Overwatch Post-Launch Thread




Halloween skin leaks.

mei, zen, and sym

also another look at reapers skin.


Holy shit that Zen skin is awesome! I really hope this gives him different voice lines, possibly with some lovecraft references.


When you’ve already embraced tranquility but she keeps gazing into the Iris.


Ooo did you guys see the leaked skins.


Scroll three posts up.


Fml derp

10 derps


Fan art of the zen skin

animated with sound


Okay, my man Cthul’yatta needs to have SOME special voice lines or visual effects or something. I will not rest until I have that fucking skin, I honestly think it’s one of, if not the best skin in the game.


Symmetra finally gets a solid skin. Zens is ok, but I never understood peoples fascination with Cthulhu … Its a made up fiction that people just adore. Not sure why… Nice skin, but its really just a mask of a skin in my opinion. They could of gone further with it.


Zen’s just looks badass.


"Experience Shear Horror!"
Now we need a Goliath Winston, a Wraith Sombra, a Behemoth Roadhog and a Gorgon Widowmaker.

Behemoth Roadhog…the hook…the breather’s DR…IT FUCKING FIT PREFECTLY!


Do you work in the Department of Redundancy Department?

Same reason people adore other fiction cause he was around at the right time and was one of the first writers of cosmic horror and he did it really well.


Krakenyatta. I love it.

Also, Griffin McCree, Hyde Doomfist, Val Mercy, Bucket Bastion… there is probably a lot more I could do but I’m watching Napoleon Dynamite again and I’m not very focused right now.


That’s rude, dude.


It’s a fairly old joke, dude


That’s gnarly, brah.


/10 highnoon