Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


Whit " The Last Bastion " 1 of my fav. Cinematics ^^ I already have start crying it was so wonderful :sob::heart_eyes:


How was she heartless?


She saw her friends didn’t make it, yet showed no real sign of remorse.

Later on in the video, she shows nostalgia with the cups of tea… But if I just woke up and found out all my friends died, my first reaction would be to cry or at least tear up…


She did cry…?


Yeah, she literally fell in a slump and cried

Edit: The effect is subtle and you may have missed it, but the light levels change in the room while she’s sat there in front of her team-mates’ capsules. She is sat there, crying or inconsolable for hours.


Well, she did the motions. but the overwatch animators would of animated a tear. None there, so she went through a couple motions, but that’s it… she realized what happened… read the data first… then went to the tanks.

Just saying, shes more scientist then bleeding heart. Her brain takes over and the emotional response is negated.
How would most people react if they woke up and found out that 8 close friends/workers were instantly dead?


She read the data, realised what happened, and went to the tanks.


nah… she saw the readout on the tanks, then she saw the pop up info and delayed… (Don’t forget, I like to take the devils advocate side of things on these arguments! don’t take them seriously)


Also see 7 minutes into the video for the fact that they didn’t animate tears in. She cries then too, wipes her eyes, but no tears animated.

Edit: There’s devils advocate, and then just saying things exist (or don’t exist) that aren’t true :slight_smile:


were just playing with the first response ^.^ I’m going to rewatch it again

ok, I did not see the time lapse before (I must of been too upset atm) so that works. (I am admitting my timeline was off (what I get for watching when I first wake up! ^.^*)

7 min area, she crys for the robot… lol

but I’m saying the first instance, isn’t crying, its sorrow and disbelief but that’s about it.

I like to take the uphill battle side btw.


Watch and tell me how Dva is used.

I’ll tell you what I see: Shes used as a Winston/DPS babysitter, where DM is the only use she has, not even boosting.

Now that she fires while boosting, she is no longer a babysitter with her DM. If she flies into the enemy team then she gets de-meched, regardless of if her guns are blazing. Thus she needs to know when to engage properly, because her “oops” ability is no longer forgiving.

I’ll tell you right now that regardless of whether her DPS on her missiles will be high, she won’t survive in the meta of 2 soft healers and 1 poke tank. Thus, Winston and friends won’t be babysat because Dva is no longer their babysitter.

Edit: Turn out the stats of her rockets have been released:

Number of missiles: 18
Shots per second: 11
Explosion Damage: 8 (has damage falloff)
Impact Damage: 4
Radius: 1.5m (for comparison, Pharah’s rockets are 2.5m radius)
Cooldown: 8s

Dunno if the rockets have splash like Pharah’s since the radius is smaller, but someone came to the conclusion that they should do around 216 damage per use.

Dunno how true that math is, and since it doesn’t account for spread, falloff, or accuracy the damage could be lower.

Even if she gets 1 pick by flying in, 8 seconds worth of a CD for missiles, 5/6 seconds for boosters and a 2 second DM on a 10 second CD, she ain’t a powerhouse of sustainability.


I know how Dva is generally used. She’s used as a harasser tank that Dives DPS on high ground and dive back lines with DPS to ensure their protection, but with the DM nerf she won’t even be able to do that.

And the very first thing you see a Dva do in that match is DM her team safely across the choke point. Can’t even do that any more.

So, she is used as a tank. But this patch is making her like Hog.


How would you describe my style of play? (from a few days ago)


It’s a little unusual. It looks like you want to be aggressive but think that you shouldn’t be or don’t know when it’s a good idea to push vs when t stay with the team.


I am actually, (just an fyi as people tend to miss my playstyle) I am always playing with team positioning in mind and am usually trying to cover my team and their hides (no matter whom I play, like my junkrat style)

When I charge out, its because I believe I can upset the positioning of the other team and get back in time…

I’m like a hybrid player…Thanks for the input. I will take what you said and fine tune my play style so its not so erratic…


These mercy changes though


So to sum up the changes for Mercy, her ultimate is no longer “resurection”, it’s “Valkyrie”. While the ultimate changes completely, the resurect is still a feature for Mercy expect that it’s now an ability, it’s no longer an AoE resurect and is for single targets.
Her Valkyrie would allow her to fly by herself, extend the reach of her staff like if it was Val’s medgun AND hit multiple targets at once, increase the effects of healing and damage boosting, increase the damages and the fire rate of her blaster and reduce the cooldown of her resurect ability.

From Jeff’s view, it’s a rebalance for Mercy so players don’t have to hide in a corner and wait for their teammates to die on a critical point.
From my own point of view, the changes given to resurect is on one side a buff and on the other side a nerf (basically a rebalance like Jeff said). But the Valkyrie ultimate is legitimately a buff.
Since now Mercy will resurect players one by one, her cooldown is faster than the old ultimate meaning that she could resurect a player and 30-40 seconds latter resurect that same player or another one. But when it’s the whole team who die, it’d be another story because she would resurect only 1 player.
Her Valkyrie would be much stronger than the transcendence of Zenyatta, excpect that Mercy won’t be invincible if I get it.
The Valkyrie is for me an enormous buff for Mercy…I have nothing else to say about that.


I was really disappointed with Mei’s animated short, it was pretty uneventful. It was a story we had already heard of, everything that happened was pretty predictable and the voice acting wasn’t the best. The animation quality was amazing however, Blizzard really step up when it comes to expanding the lore in their games.


Huh. Interesting. Should help me, since I hated hiding as Mercy, and the times I tried people always managed to chase me. So this should be fun ^^


What can I say?