Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


Still waiting for the Update that remove Noob Pharah from the Game

Damn how much i hate her So annoying and broken and you dont need any Skill to play as her
I hv played Pharah for the first Time in Arcade and got a 10 winstreak as her and my aim is nt the best


Pharah’s not a problem.

I can get that winstreak with any of the defense heros too. Arcade is literally what the name implies, as a place to have fun. Comp is a different story.


I don’t have a problem with Pharah, I have a problem with a team that thinks that no-one needs to counter pick her and that we can still do well.


Yeah, Streaks in Arcade mean nothing. In fact, kill Streaks mean nothing. You hit them with the splash of one rocket, someone else kills them and you get a kill.


The thing is that Pharah has only 1 hard counter and that is Widow (everyone knows what happens when you pick Widow in comp) and a soft counter in form of zen and his discord.


Soldier 76 deals with Pharah perfectly well, as does McCree if you can aim (which, let’s face it is a prerequisite for countering a long range character anyway). Also D.Va is a soft counter to Pharah as long as D.Va doesn’t have other pressure. Also Roadhog is a good counter as long as Pharah isn’t too high/far. Ana as a healer is also great for stopping the Pharah/Mercy combo from being as effective.

So… I mean, there’s a bunch of choices out there to make a pharah’s game complicated enough to lessen or even stop her impact on the game.

Edit: There’s usually someone playing Soldier76 on the team, the problem is when they decide that their job isn’t to keep Pharah out of the sky.


Hog is in no way a Pharah counter. Using the logic that he can hook her if she’s low enough, Mei is a Pharah counter as she can freeze her if she’s low enough. The issue with Pharah is that a good Pharah never is low enough, thus they can’t touch her.


Pharah isn’t for noob, I play a lot of different characters but she really isn’t easy to play with. Even if I dislike some characters of the game I don’t immediately think they are for noobies.
As Mercy main, I hope the meta will change, it’s not even fun to play the whole game with Pharah, I don’t enjoy this gameplay. If nobody notice me, I’ll do nothing of the game, if they notice me, I’ll often die because my Pharah can’t prioritize her targets (I already know some moves to try to survive in the air). I miss when there was 3 tanks per games, it was slow but we needed a good strategy to win the game, and being a healer was a thing, because you could quickly notice which are the best.
And I don’t know why but I feel like everyone lose their skill, in the previous season there was more people that was thinking as a team and less toxic people.

I’m also tired of everyone that need to play like the pro, there is almost nobody close to that level but yet people can’t think by themselves, they saw them use a “dive thing” and now everyone has to play this way.
It reminds me what Jeff Kaplan said, he wanted that people change the meta by themselves, by thinking of new way to play, and not just change because there was new balance that made a character a little stronger than the average, because most us won’t make this little difference a real advantage.

Oh my I didn’t expect to write that much :o


with solo pharah yeah, maybe soldier can force her out of the sky for a moment or two but there is no way he can burst her down unless she lets him do that his spread and damage fall-of are simply too high for this job. McCree? yeah he could be good if not that he gets rolled by dive heroes which are meta right now. “as long as D.va has no other things to do, shes a pharah counter” yeah, but 99% of time shes busy helping Winston or saving healers from tracer. Since dmg nerf Ana has no business shotting at pharah unless she alredy got heavy damaged. You need 4 shots to kill her if she has no mercy but also you need to remember that ana is often a main healer and that should be healing tanks not trying to deal with a no-damge-fall-of flanker 50 meters above the ground.

And yes becasue every soldier main out there should be able to 1v2 while having enemy Dva and Winston in his face.


Countering pharah isn’t about necessarily killing her, it’s about disrupting her ability to bring the damage. The fact that counters to pharah get countered by someone else (who in turn get countered by something else) isn’t an argument against what does counter her.

Shooting her with Ana isn’t about killing her, it’s about disrupting the effectiveness of the Mercy/Pharah combo that then lets people like your Soldier be even more effective.


My problem is I LIsten to my team and go against my mains and then I pick some off brand hero for me.

Its like, listen… I destroy with junkrat on all the levels alone, let me play junkrat and you can go support that way we might have a stronger chance (when people refuse to leave their picks, even though they SUCK in comp with them)

or you get a player who plays s76 and they don’t realize that HE is the counter pick for pharrah…


Yeah, the game is filled with people that feel that they understand what should be played but don’t take the time to make sure THEY are the people that can fill that role. I started playing again only recently after getting a refund on the game at launch, I’m very much in the camp of being able to do maybe two or three characters to an acceptable standard in a game… and I imagine there are plenty of other people the same, not bad at other characters because they want to main but because that’s just how it is right now until we learn more.

I just have zero time for people barking orders about how “someone” has to change to be the counter when they aren’t the ones doing it themselves if it’s needed.


I’ve been stuck healer all games in comp so far, its really hard solo healing


Who barked? no one barked… Whenever I ask, I do just that… I ask… usually I try and pick a hero for what ever the comp is.

@BEAF Solo Q is hard at times, but solo healing is the worst… at least a side ana would be nice to compliment any healer pick.


But the thing with Pharah also stems from stigma, where people believe that only 76 or frontline hitscan can deal with her. Pharah has many counters, but they themselves require skill to use.

Bastion + Zen is a deadly combo.

Winston makes a good disruptor.

If you play a lot of Hanzo, Mei, or Torb then your skill will defy the odds against hitting her. I’m able to predict my shots on Junkrat and sometimes kill a Pharah myself, albeit an uphill battle.

With all the Widows I see in Comp and QP, you’d think that they would be able to deal with her, but lack the mechanical skill to do so, so another counter is to practice being a deadly Widow.

It just comes down to thinking outside the box, not enslaving yourself into a set of BS rules.


Its hard to think outside the box when viable hero poll consists of sombra/genji/tracer/soldier/winston/dva/mercy/lucio/zen and picking anything different is a sking for troubles.


I just pick mercy for solo but go lucio if they’ve already gone mercy, no one seems to like tank either


Actually, recently i have seen the abandonment of DPS a lot recently… the main dps tier like s76 strip of heros

according to my stats, Dva and Junkrat are my mains, followed by many supports and bjorn


Thus dynamic meta. Ever watch pro leagues? And a team pulls something absolutely ludicrous out of the hat and it works? Because the other team have no idea what to use against it? Ta-da.

I’ve seen pro teams pull out things like a Bastion, Junkrat, Orisa etc and it works tremendously.

The meta isn’t as concrete as people think. We’re currently locked in a perceived meta.


For all the people who think playing a dive comp is the meta and all other hero picks are unacceptable, I invite you to have a look at Jeff Kaplan’ s words on the subject. He has some interesting statistics to share.