Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


That is no match to Andrew JRT’s montage skills! “Give it up!”


worst reaper ever


But Andrew JRT actually does YouTube as a job not to mention I think he has his own editor



Because they get shit on constantly. Last year when OW had a “Block this player” feature people abused it to where Widow mains would have wait times longer than the days when Evolve only had 200 players on PC.

Then recently a defense main (I think Torb) got banned juts by playing torb.

Then some Sombra mains have been getting muted because of the players abusing the report system.

While it’s not limited to defense heros, they certainly get most of the shit.

There is a different between playing a hero that you’re good at from the start of the game and switching to a hero that you have no time on (thus defense heros).

I’m talking about reporting based on picks, not based on actions.

I didn’t mind him after his hook 2.0 as it actually gave some sort of counterplay. All Hog needed was a counter other than himself and Ana. But the people who bitched about the hook combo were the same who bitched about it “reaching around corners and ledges.” It’s a never ending battle, and that’s why it’s a joke; it’s all a joke.

Blizzard can’t even balance a game without player complaints getting through. This all makes Kelder look like childs play.

No, what people didn’t seem to understand was that Hog’s power is ALL built around that hook. It’s the reason why he has a self heal. It’s the reason why he had a shot firerate shotgun with huge spread. And now that Blizz is trying to rearrange the power in his kit it’s showing how broken he is without it. Once again, a baitable hero that only needed a few counters, and Mei, Reaper, and Bastion were good starts (even Torb and Sym with their armor and shields), but hook 2.0 gave him the power to one shot those heros, is where Blizz crossed the line, just like when they have Dva 100 extra health on her mech.

There’s also a lot of other one shot mechanics in this game too, and a glance at Widow shows Hog 2.0. Hog only had the combo, but most people play widow for her looks. Then next to her, Junk’s trap and tire, Dva’s ult, McCree’s fth, Zen right click.


All of which are counterable without needing a teammates help.


When I first bought overwatch (and then got a refund) the reason that I wanted to stop playing was because

  1. Roadhog’s one shot cheap kill, let’s not pretend at launch that it took more than a conventional aim to pull off
  2. McCree’s overly powerful combos from flashbang and fth
  3. Mei’s ridiculous “I’m going to just W+M1 and there’s nothing you can do about it, and if you do manage to I’m just going to go invulnerable and heal up”

I’m glad the first two were sorted, maybe if the last one gets sorted I’ll come back to the game. If they could tweak reaper to not be basically unstoppable unless there’s a D.Va on duty to block his shots that would also be aces.


I think Mei’s fine now. Her ice beam is no where near as powerful as at launch, and there’s plenty of time to escape as a lot of heroes.

As for Reaper… Reaper has plenty of counters. The first one being range. A 0 charge Zarya can out DPS a Reaper at the edge of his, Embarrassingly small, effective range. A high Charge Zarya can out DPS him in the middle of his range. A McCree can beat him close range, and Solider, McCree, Widow, Hanzo, Mei and Pharah can kill him without ever being even in his range. A skillful Sombra or Tracer can out play him, but this is much less safe. Hog can reliably leave him with like 50 health. Get one other hero to hit him and he’s dead. The risk, of course being, fuck up and you’ve facilitated him wiping you.

And don’t view Mei or Reaper as a problem at all as they can both be bursted down from outside their very short ranges.


I don’t deny that they can be countered, I’m just saying they’re not fun. Overwatch is a mess of things that aren’t fun, I’m glad they’ve removed some of the things that weren’t fun (ala Roadhog’s hook one shot) but they’ve got a way to go.



Sorry, sorry, I’m sorry sorry sorry

There was a time where I thought she was annoying, but now she doesn’t really bother me since I always found a way to counter her, for example, I always try not be alone with her since that’s where she excels the most.


You can try not to be alone, but becareful, I’m not a great Mei but I can manage to split your whole team from you with a single wall, and I’m pretty sure that there is way better Mei than me. Of course it depends of the map, like every heroes.


Yep, I do that all the time, she’s actually quite good at picking up the heroes in the back, like the support.


She’s just pretty boring to play against. She’s superb at area denial, too superb. If you’re up against an experienced mei then long ranging her doesn’t happen because she’ll naturally keep in cover and use ice wall when necessary to completely counter range. If you need to go through her (chokepoint or whatever) then you need to be going at her at least 2 on 1, and that’s presuming she’s not got a Tank mitigating the damage you’re sending to her way anyway.

It can be done, but it’s hard and somewhat unrewarding work, especially when there’s that last minute cryofreeze get out of jail free crap being pulled.

In an ideal world I’d see her beam range increased, her move speed while using it reduced, the amount it slows you exponentially increasing instead of linearly, and her cryofreeze a set period of time that she can’t cancel out of.

This way she can’t just go around being an offensive area denial player (I mean, the fact that she can is ridiculous), she will need to be more up close to guarantee freezes, You’ll be able to actually escape if you just get clipped by her beam at first without having to use a movement ability (again, meaning that her aggressive play style gets nerfed), and if she goes into cryofreeze then she better a) hope her team clears the threat or b) is doing it in a position of safety because now the team will know exactly how long it’ll be before she pops back into existence. Most of the time the cryofreeze change wouldn’t affect players, I think, but it would stop frustrating situations of trying to finish off a lone Mei who can still (with skill) manage to worm her way out of danger and back to her team in those situations.

But I doubt anything much will change with her, and she’ll continue to just be utterly boring to face :confused:


You mean, a defense player ? Like she is meant to be.

I would also like a little rework of her freezer but nothing else.
I understand the boring part, it’s a little longer to kill her but if she was too fragile she couldn’t have enough effect to protect a zone.

I don’t see why it’s a unrewarding work tho. You know that if she is being protected, you also can be protected as much as her with a good support and tank.
You also can bait her wall depending of her level.


No, a defensive player doesn’t play offensive. Like, offensive is literally the opposite of defensive :stuck_out_tongue:


But she don’t play that offensively compared to the other DPS, I think.


67… 67… 67… 67 HOUUURRSSS!!!


What I’m saying is that the face that she can be played offensively, when she’s an area denial player, is ridiculous. By her nature she should be forcing people to vacate the area and part of that means letting people vacate the area. But her set up is such that basically she can go behind enemy lines, act like an assassin of sorts, act as a disrupter flanker… her most effective play style is anything but defensive. I can kind of deal with that when you’re talking about junkrat because he’s pure chaos, and is pitched to be that kind of character. Mei is pitched as an area control defender, so why should we accept she can go around harassing the enemy back line and get away with it?


Well I never saw a Mei in the back lane, so I can’t relate. I don’t think it’s a great idea to play her like that. Well you may be right.


Good Meis actually do that, well, I do it. :sweat_smile: