Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


Best I’ve done as McCree in a very long time

Also got POTG so felt even better


as zen?
that is pretty common,
try getting 4 golds as lucio for 5 rounds
thats rare.

  • zen is basically the founder of the new meta, a team without him is lost


Bearly stop a full loss on defense because our Sym won’t play second healer given their team is super aggressive and damage heavy… then we get to attack… they take my tank spot (because lol thats what happens all the time now) and so our comp ends up being…

Mercy, Pharah (the two never work together), Ana (me), Tracer/Sombra, a rambo Rein and Zarya/D.Va

Despite having the perfect push comp we can’t get past the first choke point because a) they don’t work as a team and b) they don’t deal ANY damage.

I need to pay better attention to the times I’m playing because there’s a very specific time of the day I play, not sure exactly when, where people know what they’re doing at the 2200ish mark. Then there’s times like now, and just before 5pm, where clearly it’s amateur hour(s).

I’ve downloaded Gigantic and am probably going to start giving it a go, see how it feels. Overwatch is a ridiculous game with far too many stressful, frustrating moments compared to the scant times where it actually feels exciting.


Finally won a placement, so it’s now 1 win 5 losses

Felt good again cus the enemy soldier said to report me cus I was doing so well


OK, so 11pm - 1am BST on a Monday, also complete no-go for any sort of quality at this level. The quality is… wow, so bad.

OK, had last game, just to give it a chance, was on a team with a 5 man premade. They chose 3 supports, mei and genji on attack. I just can’t deal with the stupid on this game any more, I’m done with it for now.


I bet that the best defensive team in any gamemode would be Bastion, Winston, Reinhardt, Orisa, Mei and Lucio.
Reinhardt, Winston and Orisa would use their shields together on the same spot, bastion would be the DPS in this spot, Mei would use her wall in urgent cases and Lucio would be able to do some AoE healings.

The amount of shields put together would bring a total of 3500 shield points.


Except that entire hold is countered by a single EMP which also happens to be the fastest charging Ult in the game.
PharMercy would also make life incredibly difficult for the Bastion given the extremely low healing.


Just climbed over 200 SR on a huge streak in a duo queue


Yeah, I admit that there’s counters. But that doesn’t mean that it won’t work.


Might work in Quick play. In ranked someone will just pick Sombra and then your whole set up is useless. The just a Dva to eat Bastions shots and that’s it. Pretty much a team wipe. It’ll only ever work if the other team don’t understand counter picking.


Narrator: They don’t.


I like Lunar Colony, it helped me to start learning Winston.


PTR Roadhog will take 50% less damage when using take a breather and can move when using it

Finally doing something about the toxic chat


Mmm, can’t wait for the defense mains to start kicking the bucket due to bans…

I can’t take anything OW puts out seriously, it’s all just a joke. Until they get their heads out of their asses I won’t take this game seriously…


Why Defense mains ? They are cool to play with. You talk about the throwers/troll ? There are everywhere not just in the defense class.

The buff of Roadhoag seems pretty cool, I’m relieved they did’nt change a thing on his weapon.


Oh man, it’s just twigged why people are complaining about Roadhog nerfs so much… they can’t do that cheap as hell hook and one-shot move any more. Wow… that’s the level this game is, that people are disappointed that they don’t have a “free kill” button any more.


I know right ?! I’m tired of explaining that the new RH need teamplay, it looks unbelievable in a game like Overwatch.
I once was playing Zenyatta with a friend that had Roadhoag, I played all the game with him, and every hook was a kill when I helped. It felt like the old roadhoag but with more ammo.



I think what your missing from your argument is that Roadhog was always meant to absorb shots after hooking so the team can unload… and that the random flanker Ganker was just how people played him instead.

Now, they are forcing his playing dynamic, and with the new boost to defense it is even more so.


The funny thing is, they still can. But it requires a little bit of skill so 95% of the community think it can’t be done.