Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


I completely agree with you and @del009, but people can’t think by themselves in this game, they see some proplayers (while I’m sure there is no one (or maybe 1 or 2 in the TOP 500 in the world) that can play like them) then everyone has to play this way.
But good luck explaining that to the toxic players that only know how to spam "Thanks! I see at everygame.
Here is where Overwatch failed compared to Evolve. Even with pubs we could create a good comp, and there wasn’t a real meta, everyone was great depending on what the other team have (there was small unbalance things, but nothing that big to deal a great difference (except Kelder in TU8)). There was a lot of Kraken ? Don’t take Hyde or Lennox ? Lot of Goliath ? Maggie and Griffin are a good choice.
But here in Overwatch, if you try to do things differently you immediately are considerate as a bad player. I hope the pros match won’t last too long or be less “public” to avoid this behaviour. And finally I hope Blizzard will stop doing balance because on what the pro are doing, and start balaincing where there playerbase really is.


I’ve read it all laughted at it and then proceed to play another 6 games of dive comp bacuse “meta doesn’t matter”


Get to 3900 and then try playing bastion there. And remember to record it so we all can count swears-per-minute in voice chat coming from your team.

I’ve seen Junkrat played once by Korean(?) player and It worked only bacause his team was already stomping the other team. Right now If for some god-only-know-what-reaso Junk is giving anyone troubles pick Pharmercy and whatch them switch into sold/McCree/widow or tilt into oblivion and throw the game.

Since Hog nerf meant that Dive and by dive I mean (Genji/Tracer/Winston/Dva/Lucio/Zen) have no counter at all ,except other dive comp played better.

Bastion? You might stop their push once before Dva will DM you followed by tracer onle-clipping you into your weakspot. Orisa? Yeah she can give some troubles to Winston and Dva but shes completly obliterated by flankers which are always part of dive comp. Junk is completly shot down by pharmercy and considered troll pick for so long that ppl will tilt before you can say “I’ll switch if it doesn’t work”. All other Offense heroes are outshined by skillful tracer and genji, defense is still a joke, Reinis buggy and hard counetred by cheroes that can ignore or walk through his shield (which btw means entire cast of dive comp) some goes for Orisa. Road atm is just not worth picking. and Zarya is worse at protecting her teammates than Dva and she has no movement abilities so yeah.

Of course you can pick standard 2/2/2 as long as enemy team is also playing with comp built around rein/orisa or can’t pull of Dive due to players limitation but when you finally meet those ppl that can play dive well there is nothing you can do. Atm in most of game winning team was one with better Tracer or better coordinated Winstin/Dva.


If anyone is effectively grandmaster level as you’re saying, and complaining about the meta then they need to understand some realities about what meta is, where it is most pronounced, and why they should reconcile being “top tier” with having less variety.

No amount of balancing will stop something from being the most effective picks/counter-picks at the high end, in any game, and top level players need to make peace with that.



If you’re just going to disregard my comment and pummel me with close-minded opinions, I’m not going to waste time talking to you.


Anyone ever play competitive with your own musics? I never tried myself, but I think it’d be cool to do.
I have my own list of musics, punk rock, rock, folk, space, electronic, etc…not all of them are the best musics for combat, but they’ll do.


I can’t play with musics, if I have do so then the game must really lack of good soundtracks. In a game like Overwatch I could miss a lot of informations if I listen to music. If I play a solo game with it then I will “break” the atmosphere of the game.

But I like to add songs to my videos ^^


I usually play music to a low level, I don’t like having music blasting in my ears because you won’t hear anything outside of the headgear/in the game AND because it can kill your ears. So I could play with lowered music but with higher sound effects so it doesn’t prevent me from hearing my teammates and other things.


People going on about how Dive Comp is the only meta are absolutely ruining Silver/Gold tier. Every time we have a game that starts with a Genji/Tracer, well… 9 times out of 10… it’s a stunning loss for that team. And yet, today all there have been are people trying to Tracer against a turtled up defense. The state of IQ in the the OW community is abysmal


Sometime I’ll just put it on in the background.

I’ll listen to things like deep house that are chill, but still helpful to listen to.

Especially when I use my discord music bot.

Some songs that I’ve used more recently:

Yeah that’s why I lower the volume so it’s just in the background.

Yeah I take everything said in the community with a grain of salt.

Pharah’s proclaimed to be OP yet the people who complain about her main heros she both counters or stuggles to fight back.

If she’s as powerful as people say she is, then I would be out of diamond and into masters. But then again, after reaching 3450, I basically got 2 mercy mains each game and it dropped me back to 2900.

The absolute worst part is that since Blizz doesn’t publicly state balance the community just snowballs down into lies and assumptions. Browsing the OW forums, there have been so many “Pharah OP” threads for the past 7 months now, after she got a buff that brought her up from F tier.


My problem with Pharah is the hitbox detection with her explosion. When ever I die by her, I swear I’m outside the explosion in the kill feed. Idk maybe its just me.

I think if people really want her nerfed, I’d say make the blast radius smaller and do a bit less damage. Still rewards good players for landing direct hits, but makes it harder to do high damage buy just shooting in their general area. Imo anways


Reaper is balanced… You’ve uninstalled because you’re being countered…?


Not because i got countered ( i get countered everytime if i play Orisa because she has to many counters ) i hv uninstalled it because of the awful Matchmaking , Balancing and this Toxic Community from Overwatch

This and last Season Ranked is just a Pain because of the matchmaking and the Community 1 Player called me " Retarted " and throw the 2nd Round just because i only play Orisa in Ranked but i was the one who didnt die in the first Round and helped the Team to get the point whit my Ultimate ( and yeah he was playing Hanzo lol ) Another Player wanted to see me die just because i hv pick Orisa in Ranked. It really looks like that some people get angry and toxic if u pick a Hero that isnt in the Meta or overused For me she isnt the best Tank for sure but she can be very good if the Player know how to use her and have a good healer ( i dont know about high Rank )

And QuickPlay is just unplayable because all ppl just instant Pick Hanzo , Widow or 4 DPS on Defend rarely some1 want to play Healer or a 2nd Tank or start throwing or trolling in a Match

It makes me really sad what happend to the Game because i really like it and i love Orisa ( Only reason i still play the Game ) but the Balancing, Matchmaking and the Community really ruined it -.- This is why i love the Titanfall 2 and Evolve Community they are / was really nice and the Injustice 2 Community is ok too but in Overwatch its just Toxic

Btw…: i hv already started to reinstalled The Game ( My uninstalling never was long its maybe just because i got angry :stuck_out_tongue: ) but just because i love playing Orisa and i hv heard she will get 4 Items in the SummerGames Event

A very huge Orisa Fan-Girl here i hv take her in my Heart like Lennox and Gorgon ( i miss them so much ) :stuck_out_tongue:


I actually turn off all music in play, I want to hear those footsteps.


True, true.
######Gonna have to listen for the tippy tappy


I actually giggled out loud on that one…



BUUUUUUT… This is my best gameplay SO far and I wanted to take it serious and see what I could do.


es album new rockabilly drawings.



Poolyatta still best though


love em. so fun.