Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


Your montage skills are really good, not good enough to compete with Andrew JRT but it’s close I have to admit.


I love his channel, his and Arikadou. I’ve only just started, its my second video hahaha


If i play Ranked ( im Platinum ) ppl think that im a Troll or send me a Hatemail just because i only play Orisa but then i was the one whit 29 Elimination and only 2 Death in the Match and we won :stuck_out_tongue:

1 Guy has say that Orisa is bad in attack but after the Match he has say : " That Orisa was a Monster " xD

Is her Ultimate still bugged or did they have make it as a amall Buff ?


As far as I know it hasn’t been changed at all.


I’m sorry kid… But I got that dance today. It really is silly.


Sometimes when OW updates, it wipes out your main files for some reason… maybe an updte bug? its happened to me a couple months back, then it resolves. If your bin isn’t where its supposed to be, let it reinstall.


What do you mean today…? o.O

Yeah, if you can start treating me as your equal that’d be great


Messing with you xD [quote=“Kai, post:5492, topic:87035”]
Yeah, if you can start treating me as your equal that’d be great

That “kid” in there is the proof I was messing with you. I’d usually call you dude or buddy :stuck_out_tongue:


Symmetra is honestly the most annoying character, how can a support character do so much damage


They can’t. Thus why Symmetra is a DPS, not a support.


I thought I missed out on something and that I lost my second chance @_@

Why you do this to me . _ .


Well to be fair, she has to get into super harms way to create such damage.

Question is, is the symm smart enough to use a tank battery at first, then use the big beam, break off of tank. (ignore) and vacuum up the team… then the tank!


Not always, her range is insane for her weapon, if anyones on the point she cant wipe them out


Haha :smiley:
Don’t worry, one day you will become a Power Ranger

You mess with Tsathy and do lewd things in front of GoGo. This is sort of a payback for them :smile:
Don’t tell anyone I took Tsathy’s side for once >~>

Say Something Random 5.2

I’m not too bothered by the skin cus I didnt expect to get that but the daaaaaaaaance @~@

I played a comp match today on OW and I didnt die once on attack with Genji >w<


Don’t you dare “Huh?” me!
GoGo shall be avenged!

I will get that dance


let me correct you just a bit first BEAF,

Her DISTANCE on the attack beam is only exagerated AFTER she has made a successful connection.

I suggest, a quick shot to the head when she latches on, thats the perfect distance to one shot her.

after she connects, the beam stretches.


I know, I know, it’s just the damage is massive and the aim is minimal, and when youre focusing on different heros she can tear you down


Yes… yes she can… but if it helps, in my symm i take note where i put my lasers of death. and I bait people too…


just for you.