Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


I feel like Blizzard feels that everything that comes out for Overwatch should be highly polished and bug free (as much as is possible), which helps with the slow releases.

But I agree, in my opinion to keep Overwatch flowing and feeling diverse you need far more heroes in the roster. Perfection (especially when it’s not even perfection) is no excuse, and I’d rather something a bit off but got patched weekly, than not having anything, but some new skins and maybe a map or 2 for like 3 months


And when I think that Evolve was having more hunter/monster variation every month…


Well Evolve gets some slack because they were attempting to balance a 4v1 game while also attempting to balance perks, monster ability scaling, and the incredible detail that went into everything else in the environment and character designs.

Now, I’m going to list every factor I can think of that would make it harder to release more heroes. Keep in mind that T4 came out one month after Evolve’s release (so in March 2015), and T5 was spread out starting from July 2015, finishing on February 2016. That’s about one new character (including a highly detailed monster) every two months. However, factor in 1-2 new adaptations in the month-long timespan in between. That’s 1-2 new characters every month.

Higher Balancing Difficulty: Evolve
Better Graphical Design: Evolve
More Dynamic Maps: Evolve
More Heroes On Launch: Evolve
Additional Environmental Factors to Balance: Evolve
Much Less Funding: Evolve
More Story In-Game: Evolve
Campaign: Evolve(?)
More Collectibles: Overwatch
More Gamemodes: Overwatch
ESL: Overwatch(?)

Logically speaking, Overwatch could have, and should have 100% been pumping out more content than Evolve. There is no reason that I can see that they shouldn’t be able to give us more heroes.

P.S: In regards to Campaign and ESL , Evolve kind of but not really had a campaign, and technically Evolve did have an ESL league, but nowhere near the scale of Overwatch’s.


Evolve just had a sort of 5 day evacuation mode as a campaign mode.


Doesn’t every developer of a full-price $60 game want it to be polished and well-received by fans and critics, though? Obviously slow releases help, but there isn’t any reason that they shouldn’t be able to pu,p out heroes faster. Even like, a month and a half I’d be fine with, but three months? It’s been a year and a half, and we only have four new heroes, and one of them (Orisa) hardly brings anything new to the fray. I see no reason why it should take them as long as it does.


That’s why I added the P.S at the bottom.


cough Slim and Sunny cough


I mean, couldn’t you just see the beams and track them directly to the hunter in question?


Eh? Oh right, you’re a legacy player. I was referring to stage 2 sorry.


After a Mercy potg where I double rezzed, assisted in a Hanzo kill, and killed an ulting Roadhog


Damn right kiddo’s

/shameless bragging


Yo catch your boy trying and failing to get accepted on to the San Francisco Shock and racking up the big bucks not doin shit.


I once did a POTG as Mercy where I just kill people, no rez or healing it was fun ^^
Here I found it : https://twitter.com/Ron031295/status/819315804743176192

It was a long time ago though ^^


That’s pretty funny - to get potg as mercy and not heal or revive XD


Would you like me to share others videos ? (It’s not advertisement I don’t care about this ^^)
On my lastest videos I like to add music (mostly from various video games), and it may be fun to see them or talk about them ^^

This one for exemple is way more recent, it was in mystery heroes and it was so fun to play with this team https://twitter.com/Ron031295/status/910891264501051392

It was shortly after the rework, so I wasn’t bored by the new Mercy like right now, I was trying to adapt myself to the rework.



That video makes me want a Mercy V Winston mode, where Mercy has to fly to team mates to evade Winston for say 20 or 30s, and then a new Mercy and Winston are picked. Maybe having 2 Winstons might be needed. I don’t know how it’d be balanced.

Nice job taking out the Reaper at close quaters, and sustaining an attack for so long. Adding music is a good touch too. I made a start on a montage, but haven’t produced enough good content to make it last as long as I’d like it too :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve just discovered how fun Widow can be to play. While I’d like to clarify that if I’m not picking up kills, or feels like I could be helping my team better in other ways, I will change - but I am often insta-locking dat Widow.


I really want to play her, but sadly since I don’t play that much QP I can’t take the risk of taking in her since I’m often better with other DPS, so I mostly play her in mystery heroes ^^
She is fun depending of the map, but I don’t like that much the fact we often are “out” of the fight, I like to play with my team and fight with them on the objective. With her I feel like I’m “out” of here. Even if it’s not true in fact.


Hanzo and Widow are definitely my top heroes that I like playing and perform well with, but all the toxic people in competitive are like “instalocking hanzo kys” etc. even though I’d rather make sure that we actually kill the enemies. I’m not even joking when I say I had gold elims and gold damage every match in competitive as Hanzo yet they’d still be toxic after I basically won them the games.

The amount of times I go Ana and then the team can never kill anything even though we have 3-4 DPS “mains” and a tank makes me die on the inside each time.

I’ve actually uninstalled Overwatch until I buy another SSD since my other one is filled up and Overwatch is just not fun to play anymore, so it kinda gives me a break from it.

That’s the end of my accidental rant

Anyway here’s a pretty funny (at the time for me at least) POTG I got a while ago, I went to shoot the Widow but the Mercy took the shot for her but I was still tracking Mercy after the shot cus I thought the Widow died instead and I was like “wait what” (the video names are a joke, it annoys my friend(s) when I say I’m a pro Widow/Hanzo)

Also got really triggered that this wasn’t POTG, if I remember rightly the POTG was a Tracer killing 2 people with her ult, like really Blizzard?

This was a nice POTG too as Hanzo


I agree with a lot of people all over the place.

This game needs:

  • a new balance team, since reworking Mercy is quiet possibly the most counter-perductive thing that I’ve ever seen in a video game, and many UP heros go untouched/unmentioned for months, many months at a time. It’s been 9 months since Bastion has fallen back into the abyss.

  • more actual content, not skins nor events. New heros will keep the game fresh, the skins/cosmetics are just a cop-out of actual content since it’s technically easier to produce (just a model edit, texture overhaul, and possible VO edit, whereas creating a new hero needs a new VO artist, balance team, storywriters, modelers, QA testers, etc).

  • More interaction. Blizzard is very hesitant to use their forums because they are afraid of the haters. They get criticized if they talk or dont talk about game/balance related things, so they don’t talk period. There will always be haters, but they need to start communicating with their playerbase.

  • For example these forums. Sure, there was backlash but it was all contained and rules were enforced. Then the devs could talk with the playerbase about decisions and kept from a huge wall of hate. Even with the hate, the positivity outweighed it because TRS communicated.

OW just needs to get their shit together in those 3 departments and then the major problems should go away.


My favorite Overwatch event ends tomorrow and I was never able to play it because of freaking hurricane María.