Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


Which stats are you talking about ? My hours ? I need to send a CV in order to make anyone acknowledge my comments ? That’s new.
If it’s the only thing you need in order to understand me, I guess this discussion is completely pointless.

Sorry, I tough we mostly balanced the game around the people that play correctly a character.
If you don’t understand how to counter this “start”, it’s completely normal that you lose.

Most was since most people don’t bother saving them. Of course it changed in master, but I’ve came trough a long road, in platinium and diamond it is the jungle, not everyone knew how to manage their ultimates.

And for your others points, yes I know how this strat works. But I don’t get your point, if there is.

You specifically ask how you were supposed to counter this strat, so I told you how since you talk about hunting (that is a big waste of time and resources). I guess you knew this since you talk you know a lot of things about her.

Just wait for her to come back and save an ult for her, don’t try to find her except if it is easy.

It’s not because I played Mercy in another way, it’s because the “problems” that you are talking about had counters, thus they reworked for bad reasons. Old rez wasn’t perfect, i never said that, but it was way better than it is now.

What are you trying to say ? You can save grav, any DPS ultimate, even Reinhardt’s ultimate.

This is the part I don’t understand. Why would there be no point in saving ultimates ?

Will you stop trying to reduce Mercy to a single utility ? She doesn’t provide only heal, she boost damage which allow her team to have ultimates way more quickly than the other one; she have a great mobility compared to Ana and Zen and a great part of her was her rez that sadly was easily countered in high levels (I told why).

This touch every healer and a lot of tanks of the game. It was terrible to play as Mercy and Ana (both main heals, the only one that can provide heals to the whole team if they are alone).

Where did I say so ? Mercy never had the same use during the year. Why do I often say that I want more in depth change on her rez ?

I’m talking about the old Mercy…

The only thing I can think right now is that you misunderstood my points with the actual Mercy.

Pros don’t care about the fact a kit is appealing or not, they will just take any character that will help them and never care about fun he is. It can’t be the biggest reason on why she wasn’t used. As I said before, the only fact they know how to manage ultimates make her useless in comp.

What stats do you wants ?
How do you want me to do this i’m on console.
On any website there isn’t “all modes” stats.
I’ll try to look further.
I don’t think stats will be any useful in our conversation but I’ve nothing to hide.

I’m never was blinded, in fact, I always played the game like I needed to learn from others, I always was questioning my plays.

Nanoboost doesn’t provide more heal sadly.

As for your silence, you just shouldn’t respond to aggressive stuff, it’s never useful, watch the way you say things.



We understand that you may still have concerns regarding the action, but we must reiterate that it was taken to address a violation of the Terms of Use and End User License Agreement (http://us.blizzard.com/en-us/company/legal/), which all players accept before logging into the game.

We understand that these policies may seem harsh, but they are in place to ensure that every player is able to enjoy their time in our games. Thank you for respecting our position.

Probably the saddest reply I’ve ever gotten. Thx Blizzard


What happened?



@Maximumlimit15 His account has been silenced for 2 days.
@XplosionIncorporated Please don’t ignore me, opinions can’t change this way. What stats do you want ? Is a phone pic OK ?

@Kathryn_James Nice boop, he looks so smooth ^^


Moira is going LIVE now.


MERCY CHANGE - Ok, before the new update went live, I decided to try what everyone was talking about…

So i played a game, flew in really far, RES a player and then run off very easily… yeah i AGREE that needed to go.

(hopefully that shows you why I didnt like the change before… I never played mercy like that.)


It seems sorta strange to make judgement calls on a character you hadn’t played very much before…


well no, I just never practiced that style but I do only have something like 10-15 hours with her. … her newer version is basically how I already played

@GLaDOSauR I was also politely acknowledging that with my post…
so yeah.


Didn’t mean to be rude, was having flashbacks from evolve, and players making balance calls on characters they’d never played lol. I miss those days…


its ok. were all good… all goooooooooooooooooood


OVERBUFF Roles Played, looks like I am more support counting tanks ^.^

3 days
327 hours

2 days
280 hours

3 days
241 hours

2 days
222 hours



What a back door. It’s always amazing when people pull it off.


we won the match btw ^.^


I’m not, I’m just choosing not to respond. The reason I asked for stats is because there’s no progression if accusations of not knowing how to play Mercy are being thrown both ways. Providing stats boths backs up your claims, but the one point I want to elaborate on is this:

Stats basically back up your claims, for example:

I’ve played her at D+ levels so I know how to play her and how she works, but mastering and refining her skills is something that’s out of my leagues.

Then you bring up how you play on Console, but Console vs PC is very different. So yes, what you do on Conole as Mercy might work for you, but not on PC, and vice versa.

Overbuff is decent, but it’s more or less to show where you are vs other players.


Not that much, I also played on PC (not much since it gets boring), the main difference is that it just more easy to play some characters (that are heavily based on aim) but the core of Overwatch remain the same. On PC, the pharmercy are way less of a problem, DPS players are somewhat better but when we talk about everything else it is the same (gamesense, community, game knowledge).
There is smalls differences, but there isn’t any difference that will make you play a character completely differently.

I checked a lot of differents sites, but none provide an “all modes” stats. I will get to you once I made a pic.


I use both controllers and kb and then a combo of the two…

The play experience is pretty close for me. (but i am trained on PC first.)


What rank are people