Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


If any1 didnt have see it here is everything that got revealed at Blizzcon :slight_smile:

i still cant believe they have include Orisas OR14 Skin in the new Cinematic O.O My Orisa finally got her Cinematic Debute :stuck_out_tongue:


I would’ve preferred a more ‘original’ hero instead of one that has recycled abilities from current heroes

Moira has so many abilities/themes that are already in the game:

  • Reaper/Sombra teleport/invis
  • Symmetra beam
  • Orisa ball/Hanzo scatter arrow/Symettra beam combo
  • Zenyatta ult but at a distance/Jenos ult from Paladins like @Azmi_Anuar said above
  • Literally copying Zen’s highlight intro

They could’ve been so much more creative IMO


“Honor and Glory” short


Blizzard World

Me overall:


Im the only 1 who hink that Moira looks more like a Hero of the Storm Character as a Overwatch Character ? xD but yeah she is the first new Hero whitout a Teaser O.O




Maybe that’ll be part of her possible Rework if she starts to get outshone by other tanks


Genji Mains already say that Moira is OP because of her Symmetra Aimbot Beam xD i already can see that she will be nerfed like Doomfist :stuck_out_tongue:


Before you’ve seen damage numbers or how see works in game? That’s one hell of a crystal ball you’ve got there.


i didnt have say that she is OP but on a Stream im watching right now and in the Forum ppl call her OP because of her beam :stuck_out_tongue:



I don’t like Moira. There, I said it.


I must’ve mistyped. My bad.




/10char…oh yeah, you’re a dev.


Her weapon is more like zarya’s and isn’t lock on.



Someone called your name Moira >.<

Also, it looks like I have more things to get annoyed of. I hate not being able to deflect . _ .
That ball seems deflectable though… So that’s something :>


As far as Moira wont deal 100 dps / 100 hps she’ll be alright.
her ult is quite like phara’s.
she’s a very aggresive support.
I can see her being incredibly usefull with lucio.


It locks on, just not very much.


so like a smaller symm beam.


Maybe the beam tracks targets only if they are in the reticle instead of the whole screen.