Overwatch Post-Launch Thread



How many people play on PC here?


I play OW on PC here.


I’m on PC too.


I play xbox


anyone else?



I only have 3k+ >_<"

I haven’t gone on OW. I didnt even know Moira was already out @_@
Needs to go play soon…


I don’t understand what I’m looking at.


90% of the items in my loot boxes have been Moira since she released.



I wish to be you then…

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I play OW PC. I’ve not played for a while, but I will in a few weeks when non-Moira get tired of her and move back to their usual chars, and then I’ll strike :smiley:


Thats due to the new no-dupes system. All my drops have also been Moira stuff because I have all the base game items (blues and silvers).

However, I bought the gold Sym gun:

No aim, no brain. Must be a Sym main. Jk, Idk why I got it, but my sister got Moira’s gold gun-wristcuffs-things.

My next gold gun is Mei, and then Sombra and then Junk. Junks, just… meta now so Imma give it some time to slow down.

After that? Maybe Orisa. I’m actually growing on her because of all the kills i get with her.


PC Here, Evolve was my grand return to PC gaming.


I’m about to get my 2nd Gold item.

my first was DF, but he was nerfed into the ground pretty quickly.

I’ve always wanted Symms but I never understood why the turrets are not gold.

So I am curious where to go… I was going to go Junk but like you said everyone loves him now…

D Va’s are just ugly

Mercy is contender

I honestly don’t know at this moment.

oh … oh my now this is just lovely
might get!


Here are my stats :

Least played character

Most played character

Please note : I have another account where I mostly play DPS/defender, but I sometime play other character when I feel too. I didn’t get to play on it yesterday but I guess you don’t need those stats ?

PS : To those who are looking to add friends (and noticed my ID), I do not seek anyone to play with since I already play with a lot of people


I still don’t have a gold gun. However, my only legit excuse is that I’ve playd ~16 hours of comp over 4 seasons. If anyone on Xbox can stack with me, please do. I’m a silver level scrub. I play D.Va, Zen, and Tracer. :sob:

BTW I’m 2-1 in placements and plz I don’t want carries.



Oh, are we posting our most played/least played? I wanna join.