Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


and that’s the point of Pharah!

She’s meant to be a skill check hero, who if left uncontrolled can rip the enemy apart.

Pharmercy is another story, but Pharah by herself is balanced.


I don’t know why pharah and mercy is such a problem, other than the fact that overwatch has been out a year and people still haven’t learned to kill the medic first. #tf2


Yeah, I’m referring more to how the team doesn’t know or want to take care of her .-.

Edit: On a side note, sleeping a flying Pharah ot Mercy is the best feeling ever! :sleeping:


It’s not always that easy.

Firstly, a lot of people expect a Soldier or McCree to 1v2 PharMercy. Not gonna happen unless the PharMercy is pretty poor. At higher levels, the PharMercy (Mercy in particular) will make an extended effort to mitigate around buildings, or utilise their movement abilities to be as difficult to hit as possible. When, the team could easily pick a D.Va, or a Zen or, hell, a Sombra in some situations, could really make Soldier or McCree or Widows job easier.

Secondly, that’s assuming the DPS has no pressure on him. A Winston or D.va jumping on him renders him useless, but even a Tracer or Genji to pressurise him and give him a distraction he can’t ignore is enough to give PharMercy free rain for a while.


I’m not really talking about the strategy of taking down the medic first, just the act. I see people constantly choosing to target pharah instead of mercy when there is little pressure and the choice to do so, same with mercy payers who push up too far to support their attackers and leave her vulnerable. People make poor situational choices on this front


They do, but the problem is that even if no one makes stupid mistakes, PharMercy is still quite difficult to deal with given that Mercy can fly a respectible distance and a rather impressive speed every 2 seconds.


My god that’s glorious, I just finished playing an Ace Attorney game actually!



sees meme


QUESTIONS : When I play ranked, they toss me in a lobby where everyone’s boarder outlines of their heroes are silver or a couple times they were kinda glowing…

How do I get that? I would love that bling.

Anyways, Season 5 is starting up on PC and I would love to find a team to work with. tired of SOLO comp.

plUS, HOW come everytime I try talking to these people they don’t respond… Its the same question as above… but silence.


Playing against @Kai


Umm… You know the way once you reach level 101 you go to level 1 with a star? Well, once you get 5 stars, the border would get cluttered, so instead of a sixth star, they get a silver border.

So, silver border level 1 is level 601.

What do you mean with glowing? I’m assuming it’s another level milestone border, but I don’t know which one from your description.

Umm… Season 5 is half over. There are like 40 days left. And if you’re asking for people to join you make sure you post your SR since you can only play with people within range of you. The acceptable range depends on your ranks.


Because it seems like most low-tier players are either the casual type or completely new to FPS/this game’s mechanics. Therefore when she requires the skill check, she wins the skill check.

Then you have the mountain of lies and meta slaves that believe that 76/McCree are the ONLY one able to counter her, when it’s just nor true.

A Zen + Winston can make them panic since if they aren’t careful they could die.

Dva is a passive counter, who can soak her damage.

Bunker Bastion is another strat (in combo with Zen for ez butter cutting).

Or as creative as Torb distracting her with a turret.

But that’s just Pharah. When Mercy is added, a lot of leeway is given to the Pharah player (I would know with my 40-some odd hours on her). She is allowed to be more aggressive and soak up damage because Mercy is effectively increasing her health pool (which kinda works like how Tech Hank’s shields act as a damage reducer, but with Mercy she is giving Pharah more health).

That then Mercy’s damage boost means Pharah players can kill enemies in 2-3 splash hits, whereas Pharah alone needs to land direct hits in order to be successful and win fights.

SO all of this in total, combining a higher HP hero (due to mercy healing) and more damage output (allows for more leeway in dishing damage) causes an imbalance, where Pharah has the advantage in the fight and the enemy does not.

But once again, it comes down to the skill check, aim skill check in the case of Mercy, and teamwork skill check for taking down Pharmercy.

This is why Mercy needs a little clip on her wings. She enables Pharah, a balanced hero, to be better, while in turn keeping a safe distance to those who counter her.

That’s why I suggest putting a resource meter on her passive float, so she can’t hover/fall endlessly, and it only regens while she is on the ground. It doesn’t completely break Pharmercy, but it makes it more clunky to use, and especially not effecting them outside of the synergy (because how often is her float used over GA? Not very much).

This is the best option I see atm because if you start decreasing Pharah’s damage, she will either require Mercy much more cuz damage boost make up for the damage nerf, or if Pharah’s jetpack gets nerfed she will be useless half the time in battle because of needing to land, essentially pushing her back into F tier like she was months after launch before her November buff.

Plus there really isn’t a reason to nerf them outside of Pharmercy. Unless Mercy gets a complete overhaul, which I wouldn’t be for nor against.

Ninja’d by @SedoUmbra

I’m around 3000SR since I blew this season over by maining defense heros until I stopped playing recently.

A few times I’ll jump back on, and mostly when people ask me.

Es mi profile & stats.


Sorry, its only happened a couple times, but if you see their little badge rank symbol that an officer would wear on their shoulder… its was kinda glowing that all.

<- that thing was glowing


Oh, that’s a Competitive Rank.

Diamond, Masters, and Grand Masters all have a sort of glowing badge. Ya get one if you’re above 3000 SR.



Ohhh, that would be why its kinda of rare for me to see. (saw them when I was close to the 2k ladder)

Thanks, I’m trying to look at my profile like the above at the moment…



uhm Did I really play that much on EU servers?

sorry for poor screenshots. I’m just trying to figure where my legs stand atm. THanks for the help!


If you logged into other regions, I believe it copies your rank that you have in your main.

I dunno if it works like that, but ¯\(ツ)

Also looks like you’re about 1500 SR off from me, because ATM I’m at 2975. I can help you out in comp if you can gain 500 or so SR to be within the range of comp.


Ok, I will have to figure it out, because they are all different levels and that would make sense. That means though that they pull your play and stats from one server to the ptr as well, that’s … interesting… not sure I would do that for testing purposes ya know.

I can get back up the 2k level no issue I’m sure… its the 200+ sr loss matches in a row that blizzard throws at people that’s my issue… lol

Don’t hate my COMP choice this season… I wanted to prove a point to everyone. Ive actually delieverd something like 4 million damage with the guy.


watching this I realized it was hanzo who destroyed genjis body 8(