Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


Is Doomfist out?


He’s out on the PTR


cri because console peasant


Oh I didn’t know about this, I will check this out then, to see how it feel :slight_smile:


On the PTR


The widow gameplay is after the doomfist open quad kill. but PLEASE take a look at how my WIDOW is progressing… (on controller.)


Yeah, you’re pretty good now! But I recommend using the poison traps sneakily. If you just throw it in battle, people can shoot it.


I looked a little of your Widow gameplay, I’ve see worse and better but I really find her gameplay boring in any case, compare to other heroes she isn’t unique and, well, she isnt teamplay based.


Oh man, I have to say Doomfist is superbly designed. He’s so satisfying to play in so many ways. I may have a new main on my hands.


HE is fun for sure… Thanks for the reviews. Actually I picked widow on the spot because of chat.


I couldn’t read the chat, I’m on my phone and it was too small for me ^^

I wonder when he will be released, the lack of cosmetics made me wonder if he is ready for the live.


You know, I was wondering why he was so bare bone myself. The one thing I don’t like is his firing mechanic. I would rather have the first on the left and the gun on the right.


Yeah I saw people complaining about his gun, I’m not able to play it but it feel like it shouldn’t be a part of his kit. We will see if they change it on live.


So apparently my PTR uninstalled, I was playing it today and when I turned my PC off and on, it says its not installed. It says “Locate the game” but I dunno where it is


It should be called Overwatch Test, in whatever directory it sends you to when you click the locate button.


I’ve found the folder, but theres no app to click on


No, just select the folder.



Now I’m extra salty after watching this… I just want that dance @~@

Tried to avoid anything to do with Genji’s dance but there we are -3-


Made a thing, only finished it today, hope you guys enjoy it, I know there’s a few Genji mains here