Overwatch Post-Launch Thread




Yet they just added a new hero who can one shot without the need for a hook anyways. Kind of odd that they nerf one hero that one shots, only to add a brand new one later down the line. Sure hooks make it a lot easier to land the killing blow, but It’s still a one shot kill regardless.


My understanding is that to one-shot a character they need to charge up, then line it up, then execute it while also giving people the opportunity to dodge. I am sure it’ll be frustrating to start with but it’s an ability not dissimilar to Rein’s charge and while I am absolutely sure it will be used situationally to be almost impossible to counter/dodge, for the most part that would be down to good team work and good tactical thinking on behalf of the Doomfist player.

I’m not so bothered about his punch in this regard, it takes longer, requires more skill, and is more risky than Roadhog’s hook and kill.

but then I wouldn’t know for sure, I’ve not played Overwatch since I said I wouldn’t, and I don’t see myself going back to it even with this new character added.


there is difference between 250hp melee offense hero and 900 hp tank with 3 zones in which he can one-shot ppl.


at least roadhog is getting a big defense buff soon… along with junkrat getting two bombs…

below is just a dev update


i cant wait for competitive lucioball


So glad the old skins are regular prices since I didn’t have Overwatch back then, and the addition of new skins got me thinking that I’m barely gonna get any due to the prices until Jeff said that


Summer games start 8th.


That means Mercy and her Halloween skin are soming back… yes… yessssshh… yessssssssssssh…
and as junk, not only do people get to yell at me for playing him, but now i get two land mines soon…
muhahahhahahahaahahaha ahahaaaaaaa



Entire Lobby, ripped from Lunar Colony mid fight, and sent to a battle on Eichendale


DOOMFIST RANKED, 1st Game 1st Round, 1st Highlight


Summer Games is today right?


I think it’s between 20:00 and 23:00 in Europe


I suppose the update is out for some people I think. I don’t have it on ps4 yet.


It’s out!


U dont need to download the Update just start the Game the Event already was in the Doomfist Update ^^

sadly nothing for Orisa -.- but i love that Soldier and Sombra Skin xD


I had to download the update because I bought the game during christmas


People that think that they need to play all serious in lucio-ball that isn’t even ranked are hilarious.


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