Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


Fair and balanced?


So Mercy… She is fine and after the fun lil convo… I will go back to my original idea that I never mentioned here. Mercy was not only nerfed like this for balance, but I think it was also to give an edge to Moria upon her release.

but that’s easy and boring to talk about. (marketing 102)

MORIA… omg she is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fun to play though. I love working the angles and her orbs…

I haven’t felt the need to go back and play normal OW without her in the game… She just makes it feel different and less humdrum.

Anyone else love her?

@Btubnfj Mercies new res does make the game a bit more realistic in play styles. albeit more predictable …


The Problem whit Mercy was that she was a Must Pick and her Rez as a normal ability was very Game-Breaking just think about that situation : ur Team finally killed a Reinhardt / Orisa that was shielding the enemy team for the whole Time or a Genji, Bastion, Pharah that dominate ur Team. U are very happy that u have take them out for like 10 seconds so that u finally maybe can get the Point… but wait no it is a bird ? it is a Plane ? no it is the Mercy who instant Rez that Player and everything starts again. This was just frustrating and unfun.

i think the Mercy nerf is pretty good because now u have finally a way to kill Mercy if she want to use her Rez. The Rez on her Ultimate is still the same i think but that is fince because it is a ultimate :stuck_out_tongue:

And yeah if u have a no Mercy Team and play gainst a Team whit a good Mercy it was very hard or sometimes impossible to win because her Rez kinda make it like a 7 vs 6 Game


That’s the one. My autocorrect is drunk and should go home.


Yeah, I understand. But at the same time, this gives it counterplay.

I think the hardest part of her nerf is how prevalent Genji, Tracer, Winston, and Dva are. If they get more counters (or at least Genji and Tracer do) then Rez could work. Currently, it will be very difficult because of how easy it if for them to deny it by killing the Mercy.

Once again, I wish it were gone, but my ideas =/= reality.

Above all, I’d like to see 10 seconds on valk, not 20. Too many times I’ve lost of 2cp all due to Mercy stalling.

I won’t dive into another megapost, but that definitely is a reason. Mercy had a monopoly on other supports, and what good would a new support be if Mercy is just 3x better.


Moria Meta



Hmm, I haven’t really had the chance to stretch her legs but I see Zarya coming out on top.


Jean-Luc Mélenchon est un meme


I see Ana coming out on top over Mercy.


I was doing a little play with ana today… I can see it… especially if you have pushy players on your team.


I feel like Moira will work way better with Ana or Lucio than with Mercy. Firstly the grenade is really impactful, not only it will be great during usual fights (it seems Moira have the best HPS with a primary weapon, and it will save her “healing stock”) but it will be really great during her ultimate since she heal less than Zenyatta (I still didn’t find figures but I heard it was 120 or 170 HPS). Lucio will help her to move often further than the objective and finish to heal target, and finally bump enemies around her.

This show exactly that you don’t know how to counter the old Mercy. And you should have with that many hours. I must have already tell, but Mercy was useless if the enemy knew how to manage their ultimates.
If Mercy hides and you win the first fight it also is because they didn’t have any heal or boost, giving your team a great advantage. Now if you can’t keep a single ultimate against her it’s your problem. Why do you think she almost never was present in higher ranks (except when they exclusively play with their Pharah)? Because they know how to manage ultimates. In higher ranks it has always been about Lucio+Zen for almost one year.


My reasoning is that Moira’s healing, while solid, is limited. Ana helps get that extra umph out of her healing with those grenades. Moira also has decent damage which can be complemented both with the grenade and nano-boost.


When I have been playing Moira, I really like that her ULT heals as well, when the team is in a choke Moira will heal and hurt along with that orb of death is just nasty.

I was just in a game where ANA boosted me as I was about to ult, and those two make a great combo for nice and close team play…


Probably a dumb thought, but I wonder if the nano-boost affects the ult healing as well as the damage. Probably not but still.


Start providing evidence of your stats if you want anyone to take you seriously.

You’re basing your assumption of ma off a comment I made, just because I didn’t explicitly say that not every Mercy played that way. Just because not every Mercy played that way, doesn’t make it OK nor balanced for the game.

The tradeoff was that Mercy expects her team to die, then she comes in and brings them back. That was fatal because it exempted Mercy from any ults used, and if you think every ult was blown, then I question your supposed masters rank because not every hero has their ults on the same charge track.

