Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


The buff to the mines is a double edge… they reduced the damage but the things we can do with 2 mines and trap… oh I cant wait.


whats the diamond number scale?


I’m currently trying Hanzo, and he’s not that bad. You just need some patience while aiming.


I’d like it if it wasn’t an inconsistent mess. Ping makes Booping and meleeing 50/50 chance of success.


It’s also happening to me but on Xbox… :frowning:


i wonder if its a server crash?


After looking at my Overbuff statistics I noticed that I’m #121 Orisa in EU should i go for top100?


I don’t know, do you play her a lot? If you do, then you should try to do some comp with her.


How do you check that?


My sis’ just posted me this pearl from Tumblr.


Go logi on Overbuff page there you can check there you can check how well you do with all the heroes compared to other ppl


Below is my comp DOOMFIST (just started him of course in comp)

how do I read this information? I’m confused… could you use Junkrat from the comp part to show me how to read these… to see where i need to work on? Any time is appreciated.

with love

@Dovahkick the shrug justifies it. ^.^


Your Junkrat is placed in 57th percentile wchich means you are better than over half junkrat players in your region


The gold silver and bronze bar beneath every hero, is that what shows how good you are?


I don’t get it either.


Thank you Kepil and @beaf I had no idea you could hover over the lil bars for the information… SOmethimes you just miss the simple things… ^.^

I’m the top 1 percent with doomfist ^.^



The best QUICKPLAY game ever… I made frienemy with a genji as doomfist and the whole match we didnt attack each other… there was a point, mid escort our teams turned the corner and just saw us both just hanging out…

so fun… thanks GodOfGraves ^.^


You hover over the gold, silver and bronze bar beneath the heros picture and itll say


Hey, i have gotten a good technique down for hitting pharrah out of the air, or at least enough to pester her attention away, and since im at a great height at that point, the ground smash gets wicked powerful… I missed an attack with it that registered at 125 distance… thats my best so far… but its great to use as a o .f. o. f. get away, run run …

But, smashing pharah out of the air and position feels really rewarding. ^.^


Is this good or bad, idk lol.