Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


WTF ? I can’t even see how you made those kills, your turrets must have been well placed ^^


Worked Great!


… how could I forget about Abe?


With the situation with mercy and her rez, I think blizzard could pull a lazarus (possible pun maybe intentional?) and have mercy be more focused on rezzing instead of healing. The problem is that ana is the only other solo healer and she’s kinda eh especially on console.


Bruh, Ana is the GOAT.


it has begun…



That Torbjörn skin looks amazing! I wonder how big his hammer would look in FP.




The Zenyatta and Symmetra skins

I barely play OW

I barely play Zen or Sym

But I don’t care.



Lol I opened the Torbjorn one on my first box. Just my luck.

I’ll probably end up dropping my credits on the McCree one. It’s really awesome.


I got the Zarya one on my second loot bag.


everyone getting lucky crates


I got Zarya’s skin…but I did not get what I really wanted!


I Instantly bought the Symmentra skin…


I need the sym, zen, and zarya skin…

But it’s too bad that Pharah got nothing other than a 2nd voice line. Like bruh, Mei has like 9 emotes. Give some love to Pharah.

And it especially sucks since I was looking forward to her getting a Halloween skin over Christmas. I guess a Pharah version of Mei-rry skin is better than nothing…


My girl Orisa finally got something! Still isn’t a new skin, but it’s something at least. I have to get the new Zen and Symmetra skin, that and the older Halloween skins for Hog and Junkrat.


Turns out he does



OMG! I need that Sym skin!! But… I have the worst luck, I don’t have any internet in Puerto Rico T__T


Her last new skin was pretty solid and amazing, IMO.


I got two golds in one pack last night
One was coins, the other, a variation of an off season skin
fuck sake