there it’s a bonus. If an enemy is lit and gets behind their 5 teammates or a big rein shield, I’ll also pop it to finish them off.

I’ve also noticed a small cast time, so if someone’s on their way to being dead quickly, you probably won’t get your ult off in time to save them :frowning:

It’s a really good ult when your team is grouped up. The best example is countering Zarya’s ult. It’s similar to Zen’s ult in that regard, except you’re not invincible BUT can be standing 30 feet behind the front lines too. I believe Moira can shift out of a Zarya’s ult too in case you got caught in it.

Overall it’s a ranged ult. If you use it that way you should have less issues with dying or getting stunned while ulting.

On an unrelated note, I REALLY enjoy seeing someone retreat with almost no health, shifting behind the enemy line, and finish them off!


I want to get out of Platinum! I miss being in Diamond, like, I do my best to make the team win, I always pick the class that we need, mostly a healer (Mercy). But I’m so sick of Mercy, and the problem is that people always check my profile and they assume that I’m a Mercy main, so they leave the spot for me…

Just because I’m good at her it doesn’t mean that I enjoy her, I want to use other characters that I’m also good at, but then I get blame for not picking my “main”.

That’s why I can’t wait to start using Moira on Comp, she looks perfect for me and less boring than Mercy. :smile:


I like her and her set.

See I always try and send an ORB in with the Ultimate to cause extra damage or healing if needed. The end result is pretty solid because by the end of the ult, her ORB is charged again… So I will toss that out at the end to finish the pressure and cleanup.

I agree about the ULT getting interrupted by stuns or a DVA but that’s just a minor inconvenience.

What I find interesting about the situation is the possible team configs for many off meta heroes to come forward.

Moria works really well with a lot of the misfits like Mei along with really helping out others like Pharrah. I played a lot with Moria at this point and the coalescence beam is actually rather strong by itself but like mentioned above, the orb ult orb dash away technique is rather strong.

One of my favorite things about the orbs is, even though D va will eat them I can angle them and wait out her defense matrix. On the PTR even with the accidental glitch that’s happened with her lock on, I was still able to take care of the situations needed to be the only healer.

There is the combo, Zarya + Hog Ults… What I have done in this sitch Is Health orb ult health orb and hopefully allows for at least a couple of team mates to get away.

What makes her particularly effective for me is her range on the damage beam, it really helps in BEAM Sniping out the enemies as well.

Will team mates die in the situation above? yes… should there also be a secondary healer? yes.

I have some really good gameplay with her recorded and will try and upload what I was talking about.

I hope this reads well enough as I just woke up to see if they fixed her lock on bug on the PTR…

With Warmth of heart and seasons greetings, play on!

(ps) oh yeah, I wanted to mention on the above combo… when I am Ultiing I usually turn around and heal up my team quite a lot too.


as a Flex main also I end up on support many times… but does RNG in Mystery heroes have to keep giving me the supports… I play mystery to get out of the supports without arguments but IT SURE DOES SEEM LIKE THE GAME TRIES TO GIVE YOU YOUR PERCIEVED MAIN TYPE… wtf?

for example, I just played a game of Mystery Heroes… the game gave me.


that is either SO random its unbelievable or is just plane messed up in my honest opinion.


11 AM PST today she’ll be unlocked in comp :smiley:


Guess my 200 combined Ana/Zen/Mercy hours are nothing compared to my 42 minutes on Torbjörn :joy:




People complaining about getting the same character in Mystery Heroes whilst I’m sitting here, with pretty much every match, my team(always attack, for some reason) gets three/two Doomfists(the replacement either being Widow or Hanzo), two Symmetras, and a Winston against two Bastions, two Mercys, a Torbjorn, and an Orisa.

Hell, I would love to get nothing but supports considering how rare they are for my team.


Moria Shoots her orbs through MEI Walls on the PTR fyi…

I reported the glitch, cause ya know that’s what ptr is for.


Lol the doubles matches… nothing says wt heck like that.