Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


The sonic arrow for hit scan, i never understood what people meant for another type? for me its you hit… and it scans. Widow, just shoots targets and her hit scan only comes up for the team upon her ult.

(dont know how Sonic Arrow isnt hit scan. considering it Hits, then scans.)


Hit scan is when your shots reach the target instantly as long as your reticule is on them. So widow is hit scan, soldier is hit scan, etc. Pharah is countered by hit scan. What you’re referring to is infra-sight.


39? wow, i thought max was around 25-30


Interesting, so Hit scan is considered instant impact. I dont agree with that myself but will work with what you said thanks. Where did the term HITscan originate from then? wouldnt it be better to call it Scanhit


I honestly have no idea where it came from, but it’s been around for a long time now. At least 10 years, but probably more. Video game terminology doesn’t always make sense. :stuck_out_tongue:


To be honest I’ve kind of based my content on his, but trying to use older and more popular songs, but I guess there’s a reason he doesn’t do it and I’ve just faced that reason


In season 3 after I won all 10 placements I was getting 130+ points per game becasue of winstreak so I don’t think there is a cap on how many points you can get


I always thought that it capped out. but if it keeps escalating then all i have to do is win like 10 matches in a row.


Soooo I was yelled at today and called a kid because a kid stole my character mid game.

See, i was tired of losing so I finally said screw it… Im going junkrat and I pick junkrat.

1st round attack, (i know junkie isnt always the best attack in peoples minds, but i have my junkie magic to make it work)

Anyways, end of first round… we are going into the second… Before I even have a chance, a person AUTOLOCKS on my hero Junkrat. and I was like.

“WTF are you doing, you just stole my character!”
"I didn’t steal anyone character, play healer"
I continued “listen, i was running Junkrat and you autolocked into it to take my hero”

They continued to bash me over the chat… so while I was reporting him (i was standing in the lobby doing the report) when they were all on point (the doomfist payload level) and the kid whole stole junkrat said, fine we have a baby on the team…

(just before that line though I noticed they got off of junk at the last second)

Then, I litterly helped win the game with my style. Then the asshat said… Report her…

I was like “You were the one snaking heroes without asking” so i reported them too.

anyways, I was really upset that someone would snake another persons hero (when they did well the first round) and then tell me to go healer…

Fuck that. (yes i was upset, and yes i flex but you ask… you say… Hey, may I junkrat? its that freaking simple)


This, is the game just before when I made the decision to just continue to main my rat… I am showing this because I have some really good momments showing off how I play (remember, im not your typical player, i tend to focus lane control)

please note, the RANK does mean I lost over 300 sr in two days


Cant wait for tomorrow. No more mass raise. Doomfist gets buffed. On the fence for the dva changes. shes hardly a tank anymore. Back to a bruiser, what they shifted her from at the start.


whats the doomfist buff? hitbox size?
D.va used to be a tank… now she’s neither DPS or tank. She is adapted to my style of play, but the armor doesnt even exist on the mech anymore. its ludicrous


yep- no longer a laser beam for the RP.


Thats nice, becuase that fine tuning before was garbage.


I love to mess with Youtube videos to convert them into gifs and add some silly things:


A tip for everyone who is having communication problems.
If you see crazy, you leave it alone, you dont engage crazy, you become the crazy aswell.*





Thai concept art from a fan/student (insane level of treatment throughout the document)


How to get play of the game 100% guaranteed. Mercy ult OP Pls nerf had a hoard of undead people chasing me…