Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


it didn’t look like a straight up throw, it looked like you were throwing it over the top of a rein shield in angle.



this isnt my Gameplay :stuck_out_tongue: i hv found it on the Overwatch Forum and yeah im a Girl xD


Agree with this-

But i also cant help but feel if they didnt try to sneak a nade past a deflecting genji, this guy wouldve been fine.

Yea its a smidge big, but in the MAJORITY of situations this size just proves to punish people who wouldve shot at genji, and missed- but get punished for attempting. There ARE of course situations where youll just be trying to shoot past a deflecting genji, maybe at someone else- and get bullets redirected, but this isnt too common- at least comparatively.

Itd be nice to see it dialed back, of course. Dont get the wrong idea (I personally think genji has a massively over-stuffed kit and has some of the absolute most jam packed mechanical advantages of any character), but for NOW- Just dont try and shoot him, dont shoot past him, dont try and get splash damage around behind him. Dont shoot towrads him, and 99% of problems are solved.


When you know youre going to get POTG against a couple buddies

Bring out the tea


True and maybe the hitbox size was created from the first person view while the special effects are 3rd person, that could be a reason why it is so large.

But I will admit, since this latest patch I have noticed a lot of misses like this others. We were Escorting the payload and As Junkie I like to hop all over it throwing out all my spam (in good places and all that) Now this time my back was up against its right fender and the opposing Junkrat landed A mine right at my heels… I was like “Damn they got me” Only for the explosion to go off and somehow it didnt cause me any damage what soever. It didnt even push me around.

So Right now there is something FUNKY going on with the hitboxes and it probably has something to do with DVA tweaks. how? they said that the game pivots around her like it does tracer except that if any changes are made it can really screw things up… I think all these latest “hits with markers not causing damage” is an artifact of the latest Dva tweaks to her DM.

But we won and that Junkrat must of felt cheated.


:heart: this animation


I hate the ideo of META in and the way players percieve it as must picks in games like overwatch.





Can I just say that Lynx from Searching is my new favorite NPC?


Voting for yourself. Shame, shame.


Well I could play support and save the team that way and still get no votes… so,. if I feel like i did a good job compared to whos up, yeah, damn straight I am going to vote for myself.

Tired of never getting votes.


Not that they mean anything.


I mostly vote for the supports, except if there was anyone in our team that distinguish a lot (Like a tank that protect well everyone, or anyone that carried the team). You shouldn’t take them too seriously though, they don’t mean anything. Some people are forgetting that if they did such great things in a fight it was thanks to their support or tanks sadly.


I’m still stuck on lynx. Don’t ask me why. But I feel he’d be a cool hero.



I have never done the Halloween event of Overwatch since I bought the game during Christmas…but there’s JUNKERSTEIN’S SKIN! NEEEEEEEEEEED!!!


Halloween is by far one of my favorite event(with Insurection), it’s simple : Every skin were great, the emotes were nice, and even the epic skin was nice. And the mode was so much fun. I’m looking forward to it this year. I wonder what they will add/change on the gamemode. I hope that one day, we will a get a PVE mode in Arcade.


Halloween is my second favorite holiday. My first? Shark Week.