Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


Yes. Well founded complaints that she was un-fun to play against. It was frustrating and way too powerful of an ability to have, and I’m glad that she’s no longer a must pick. Before now, if you didn’t have a mercy and the other team did, chances are, you lost. Hopefully things will be different now.

Maybe next they can take down dive…


I’m sure her change was not just done because of complaints from the community, that would be poor development. I’m sure there was telemetry data that encouraged the change.

If such a slight nerf (IMO) makes her no longer fun for you, did you really have fun as her to begin with?
A change needed to happen since Mercy was really the only option as a Healer.


The main reason why mercy has been nerfed is because of the stats shown for the support heroes. Mercy was picked in comp more than 50% of the games and Ana was way in the bottom, so Blizzard gave a nerf to Mercy so players would give her less interrest as well as more for Ana with her damage output increased. There was a screenshot that showed the overall stats of each hero and Mercy was the first with like 54% over the 4 other supports…but I don’t remember where I found it.



Nah just trying to think out the long game… I’m not a mercy main by far, but this nerf is a bit ridiculous… in the time since playing from launch I have never really had any issues with her res…

@skills4u2envy poor development is my point… this change out of ALL changes ever done feels like pandering

@Dovahkick They should of just left her double res on ult and that’s it… she doesn’t need to res any other time… would of been a cleaner change

LOL I have been all over this season so far… I have no set stats atm… but I basically abandoned ranked because of the nonsense players.


lol look at my scrub ass


72 deaths? and my ptr hours…


She is way less fun since her rework, not this nerf, but the fact she just keep having changes that will make her boring to play won’t change my mind. We all know that she was too strong but it never was my point. She is boring. Tell me how those changes will make her interesting to play with? There is no skill needed now, no gamesense at all. Now you will heal, rez if someone is close, then heal, and then no brain mode with her ultimate in order to not even think about your healing or your position. This is why I want way more in depth changes, with the changes there was I really understand what is this community. I bet if there was a character that have the ability to end a match (with a win) by only pressing one button, everyone would play it even if the matches would be boring as hell. They don’t care about fun. There is no fun with Mercy and no one talk about this except the one that play her the most.


No, Mercy was broken. There’s no justification for an ability being that rewarding and requiring 0 effort to pull off.


I watched the semi-finale between France and S.Korea. The french team was as good as the S.Korean team, but the koreans won because they are the best in video-games…and they ate Soon’s ult.

At least France got a 1-3 and not a 0-3, which is not that bad.


This does actually seem to be the case in a large number of games, for whatever reason. Still some big titles where that’s not the case.


I wonder why that’s such a prevalent thing, South Koreans being brilliant at video games. It’s so common of an occurrence that it’s become the norm for gaming tournaments.


But then in Siege, for example, the Korean teams are laughable. To be fair, this is the first time there has been a pro scene available for SK, so they’re a little behind in development in that regard. But as memory serves, they didn’t even qualify for the Invites last year, whereas Brazil (which also hadn’t had a pro scene available to them) not only qualified, but did so well they were given a pro scene because of it.


I have played a bit more with her, and that mud is a bit nuts. The rez ability should of been left on the ULT…

Now that it has the handicap, yes people have to be smarter about it…

what I am against is the change itself. For my play playstyle this doesn’t really affect me at all… I am debating this from a quality change perspective for the character itself.

Hmm, how can I put it… The change to Mercy and her resurrect is fine, although if anything rather than rooting mercy in place, just have the skill reserved for the ultimate usage in its current state…

So remove the ability all together except for when in ult form. (with the 2 charges) is what I would of preferred.


She had a 16.95% pickrate, which is the highest of any hero any any given time, meaning that out of 6 possible slots, she is a guaranteed pick.

Broken? That’s why they nerfed her.

The next most picked heros don’t go above 7, so she had twice the pickrate of any other hero.

What more can they do to her, without completely overhauling her kit. Her healing would need to be reworked to make it more dynamic/less liner.

The whole “We must keep Mercy as she is now” is what lead to Blizzard killing her in the first place. Rather than giving her an E ability 4-6 months ago, they gave her rez invuln, which lowered the risk of ulting.

