Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


After working on a new video for nearly 3 weeks, it gets banned in 239 countries, I think I’ve learned my lesson


Why though?


Copyrighted music, I know I had it coming but it’s so damn frustrating, that’s 3 weeks down the drain


If it’s about copyrighted music, you can still edit the video back to change the music. Some youtubers already did that mistake, so they reuploaded with a different music.


It’s kind of like made around the music if that makes sense, it adds some context and syncs up with it


Then maybe you can add some…sound effects to hide a bit. Maybe it’ll do.
I mean distortions or statics or things like that to the part where’s there’s the music.
There’s musics that use the same notes but different instruments and/or ambience compared to the copyrighted ones, so the music is considered as no longer copyrighted.


Maybe, there’s a good bit of sound effects over the video, like my other ones, I’ve made a rendered file without the music so ill just try again maybe distorting the music or something


Yeah, try finding the youtube archive of free music, and then download those onto your computer.

i tried the “post a link” blah blah blah to the original author for music, but it never worked, even on a copy and paste…

SO i just use public domain music now. 8(


just find new samples and rework…


I’ve put those link and a fair use thing in before and they worked to an extent that my videos didnt get banned, but now I think I’ll take a brake from those type of videos and try something else


Oh my gosh…

the servers have paired me with over -250SR in the last day. I am being put on teams with toxic people, throwers and trolls.

wth is going on… I was almost 1900, now I’m like 1637

this is so depressing. I am playing flex, usually support roles becase they want to run their own course.


Nice job, Beaf!
At least your video is now uploaded and you have the right to keep it watchable, which is great.


Is the music used in it’s entirety? If you make gameplay, possibly highly edited, but use the full song then that’s what’s earning you the ban. Try snipping out 30 seconds or so of the best parts. That way it’s transformative and not just the song with gameplay dubbed over.

(If you need as example look up McCreamy on YT)

Yeah, each season of Comp is getting worse and worse.

I dropped 100 more SR yesterday, so I might break a record and derank twice.

The thing is, it’s not the normal toxicity. This is genuine toxicity. I made a post on the OW forums talking about how much I dropped and here is a quote where I point out 3, just 3, points of how I have lost:

but there is nothing I can do when a Torb one-trick has 3 counters (on the enemy team), a Bastion main decides to switch to Widow on the last stretch of payload when the enemy is still running dive, or a player who has a smurf who says word for word “I’m going to pick widow and throw (later on in the game)… Oh wait I’m on my main…” then proceeds to go widow and throw, and when I call him out on it he switched to Hanzo so “I cant report for his picks,”

If I ever make it to Diamond this season, I’m throwing in the towel because this shit is completely out of my control. I have sent more reports this season alone, than my entire history of playing OW.

It’s not “I’m reporting you for your picks” as I play “troll” heros too, but rather "I’m reporting you for switching to widow, from bastion (which I had a problem with as he was being countered), on the final stretch of the payload.

I swear every month this game reaches an all-time low.


made it all the way down to 1602 before i just won one… had to go winston.


The absolute best part is how this season will effect next seasons placements, so if I don’t climb out of gold then I’ll be stuck in a league that I don’t belong in with people I don’t belong with.

slow clap :clap:


The people are super toxic atm, (attitudes, picks, or no comms). I can support a good Bjorn on attack, but they have to be good…They need to know that the turret should be hanging far back provdiing cover fire…

but no, the bjorn runs up the left side of route 66. Its like hello, yes the left top is a great position, but not for bjorn or this early in the match…

/end rant


For me it’s mostly the behavior, someone already called me a cunt because I said that I hate Widowmaker and wasn’t aggreeing about Junkrat beeing a toxic hero.


I feel you, although I bit opposite. We where on a level that had many corners (3 cp) I offered a suggestion to the Attack Widow attack…

“Hey Widow, if you really want to play a sniper a Hanzo would actually work better here for the hit scan. then you can switch up once he get the first CP”.

Dead silence from the widow… we lost.


Everyone is being put into toxic games meanwhile I just got 39 points for winning that game


But widow has hit scan and hanzo doesn’t?

Or are you talking about the sonic arrow which isn’t actually hit scan either…