Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


I have put down the dps roles that I did this season for now, and in the end days of season 5 I have been playing more and more flex, I have played a couple times with zen, but never really at all.

I found out with my controller + Mouse Combo allows me to cast both discord and health orb with the same button.

Anyways the question is, should I train and focus my support healing with Zen? I have no clue what I am doing with this.

any input will be well received and criticisms are welcome!


Yes finally after 4- 5 Months i got my Genji ( will never happend ) … i mean Orisa Gold Gun ^^ now my Main is perfect :stuck_out_tongue:


The community say that orisa is a poor choice. I am against their opinion.

Orisa is like Reinhardt but with more range, some crowd control, the ability to reduce by half the damages taken and counter most movement based abilities (Ana’s Sleep dart, Doomfist’s abilities, Reinhardt’s charge and ult, Roadhog’s hook, Junkrat’s steel trap, Zarya’s ult, McCree’s flashbang, Pharah’s concussive blast, lucio’s boop, Mei’s endothermic blaster and ult, D.Va’s boosters, Winston’s ult).
So, Orisa can counter many heroes, mostly Doomfist and Mei.


I think the reason why so many players hate to have Orisa in Team and think she is bad is because of this stupid Dive Meta she has alot problems against Flankers like Tracer, Sombra and ugly Genji. But if more ppl would use Torbjoern and be good whit him i think she would be in a better place for me she can protect the Turret much better as Reinhardt because she can shot and help the turret whit her Graviton :stuck_out_tongue:

But anyways if she is not in Meta she will be lwasy my main love her Character, Gameplay and Design so much ^^ and i hate it if ppl use Characters only just when they are in the Meta

But the biggest problem whit Orisa is when the whole Team dont pick a healer but 4 - 5 DPS she is just a Glass-cannon against Flankers -.- I cant wwait for the Orisa Buff on the PTR ^^


She’s a poor chice becasue she counters heroes that are non-meta and rarely played like Hog/Mei/Doomfist and is hard counterd by meta characters like Tracer/Genji that are basically in every game


You’re just following the opinion of those who think she isn’t reliable. She is IMO, she still has some potential to be used.


No, she’s usefull only in situations when you want to fullhold 1st point with Torb/Bastion in any other playing her is just “respawning and walkin out of spawn just to be one-shotted by Scatter arrow simulator”


I fucking hate Orisa lmao.


Don’t be like that, please. She’s a hero, Blizzard would know when something is wrong. Here, it’s just the players complaining about her and nothing much. Sure they complain about her reliability, but Blizzard have all the stats for all the players and their preferences, so they know what should be changed and what not.


I feel like you’re spamming this everytime I see you…can you at least explain why you hate her instead of giving a raw opinion? That would make it much more proper.


TRS also had stats and stuff and ppl belived they knew what to do. And Blizz agreed that she not in a good spot, she being buffed on PTR and in Seagull’s interview with Blizz employee they said that she “did not meet their expectations”


Spamming? That was my first time posting in over half a month. I don’t owe you an explanation, nor do I want to put in the effort. Why don’t you look through my post history before you make broad, incorrect statements about what it is I actually do here. It’s very easy, I can show you how.


Please guys lets not get into an argument :slight_smile:


I second this sentiment. Not to go off half-cocked, so to speak, but let’s all cool off before it even get’s warm.
Keep it civil, and have a good one folks.


Yeah, let’s just all forget about that.


That was an amazing movie. For how long it is, it kept my interest throughout the whole film.


Call it an exercise in fantastic dialogue, as that’s most of the movie and it’s consistently entertaining. Let’s keep this on topic though. Back to Overwatch!


The thing is though, Mercy just straight up stole her Ult ability plus she flys, boost her own damage, speeds up ect…

Orisa needs to be changed up more than just a shield overlapping the bottom of the cart.
(I like her though, but Mercy seriously just destroyed orisas ult.)


itz okay Rapterror, you haven’t really been around much… And your opinion is valid. just a little harsh on the words, but since it can be taken two ways its fine…

have a great day!


I thought people were starting to like Orisa more? Now with the huge shield buff to better cover her team and better weapon she’d be even more popular. I love Orisa either way though. I wanted a quadraped in ow so much and orisa was not what I was expecting but she definitely lived up to my hype.