Now that ez-Rez got axed, many mercy (mains) are living in fear of how much Blizzard is changing her, and thus change = taking away what they originally loved about that hero.

There’s no other way to balance it.

It shouldn’t be a tool used whenever it’s off cooldown. It now takes actual skill to use, because the Mercy has decide if she can get that rez or if she’s going to be killed in the process of it.

Look at Ana’s sleep dart, do good Ana’s use it everytime it’s up? No. They save it for when they are being attacked, or better yet an ulting enemy.

Now, the problem comes with it clashing with her kit. So many Mercy mains riding the coattail of her easiness are going to start riding the struggle bus down below Plat, or even Masters.

Or teaching the Mercy to stop being so lenient with her rezzing. The days of ‘rez the kill that the enemy got’ is over, it’s now the time of only rezzing picks that you know you can get, or the off-chance that the enemy got a lucky kill.

This isn’t a punishment for everyone being reckless with their deaths, it’s trying to stop the Mercy = Better chance at winning than any other support.

People in gold will always overextend, or die in the middle of a fight, but Mercy’s rework just taught them that dying that way was fine, so it actually hurt more than this nerf.

So Rein is suppose to hold up shields and protect his team, yes? Then good, because Mercy is suppose to heal her team, not prolong death by rezzing anyone that dies. Rein save saves his charge for when he knows he’s going to get a pick, right? Why can’t Mercy hold her Rez for when she knows (and develops the game-sense for rezzing) when she can pull off a rez, and not E every 30 seconds?

imho it’s balanced. Does it detract from her image? Yes. Does it suck that Mercy is undergoing another change? Yes, but Id like to remind everyone that we ALL wouldn’t be in this boat if the Mercy-power creep wasn’t a thing. 3 sec self-heal cut down to 1 sec, and rez invuln made her too elusive and encouraged bad behavior on behalf of the Mercy, and she got buffed in the name of “she’s not played.” Maybe she just needed skill then.

Not the case at all.

The OW World Cup happened last week and it showed that even professional players, could both secure a rez, and could not body-camp the dead.

This has always been the case. You’ve just adapted to the leniency that Mercy 2.0 had. Now comes the slow drag back to reality.

I won’t be surprised if it does, since too many mercy mains are screaming that she’s UP and UNPLAYABLE right now.

There was no “rez strategy”, there never way. It was hop in, get the rez, then fly back to safety. If you want to see rez strategy, it’s up on the PTR.

She’s not suppose to rez anytime it’s off cooldown anymore. She has to actually think if she wants to pull off that rez or not now.

From both sides, actually. She wasn’t healthy for the game, as the stats prove.

Technically there is, with Mercy having to position herself or get out of situations where she’s focused/low health, but that’s all the skill she really needs. Everything else is bones-bare.

She should have been left alone period. Her slow power creep is what lead to her being broken, and now nerfed a month after her OP buff.


Give this man a fucking medal.


:clap: Someone gets it lol


Wow. Thanks Skills, now I feel loved.

You too @Rapterror :blue_heart:

Plus Mercy is only my 4th most played hero:

So I feel like I have some knowledge of her.


Mercy’s pretty far down there for me.


The reason why her and Ana are so high up is because I practically mained them in S3 and S4, when I started playing comp. Back then they were balanced and before the whole “ez-mode” kicked in, where basically everyone new to FPSs were playing her.

Her simplicity is what attracts a lot of new gamers, but it’s her kit that makes them stay her, and since she has absolutely 0 transferable skills it’s hard for people to switch, especially to aim-intensive heros.

It’s just since I’ve played her, I know when she was the most balanced, and it was before her power creep. It was between November 15, 2016 (3 sec heal activation buff; https://us.battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/20752015856) and February 28, 2017 (her invulnerably buff; https://us.battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/20753535162).

In that time span, she was actually balanced, but not fun to play. After her rez invuln, it seems like the Mercy-Main-Train started picking up speed, and that’s when the massive waved of them started flooding the game, and using poor strats like hide-and-seek.

Oh well, those were the days :wink: