Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


I have been playing on the PTR today, and I can say… I’m not too interested in the direction of OW and I maybe done with this game for awhile. The game has an escalation issue that is just making the game more and more chaotic.

Anyone else share this opinion?


Dammit…I didn’t knew it was today that the event end up. I lost the oportunity of getting crates from the arcade mode.


PTR Latest.

“We’re going to make dva less about defense and more about attack”


“Lol, actually, not so much. Syke”


Regarding what some people say here before, I don’t think the new Mercy ultimate is that better than Orisa’s one. Firstly the amount of damage won is very different. +30% for one and +50% for another and the difference is huge don’t misunderstood this. Damage boosting is very useful in both case, but having +50% change a lot most heroes. The first example I can remember is that Mccree can 2-shot with the +50% damage boost, not with the +30% one.
Secondly, while Mercy use her ultimate, she won’t heal if she is damage boosting. While Orisa can do everything she want, the team won’t ‘lose’ a healer that can make a difference. She also have quit a lot of tool do be devastating during her ultimate.
Thirdly damage boosting is very underated in this game, it allow you to have your ultimate much quicker than usual and is gamebreaker if you boost the good people, especially at the begining of a fight if you already used your ultimate before. This and it make the task of healer much harder.
The only point I disliky with her is that her damage amp is a little too fragile, I won’t be against 50 or 100 more HP, especially since it is a ultimate.

I’m surprised no one talk about the new patch here :o


What do u think guy will that new Orisa Buffs make her in the Meta ? im kinda scared that she will beoverused now just ecause she is in the Meta :frowning:


It’s too soon to talk about the meta, especially with the incoming change on DVA for the coming weeks. I hate that word so much, it feel like everyone want to play in the same way of some “pro”-players. Like if everyone in Overwatch was a pro that give his life to this game.
Orisa will be better, she was already great, I don’t think people will overused her because of her gameplay and can’t easily change their mind on a character.


I hate that word " Meta " too but its sadly the thing in the Game :frowning: Some Characters that was very underused are get overuse when they are in the Meta. Before that stupid annoying Dive Meta i hv never seen so many Winstons and Sombra on Ranked and QP just because Pro Players plays them in the Meta. And the worst thin i got a lot htemail just because i play Orisa on the Dive Meta because ppl think she is bad but no she can be very good against Dive u just need a good Team and a good TorbJoern :stuck_out_tongue: Torbjoern can be very amazing if he have a Orisa who protect his Turret the whole time


I usually played Winston to make a distracion in ranked. If my team struggle to pass the ennemy defenses, I just have to jump on the point until the ennemies notice me capturing it alone so it distract them, and so they’re forced to let their defenses down. Winston is also a good counter to most of the squishy heroes, mostly Genji, Widow and Tracer.
Sombra was called a bad hero when released…but now people call her a good choice, it’s like if they were returning their jacket IMO.

That’s not how you spell his name, but I find it funny because…


Orisa absolutely needed that buff to be more usable. Orisa is probably the second most situational hero in the game, and this change will hopefully improve her.

I get that you’re trying to put forward the “no hero is Bad, bad players are bad” arguement, but, although you don’t like the word, meta made her bad, because she is countered by some of the most popular and most effective heroes atm.


Oh I can talk all about it if you would like… I spend half my games on PTR… (like having two accounts) and I am curious to see this combo wombo




It’s 130% more damages


Who do you think would be the best Hero to apply the maximum damage too? and dang, that’s insane increase.


There’s most of the dps heroes, Roadhog, Zarya (if at full charge), Winston, Torbjorn (if ulted) and Reinhardt, but the best would be…


Edit: in fact, Ana’s ult gives 50% damage bonus and 50% damage resistance, Orisa’s Ult gives 50% damage bonus and Mercy’s Caduceus staff gives 30% damage bonus. All three stack together for a total of 130%


I just finished up a few rounds of the Junkertown…

I like the map with all its twist and turns.

HATE THE WALL PENETRATION IS SUPER EASY and causes enemy teams in your spawn.


Whaaat? But it’s the ptr, right?


Yeah, and the big problem is MEI can take her team with her into the walls
And her ice wall launches you now… making it very easy.


No it’s +50%, the game don’t stack the different damage boosting sadly.
It would be terrible with Pharah or Junkrat : 120*2.3=276, making them 1-Shot a lot of heroes and 2-shot a lot of tanks.

And who made the meta ? The players that can’t think by themselves.
Yeah she wasn’t great with the amoung of Tracer, Genji and DVA, that don’t make her bad since she can be devastating in others situations.


It does stack look up YT video in which ppl try to achive the highest danage possible in overwatch, it clearly show that Ana’s ult, mercy’s dmg boost and discord stack.


Seriously ? I’ve always been told that it didn’t stack, I main Mercy and always switch my weapon when Orisa use her ultimate. This will change my life if it is true, but I need to be sure, I’ll try to look at videos or in other forums if it has been told. Thanks anyway ^^

EDIT : I just found this :

It is terrible :o
Thanks a lot for this !


No, those players are stuck in Silver, where everyone just locks their main and go play.

Meta is made by the players who have a basic understanding of the game and balance.

Regardless of what you want to believe meta exists. It’s not as concrete as some people think though. Some heroes are great in some maps or on some points. For example, Genji and Tracer are meta DPS Heroes right now. With their stats and the stats of other heroes, they are unparalleled in their ability to get into the back lines quickly, kill the Supports and get out safely. That doesn’t mean all other DPS Heroes are bad. Soldier and McCree can still be great picks, especially when they can use high ground to their advantage. And Reaper is good where it’s close quarters and the other team don’t have good access to high ground.

Orisa is good on some maps where there are few flanks options, especially with a Torb. And she’s good on Nepal Sanctum. However, she lacks the mobility, burst damage and damage mitigation of Dva and Winston (yes, both Dva and Winston have surprising amounts of Burst potential). Orisa can do nothing to help healers from flankers. And as I said, the best 2 DPS right now are Genji and Tracer, thus Orisa is almost obsolete.

This increase shields size and and faster projectile speed will hopefully make her job of helping supports a little easier.