Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


so what are objective kills? I have killed many many objective kills as denoted while playing a game, but when i look at the stat is flatlined?


Objective kills are when you kill an ennemy that is contesting on the payload or a point.


so those stats are broken then… as my profile credits me for a lot of obj kills… thanks.


What am I doing in those games???


Fuckin’ top 5, 9, 22 and 40!


Getting wrekt?

Its because they feel you have a “50/50% chance of winning”!


" Genji is Balanced " they say " Genjis Deflect Hitbox is fine " they say " U are just bad dont shoot on him " they say

Haha here is the Proof that Genji is not balanced and his deflect hitbox is just broken and big like a Whal

I just wonder why u need Reinhard or Orisa if u have Genji who can protect his whole team whit his huge deflect Hitbox and can survive more as a Tank lol

And yeah since the Mercy Rework Pharmercy is much stronger now -.-


We actually won that tho.


Well congrats dude, you’re a fuckin’ lucky one.


“Lucky” is a keyword. They got off the payload in Overtime


That just looks like lag to me. What are your average pings? I know that lag has always made hit-boxes really wonky for me. It might not be actually the game’s fault.


There was no lag on the Match the connection was fine


That screenshot suggests otherwise though…



I think what happened is that the Genji activated his deflect while he was coming onto the screen, but the animation didn’t start until later. Notice how he doesn’t make that deflect sound and the animation doesn’t begin until he almost lands, after you’ve shot and the shots are reflected.


No its just Deflect hitboxes. Go on forums or just check it out on YT, his hitboxes are size of Rein’s shield if he was Genji’s height.


Its also worth noting that you are firing projectiles, not hit-scan- And not only is genjis hit box larger than it is visually, the hitbox of your projectile is also much bigger than it physically looks. Theyre more like small logs. Add in any degree of latency (be it yours, OR theirs, or OTHER people in the server- as the server is using information from ALL players to build/send/update where everything “is” in the server), AND server tick rates (the refresh rate of the server), and you get things like this.


Here is another Proof from a McCree Player that Genji Deflect hitbox is just broken


I’ve started to play as Ana on FFA to help me learn her projectile leading (and combos) and somehow managed to get POTG (idk how the tranq didn’t hit)


Hey now, you cant say that until they have the FPS and PING readouts in the top… even though Lag could be on another player affecting others in the game. but yeah, that hitbox is pretty big, it extends out to his full reach of arm + extended sword.