The teams that hold all of their ults are either roflstomping or the ones being roflstomped.

Where the hell are you pulling this from? I never had a problem saving an ult from her, because it came down to where you could find her if/when she was hiding. And yes, it was a problem. Just because you played Mercy but not in that way doesn’t mean she wasn’t a problem if/when she did do that.

I am more than capable of holding my ults, but what ults should be held onto? Grav, so when Mercy comes for the rez you can grav the whole enemy team? Guess there’s no point in trying to get all of them with it for a push just so you can step onto the point.

Because before her buff, Ana, Lucio, and Zen could have more outcome in battles than just HEAL HEAL HEAL. She’s a healbot, and even Ana who was also a healbot at least had more utility.

Oh, and also Dive was meta prior to her rework.

Then after… It was run Mercy or lose. If you think that’s fair balance then you need to drop your blinders because your bias is showing through. In the whole history of any videogame, I can’t recall 1 character that OP, ever, It makes Slim look like childs play, because he wasn’t used in every game, and took a good amount of skill to pull off, especially at really high levels.

Second of all, Pharah’s in the same boat of not being used in higher-up games outside of Pharmercy, but she’s not brokenly OP atm.

That’s not at all what I saw during the Overwatch World Cup. Mercy every game. The ones who didn’t run her either lost or were forced to switch to her to stand a chance.

If the .001% are forced to run Mercy, that’s a problem.

The finally, her kit is so simplistic that it doesn’t appeal to the higher-up players. That’s the biggest reason why she wasn’t used in higher-up games period. And if you think her not being used in higher-up games, look at Mei, Bastion, Doomfist, Torb, and Sym, as they aren’t used outside of extremely niche situations. More niche than Pharmercy.

Now after everything you’ve said, provide stats to back up your claims, otherwise it means nothing. If you don’t, then I’m going to stop responding to you because I’ve had my fair amounts of arguments with blinded Mercy mains and one-tricks that I’ve stopped giving a damn whether Mercy is balanced or not.


I don’t think so, since Nano on Mercy or Lucio or Zen don’t ramp up their healing values.

Nano just does

  • Damage increase
  • Damage reduction


Oh, and also the toxic kiddies and smurfs are out today with the reporting:

One of the games I played today had one of the worst matched in 200-300 of playing.

It was on Hanamura, and the enemy was running 5 DPS and a dva, well, they were bad, and 3 peeps on their team were smurfs (Tracer, 76, McCree, Doomfist, Genji, Dva,) and they were trying to farm their way up to 25, where they could finally enter comp.

About 3 times, I was 3v1ed as Hanzo, by the Dva, Tracer, and Doomfist. They held us off for a good 4 mins after we rolled them through point A (we were attacking) and they lost because they tried 3v1ing me, and our team backcapped after killing the 2/3 that were on point.

I said c9 cuz that’s what you do when the enemy doesn’t contest, and it sparked an outrage among the enemy team. They start bringing up my stats, and how I’m diamond, bad at Hanzo (I have like 13 hours on him so I know I’m bad). I called them dps-smurf-trash, and when we got to defend, they kicked it into overdrive, running Dva, Winston, 76, Genji, Ana, and Tracer/McCree. They roll us through first point since I was Rein, and so on point B I swapped to Winston, and was able to do a full-hold. A few times the enemy raged, especially at me since I was Winston, and one called me the F work. I then retaliated by using that same F work, and their whole team stopped to ridiculed me, not the guy the originally used it, and after the game they all reported me and I got that lovely message.

Right now I’m in the works with talking with Blizzard support about the silence, and I doubt it will be removed (it’s 2 days anyway) and it might still stand since I used the f word, but I’m trying more to get the other people punished, since smurfs shouldn’t be exempt from trash behavior just because they bought the game twice, and bullied me on my rank.

In the meantime, I won’t play OW for the next 2 days since I don’t care enough to play anymore, because every match is just a chore now with Mercy, Dive, Smurfs, and Throwers/Leavers. At least I got the silver player boarder :wink:


I’m just thinking like, since the ult damages and heals, and it’s the only ult that does that, if the nano-boost was properly coded for that.

I don’t know, Xplo, I’m bored. :joy:



I can’t watch that rn, what’s it about?


Its talking about the pros and cons of using Ana in the game now with all the tweaks done to the game… Basically all the things we have been discussing.